The camera rotates again,

on the side of the cloud-covered city as

Genos fights the Deep Sea King


"Ah! Is it over here? Saitama

, who looks invincible,

is looking for a weirdo with an inconspicuous C-rank hero.

"Well, judging by the direction in which the citizens fled."

"The scene should be right ahead!"

Saitama, who was looking around, happened to catch a glimpse of a familiar person:

"I saw a naked man running just now!"

Thinking about it, Saitama remembered that this ninja seemed to have gone to prison.

"Probably ran away while taking a shower!"

"I'll take a look, you go first!"

Saying that, Saitama jumped off the unlicensed rider's bike.

The confused undocumented knight was stunned for a while:

"I know!"

At the same time as he reacted,

a mobile phone prompt sounded.

"This is an undocumented knight, and now it's rushing over!"

"What! Shelter?

"Abominable! In the opposite direction! Just

like that

, without the viewers knowing why,

the undocumented knight turned and left.

But before leaving,

his mobile phone accidentally dropped on the road....


"See here, there is only one truth!"

"This undocumented knight has an important role!"

Night God Moon:

"Yes, this kind of thing can be known at a glance, there is no need to say more!"


"But this person looks quite ordinary, and all his physical data is very ordinary."

Night God Moon:

"yes, it doesn't work much."

Riddler (Lego Brick Man):

"Hahahaha, do you want to know?" If you want to know, pick up my riddle!

"Yes, I'll tell you what they're talking about!"

Batman (LEGO Brick Man):

"Get out! Don't want to guess!

"The Riddler gets out of Gotham! The Riddler gets out of Gotham! "

Joker (Lego Brick Man):

"Riddler Get Out of Gotham Plus One!"


"Orochimaru get out of the ninja world!"

Rippi Snake:

"Bubbles out of the underwater world!"


"Rippi snake get out of the underwater world!"


The camera turned around

, Saitama, who had just gone to chase after Sonic naked, was

looking at the strange city with a confused look and muttering:


I obviously saw it?!"

While looking around,

he happened to pick up the undocumented knight's dropped mobile phone.

Saitama, who picked up the phone, heard news from the other side:

"Is it you who are undocumented knights?"

"Where are you now?"

"You're C-level, no! I can't even beat him in the S-class, it's too risky!

Listening and listening,

Saitama silently took away the phone next to his ear.

"Did you even lose the S-class?"

The staff of the Hero Guild realized that the opposite side was not the main one, and

immediately asked:

"Who are you?" Where did the undocumented knight go?! The

camera began to respond to the staff's questions,

and saw an undocumented knight in a hero's uniform rushing to the shelter at full speed!

"Stand-up riding mode!"

"Roar! Gastis!

Although his tone was too middle two,

his bloody momentum

was enough to make people look at him squarely!

Saitama, who remained in place on the other side, picked up his phone again.

An anxious voice came from the other side:

"Are you from the Hero Guild?"

"Let the owner of the phone answer the phone immediately!"

Saitama reported his name expressionlessly:

"I am the hero Saitama!"

The last thing left in the shot is

a muscle man with a significantly different picture!

Nagato (Soul State):

"Nani! The style has changed! This man actually mastered two completely different painting styles!

"And you can also convert freely!"

Oolong Tea Sea - Iori:

"What! So you dare to comment on the strength of a person ?!

"Then I'm also a man with two painting styles!"


"Iori, stop bothering with comments! Come and drink oolong tea! Food

Hunter-Ah Yu:

"Oolong tea, it seems that you are eating very healthy!"

Oolong Tea Sea - Iori:

"Healthy fart! Have you ever seen combustible oolong tea?! "


After a brief grumbling,

Iori was pulled back to the wine table by the seniors.

Viewers' gaze is also pulled back to the video.

Genos, whose body was corroded and broken, was unwilling:

"Careless again! I really don't have a long memory! "

At this moment,

far away in the headquarters of the Hero Association in City A.

The staff just now were looking at Saitama's data worriedly.

On the virtual electronic screen suspended in the air,

Saitama's various values were all the lowest level except for strength!

Looking at such data

, the members of the Hero Association broke out in a cold sweat and said:

"The second place in the C grade,

do you want to go to it too?!"

"Successive race records were set in the physical fitness test, and there is also credit for destroying meteorites with the S-class."

"But the identity is also unknown, and there are rumors of fraud!"

Looking at this video,

the real-life Genos silently blocked Saitama's gaze.

If the teacher knows this,

it is really unfair to him!

Thinking about it,

Genos looked back and Saitama was touching the top of his bare head in the mirror.

If Genos could read people's hearts

, then by now Saitama was thinking:

"If only I could grow more hair, wouldn't

that look more photogenic?"

"After all, the video now happens to show my deeds!"

Looking at his teacher's nonchalant look at the video,

Genos smiled slightly.

"It seems that I think too much! Saitama-sensei's words, this level will not be concerned! "


On the other side,

the undocumented knights who were frantically moving forward in the heavy rain were getting closer and closer to the


With his figure,

a line of strong and powerful words emerged:

"Unyielding Justice! The

content of this video is completely condensed by these words and

presented in front of the eyes of the anime world.

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