With the end of the Giant Brother chapter,

the audience also had a preliminary understanding of Saitama's strength.

This is followed by the

main video of this inventory.

[One-Punch Man: King of the Deep Chapter! ] 】


The first thing in the picture is a gloomy and cold

city, surrounded by black clouds and heavy rain,

the circular building standing in the center of the city is particularly outstanding.

A line of subtitles silently appeared on the screen:

[Disaster Shelter]

Then the camera slowly moved into it.

In the oppressive crowd,

a young boy's childish inquiry penetrated out.

"Dad, are the scary monsters still outside?"

"Don't worry, it's safe to stay in this shelter."

As he spoke, the

little boy's father cheered him up with a thumbs


"And when it matters, everyone here can work together to kill the monster!"

His words coaxed the little boy to be almost the same

, but for the viewers who had just witnessed the horror of the weirdos of this world,

they were not convinced.


the shelter, the Deep Sea King, who stretched out his body, looked at the shelter and said wildly:

"I feel it!"

A lot of breath came from over there! Felt it!

Then he jumped and flew towards the shelter.

After a loud earthquake

, the roof of the shelter shattered,


a huge dark green figure fell from the sky.

It's the Deep Sea King!

"First meeting, farewell, everyone!"

Such callous words

, coupled with his body far beyond the size of ordinary people,

made the people in the shelter begin to panic!

But the variable appears,

"Wait a minute!"

A C-class hero, his body trembled, and said in a trembling voice:

"We surrender, no matter what the request we promise, I hope you will not attack us."

He said in his heart: Damn

, I am not a match for the monsters at all, so I came to take refuge!

I didn't expect to meet the Deep Sea King in such a place.

It's terrible!

The Deep Sea King let out a sharp laugh:

"Surrender? Either way, you're all dead! "

I'm here to kill!"

"If you want to say anything, all of you scream louder, hahaha!"

Then the scene was in a panic.

The aura exuded by the Deep Sea King was oppressive

, and then he showed sharp teeth, and

his eyes were full of bloodthirsty killing intent.

The big-backed man who previously claimed to be a C-class hero was

even directly scared to pee.

But the people who watched the video, no one laughed at them.

Faced with the oppression of the Deep Sea King

, when everyone was desperate,

several heroes in the shelter stepped forward.

"I'm coming!"

Two strong B-class heroes stood up.

"Ahem, although I am ranked 38th, I am also a Class A crane tail.

The A-grade hero snake man, dressed in a bronze suit, with his hands in his pockets, and his palms were full of cold sweat.

"Is it a hero who comes out!"

"There are heroes, we are saved!"

The Deep Sea King raised his head and sneered, and

the few people who stood out in front of him were not even as good as weak chickens in his opinion.

At this moment, the screen flashed, and

the Deep Sea King solved the battle in ten seconds....

Two B-class were torn off by him, and

the A-class was the worst

, directly thrown into the air, smashed through the ceiling, and

blood spilled from his nostrils when he fell on the street,


his body organs were broken.

There was only deathly silence at the scene!

The Deep Sea King was clearly enjoying the moment when humans feared him.

"Why don't you make a sound!"


Hideous laughter, echoing in the empty shelter.

But a crisp sound came from the ceiling,

interrupting his laughter.

"Are you the King of the Deep Sea?"

The Deep Sea King glanced up at Genos

, "Yes, what,

you are the new rescuer?"

"I'm here to eradicate you!"

Then the arc of electricity on Jelloth's arms shook, and the

golden orange light of his arms soared!

His figure swept around, and the fiery red mechanical arm shot out.

With a loud roar,

the Deep Sea King was knocked out of his shelter.

However, Genos was careless

, and actually forgot his aura that he would lose in a boss battle,


misjudged that the Deep Sea King had been killed by himself.

He turned his back to the place where the Abyssal King flew out

, pretended to be full of fan,

and said grimly:

"The one just now is the last enemy!"

Everyone in the shelter

, from disbelief,

to joyful cheers!

The ecstasy of salvation erupted in everyone's heart!

"Great, saved!"

"Woo hoo, finally saved."

However, before everyone could be clear

, behind Genos,

the figure of the Deep Sea King flashed.


The next moment, Genos was knocked out and hit the wall.

The Deep Sea King said coldly,

"I'm really angry!"

Just now, Jelloth's punch shattered

his face bones, and his face was crooked.

After struggling for a while, Genos stood up again

, but the Deep Sea King, as a qualified villain,

immediately activated the skill mending knife.

One of Genos' arms was easily torn apart by

him, and in the splash of Mars, Genos could only roar:

"Hurry up and go to those who can escape from the shelter, I may not be able to beat him,

take advantage of it now!"

"Don't even try to run away!"

The wound on the face of the Deep Sea King healed and he rushed towards the crowd.

Genos' thrusters accelerated wildly

, stopped the Abyssal King, and with only one arm,

engaged the Abyssal King in a speedy confrontation.

Quickly exchanging hundreds of moves

, Genos found the opponent's flaw, threw

the opponent away with one punch,

and smashed out of the shelter.


The palm cannon spewed out flames and was blown away by the Abyssal King's violent qi.

"Thunder Eye!"

Genos was covered with attack weapons, and

the blazing white light made the Deep Sea King briefly stabbed to blindness.

Genos took advantage of the victory to pursue

, soared into the sky,

and smashed the Deep Sea King back into the shelter with one kick.

"Machine gun thump!"

Fiercely attacked

, like a rainstorm,

struck on the body of the Deep Sea King.

"Your attacks are like tickling-!"

The Deep Sea King adjusted

, got up and punched Jairos again, and

among the fleeing crowd,

a little girl cheered for Genos as she ran.

"Come on! Big brother!"

“he! tui! The

Deep Sea King spat out a large mouthful of corrosive phlegm towards the little girl.

"Little ghost, melt me!"

The corrosive phlegm that arced

in the air, if it fell on the little girl,

she would be killed in an instant.

In the nick of time,

Genos reappeared and blocked the little girl.

The steel was corroded, and

Genos fell completely,

and there was no more power to fight.

The high-end game is invincible, and the god of war Genos has fallen again!



"Well, that's a loss, it's kind of like someone, it's familiar, and I don't say who."

Original Ultraman:

"Well, I know who you're talking about!"

"But I won't say his name either

, but I remember when I met him at the beginning of the year..." "He said: 'Cosmic Superman, I brought two lives, one is me and the other is..."

"Back then, he ran amok in the universe, and many monsters saw him running, but now, I heard that he will be beaten every time?"


think I don't know what you're me!"

"I know! I know!

"All of the Ultra universe knows that the invincible Zofi has fallen again, right?"

"But the old man only plays high-end games!! Bastard! Isn't it normal to lose?! "



The brain withered in this chapter, and I thought about sleeping before I started writing, and the more I wrote, the more boring I became.

So I advise you to do less.

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