In the video,

the giant brother quickly stopped his grief-stricken expression.

Turning grief and anger into strength, he

glared at Saitama on his shoulder.

A terrifying sense of oppression also came to the face.

The giant grabbed Saitama on his shoulder and

roared hysterically:

"I don't know who you are, but because of you, my brother is dead!"

Saitama's figure is

as small as an ant compared to

the palm of a giant.

It is hard to imagine what huge energy the giant brother's clenched palm


As he rotated his arms,

Saitama's whole person was slammed into the city under his feet.

In an instant,

the destructive power that Whitebeard could only do with one blow spread in the

urban agglomeration!

The surrounding buildings shattered in an instant at this moment, and

the terrifying impact force slammed into a deep pit hundreds of meters.

Then the video camera briefly pulled on Saitama

, unharmed at all,


even the expression

on his face was as dull as ever.

No wonder it is called the strongest and

most terrifying body in the world!

Then the giant brother jumped up sharply,

jumped hundreds of meters high in the blink of an eye and trampled on Saitama's body.

"Aaaaaa This is the power of our brothers, you give me death! "

Above the ruins of City B

, the giant was like a mad demon,


out with an aura that made the freaks of the one-punch world terrify!

He shook his fist viciously and

smashed into the deep pit where Saitama was like a violent storm.

"Boom, boom!"

The nuclear bomb-like shock wave exploded wildly

, and the speed of the giant's fist was instantly connected into an afterimage

, the earth collapsed, and the

sky trembled.

One after another terrifying aftermath spread out for tens of miles, and

the entire city collapsed at this moment!

The image of the giant's fist is like a waterfall, and

each blow can change the terrain in the blink of an eye,


Saitama with precision.



"With this level of attack, even if the Nine Tails can fight, it can't be continuous!"

Huo Linfei:

"Master Xuanyizi, I want to learn this!" Fist to flesh, it's too blowing!

"Usually the opponent is a black hole per capita, but there is not even a little special effect when fighting!"

"What are you doing so sparingly?!"

Time Chicken:

"Young Lang, I boldly speculate that most of your 'company' is out of money!"

Silver Hour:

"Aha? You're on stage.

Kagura (nose picking):

"I hate this kind of person who breaks off under other people's topics."

Silver Time (nose picking):

"That's it, and the heroes of this world."

"The giant brother's punch went down, and the entire city was dead, and they actually didn't come yet."

Atomic Samurai:

"Huh? This level of monster, you can't beat it!

"It's all pierced through the clouds!" Even if you cut it, it will take months! Gintoki


"I will become a Super Saiyan, the House of All Things and the Dragon Ball I found last time."


"Bitch! You embarrass us 'gods' and 'devils' like this!

"I'll kill you when I crack the secret of the ultimate fear!"

"Pretend every day!"


In the picture

, as the smoke and dust dispersed,

a pitch-black deep pit with a diameter of more than ten kilometers appeared in front of the giant.


the crust of the

earth was pierced by the giant brother.

Then the giant brother gasped and stopped, slowly

raised his hand and opened his palm.

On the rough skin like a rock,

only a few white rags and a pool of blood remained.

Above the ruins of City B

, the giant grieved again for a few seconds,

and then said to himself:

"I am the strongest!"

However, before the words fell

, a bright light flashed in the deep pit,


it flew in front of the giant in an instant.

Saitama's dull eyes did not have half a mood swing

, "The so-called overwhelming power is actually a very boring thing."

At the end of his calm words,

Saitama casually threw a punch at the giant's face.

The next moment

, a deafening air explosion resounded in the sky

, the huge head of the giant brother shattered,

and his

face fell like a balloon.

The unparalleled impact blows

up the space of the face into a vacuum.

Then, the giant's neck was torn back in a strange arc by the terrifying force

, carrying

his body and flying backwards violently.

The giant's eyes were out of focus and he died on the spot!

Saitama looked at the fist sluggishly, only

a scorching white qi slowly rose from the red fist sleeve.

At the end of the video,

a sonorous subtitle flew out and

landed steadily next to Saitama:

"One Punch Man"


One-punch man, yes!

With just one punch, he

instantly killed a dragon-level weirdo!

Because all this happened too quickly

, the people of the entire one-punch world were dead silent,


and unable to make any movement.

Only a big question mark echoed in their minds:

This is,

what happened?

Brother Giant, died like that?

It feels like a dream

, it's hard to believe what you're seeing,

only a sense of unreality.



"What a power this is!"

"Can humans really possess this power beyond the gods?!"


"Ahahahaha! This is the strongest! Whitebeard can't reach the limit either! "

Lan Ran

: "I don't know, now I, who is holding the protagonist's aura, can I achieve it after fusing Honyu..." Kurosaki


"That's why you came to hit me the other day?!"

"I still have a piece bag on my handsome face!"

Lu Mingfei:

"Don't dare to watch it, it's bloody and violent, comparable to a third-grade film!"


But the most shocked

are the people in the one-punch world....

At this moment, the throats of all S-class heroes seemed to be choked by someone, and

even Bungu who had seen Saitama's power opened his mouth.

In the Heroes Association,

the heroes were fixed in place like wooden clay sculptures.

After struggling for a moment

, the throat of the super alloy black light moved,


he turned his head with difficulty:

"His muscles are obviously not as black as mine!" Not as big as mine! Not even my brightness! The

vest Venerable who was watched by the super alloy black light was

also trembling with his teeth.

What the hell is big without you, black without you, bright without you?

I had the

illusion that I was dead for a moment


Your muscles are so big,

can you give me that feeling?

Then the vest Venerable slowly spoke

: "This is what the little brothers said, the guy who cheats on the hero assessment..." On

the other side, in the air towards Z City

, the figure of the little tornado flying gradually accelerated,


said with a small face:

"Hmph! This weird man was not met by Miss Ben, otherwise I could easily kill him!" "

And our protagonist, Saitama, is still cooking quietly at the moment....

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