This exaggerated footprint scale

made everyone unbelievable.

Immediately after that, the owner of the footprints appeared in the picture:

a huge giant with an explosive muscle suit covered in unwrapped

body, the upper half of his face covered with a strange bone mask, and

perhaps 10,000

meters tall!

At this moment,

this giant

who has entered the clouds is moving on the earth with a presumptuous smile.

Even the clouds can only float around its waist,

which is enough to prove the flesh of the giant brother!

The energy contained in this body allows

everyone to clearly perceive it even through the screen.

Every foot reduced a large number of buildings to ruins,

causing the earthquake to tremble.


As the camera zoomed in,

many viewers found that

on the shoulder of the giant stood a middle-aged man in a white coat,

waving his arms indiscriminately and looking crazy.

"Brother, use your power to your heart's content! No hero can stop us! The

smile on the middle-aged man's face gradually became rampant.

As if in response to his words

, the giant brother turned sideways and roared, suddenly

swung his arms,

and rotated his huge arms.

The qi waves in the entire area were wrapped in the palm of the hand

, gathering into an incomparably terrifying shock wave,


exploded in the city cluster in an instant!

In the area where the shock wave rushed head-on

, all the buildings were enveloped by the fan-shaped wind,


all the buildings were turned into powder in an instant!

From the air,

the city

that was prosperous one moment is in ruins the next!

This overwhelming force

, even if it is used for destruction,

has to amaze people, it is really spectacular!

I don't know how many people were horrified at this moment!

How dangerous is the world

in this video!

Waving is the power of a nuclear bomb,

how can there be such a terrifying monster.

And with so many people dying at once, the

people of this world have to live to maintain the population.


In the picture

, on the shoulders of the moving

giant brother, the giant brother in a white coat couldn't suppress his expression and laughed maniacally:

"Too powerful brother, if you hit it casually,

tens of thousands of people have died!"

"Let's get rid of the city next door like this!"


The ghost killers of the ghost killing world were confused.

Tens of thousands of people died, and

they were killed just like that.

And he laughed so happily....

In the world where the protagonist of this inventory, Saitama, is located,

there is such a terrifying madman!

Compared with them, what is the harm caused by ghosts?

And in the dragon world, Lu Mingfei, who had just calmed his mood, burst out again with foul language:

"Lie in the


Fan a city with one hand! This still dares to call me a monster? He's so scarier than me!

"Little devil, you can't compare to the damage caused by this giant's casual hand!"

Lu Mingze, whose identity was exposed by the video,

also looked at the giant brother at this moment.

This kind of towering posture into the clouds cannot

be compared even to the Dragon King!

Yan Ling. The emotions brought by the emperor are not so strong!


In the video

, the giant opens his mouth and roars,

and his voice rumbles and resounds through the world.

"This is the strongest force I want!"

"I'm the strongest man!"

The giant brother laughed and said

, "Haha, my dear brother, your strength plus my wisdom,

we will sweep the whole world!"

But before the words fell,

Saitama's incomparably calm voice sounded on the

other shoulder of the giant.

"Do you feel after becoming the strongest man?"

The giant brother was immediately shocked.

"When did you come up?"

At the same time, people watching the video were also a little puzzled.

Night God Moon:

"How did Saitama instantly appear on the shoulder of this monster giant?"

"Looking at the video just now, this giant brother seems to be 10,000 meters tall!"


"It's too fast, I can't see clearly!"

"He jumped on it!"

Soul State - Nagato:

"I know! People with this style of painting!

"All have unfathomable strength! In the face of such a terrifying monster, it is still the same expression as a dead fish before, this is the strong painting style! "


In the picture, the middle-aged man looks up and shouts:

"Brother, kill the guy standing on your shoulder!"

Many people's hearts suddenly lifted,

but more people were looking forward to it.

Facing a giant who can destroy an area with a single slap,

how can Saitama's thin body

defeat him!

After all,

the opponent

of the protagonist of this video is

already a visible gap compared to the previous protagonists!

After hearing the middle-aged man's words

, the giant was stunned for a few seconds

, and then without hesitation,

he slapped his brother's standing shoulder.

At this moment, the world was silent..., Lu


"??? Kill his brother just like that?!

"This is an operation I never thought of!"

Golden Emperor-Gilder Tezzolo:

"Hahahaha! Interesting! Such a strong person is actually a dementia! "

Yujiro Fanma:

"..."The other party is too strong, I am no longer qualified to speak..."


It's not me who is wrong, it's the world!" I'm still like a person, you have nothing to do with people anymore!! "


: "

Plus one..." Night

God Moon: "Add one..." Wu


"Plus one, can't win, can't think of a way to win..."

Oh young kids! "It's

not that you guys are too rookie, but you can't catch up with the other party's hanging!"

"No one can blame this kind of thing!"


In the video

, the air exploded at the shoulder of the giant's brother,


it is difficult to imagine how powerful this palm is.

When the giant brought his palm to himself

, he paused for a moment,

then suddenly changed color and shouted in grief:

"Brother! Why is this! "

The fierce wind swept through, and

huge tears like skyscrapers rolled down the giant's eyes.

And Saitama silently blocked his ears and

looked at the giant brother and shouted sadly:

"Brother! I'm obviously just pursuing the strength of strength, but I've become the strongest man!

"Why are you dying at this time!"

Listening to the giant's mentally retarded words

, Saitama actually grinned rarely,


a smile appeared on his dull face.

Saitama's smiling face may

not have been understood by several spectators.

At that time, after hearing

that the giant brother claimed to be the strongest but lost his most important brother,

he thought that the other party could feel the same as him.

That's why he simply smiled....

PS: The size of the giant brother is mainly anime.

This article is also a tearful scene inventory

, and it will be pulled back later,


the appearance of the giant brother is paving the way for Saitama's strength.

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