After acknowledging his identity,

the underworld thoughtfully explained the purpose of his appearance:

"We are becoming more and more numerous."

"Therefore, we choose to come to the earth!"

Along with its words,

more and more underground people of his level began to appear.

They tore through the asphalt on the road and

broke through the cement-covered surface.

One by one, they poked their heads out of the ground.

The first underground people said:

"But there seem to be many people on the ground!"

"Going on like this will be a stumbling block for us!"

"Therefore, please be exterminated!"

Saitama glanced around

, and sure enough,

it was exactly as he said.

The whole city has been destroyed, and

infinite sorrow has grown madly here.

"Since we started our aggression!"

"Seventy percent of the people on the ground have already entered the earth!"

"This is also a competition for survival!"

While introducing the underground people,

the picture does not show the appearance of all the urban agglomerations.


There is no trace of life except dead silence!

In the world of One-Punch Man,

the people of the Hero Guild began to doubt themselves!

The prophesied catastrophe that could destroy mankind

turned out to be caused by the people underground!



"Lie! Aren't there other heroes in human society?!

"And seventy percent of humanity was wiped out in one night!" At least billions of people! "

Night God Moon:

"It's so powerful! These underworld wiped out most of humanity in one night!

"And what is really terrifying is that they were in the midst of destruction, and they were actually able to control the movements without waking Saitama!"


"Fake! Right! It's a lie!

"All the people in the ninja world are only a fraction of these people who were killed!"

"Heroes can't be wiped out overnight!"


"Thief hahaha! Whether it's true or not! This news is amazing! "

Is this how humanity perished?!"

Zhang Beihai (Cube Man):

"It's already failed! 70 percent of humans died! The rest will also fall into panic!

"Is another human civilization destroyed?!"

"Unwillingly, the people of this world will be extinguished by the underground people and the fire..." The

Chess Ghost King (Boy):

"I, I, I'm a chess player!" Why show me this kind of video!

"I'm still a kid! Unbearable! "

Dragon Ball - Son Goku:

"Is there a possibility, I mean is there a possibility."

"There are also Dragon Balls in this world, and those who are killed later will be resurrected?"

Sakata Gintoki (picking his nose):

"It's just, what's the panic?"

"I often visit the Saiyan world!"

"Human extinction has been repeated many times! Majin Buu, Shalu..."

"Every time a bad guy appears, the entire human race dies once, and it will be resurrected anyway."

"You see, the humans in the Dragon Ball world are used to it."

Dragon Ball - Koichi Passerby:

"Having said that, although I am also used to dying, I still hope that the next time you die, you will say it in advance."

"After all, I have a lot of things I haven't done."

Dragon Ball - Koji Passerby:

"If I could, I'd actually love to experience a few more deaths."

"Recently, I was thinking that if I die and get used to it, I won't be afraid when I die in the future..." Lu


"I can't understand..."

"I hope you will accept this fact!"

Still arguing on the screen, they were attracted by the latest statement of the underworld.

The underground man at the head opened his mouth and praised:

"But then again, it's really amazing!"

"It's the first time I've seen an unbeatable groundman like you!"

At the same time as it rubbed his fists,

Saitama also suddenly cheered:

"Each other!"

"A weirdo who fights so handsomely!"

"Haven't met in a long time! Undergroundman!! The

corners of both mouths rose at the same time, and

then the underground man took the lead in punching.

"We are earthlings!"

Saitama, who dodged the punch, laughed back.

Under his bursting blow, the

underground people's plasma flew apart and shattered into a puddle of meat mud!


Seeing that his companion was killed, the

remaining underworld made up for an elbow blow against Saitama.

Saitama, who dodged the attack,

stepped on the tall figure of the people underground!

The blood is gradually boiling!

Do not suffer from the death of human beings

, do not grieve over the destruction of familiar cities,


not feel bad because the discount supermarkets you care about may be destroyed!

The blood is boiling, and the blood is exciting!

Saitama dodged one attack after another, and

the underground people kept combining new moves!

Successive moves followed, gradually

transitioning to the point that even an underground person could destroy a bridge with a single blow


Stronger and stronger, stronger and stronger!

Saitama is getting more and more excited,

this feeling!

So refreshing!

His eyes widened, and an unprecedented essence appeared from his long-standing godless pupils


One, ten, hundred!

Previously, he had the strength to injure Saitama with one punch, but

now this level of underground people is completely inadequate!

As Saitama adapts,

the new underground people jump high!

Its body is more than 10 times larger than the underground people who appeared earlier!

With just one punch,

Saitama pierced the tall building behind him!

In the blazing explosion, the picture spins extremely fast, and the

entire city has been completely destroyed.

All the tall buildings have been razed to the ground!

Witnessing the center of the explosion,

the people underground lamented:

"Is it over?"

"What is the origin of this underground man!"

In the lava

, a blurry figure with shattered clothes replied,

"Me! Hobbies, being a hero, it's that simple as an individual!

"I won't lose!"

Stepping on the scorching lava,

Saitama's exclusive battle song sounded!

"I want to protect the ground!"

He beat his chest and

switched to the style of serious mode!


Then Saitama jumped high and

released all his emotions!

Those underground people who are as tall as skyscrapers have

punched one by one at this moment!

There is no doubt that

if the level of the underground people who appeared earlier is similar to that of the Deep Sea King!

That is now left on the battlefield,

none of the underground people are weaker than the dragon level!

But in front of Saitama

, even dragon-level weirdos are only worthy of being miscellaneous soldiers,

one punch at a time!

This is the real blood boiling!

Saitama, who was in the heat of battle

, muttered, "What's going on,

this blood?!"

"This excitement, this excitement!"

"And this crisis, this tension!"

"Forgotten for a long time!"

After killing hundreds of underground people,

Saitama's fighting spirit is high!

"High mood during this battle!"

A raging fire burns from Saitama's heart!

After a day of fierce fighting,

he stood alone in the ruins of the city and gasped!

"Hey, hey, hey! My children, thanks to your care! Behind

him appeared an even taller weirdo,

the Underworld King armed with four laser swords!

"My Underworld King will be your opponent!"

The two looked at each other, and a

new war was about to break out!

While viewers were expecting,

the video came to an abrupt end.

In fact, this was also deliberately set by Lu Chuan.

After all, if you put it down, the true level of the underground people will be revealed!

And after watching this "god-level disaster" battle

, the heroes of the world when they punched the man complained weakly:

"What are you protecting,


"The whole city has been razed to the ground by you!"

The underground people who live deep underground are completely different!

They saw that their race was actually able to injure the strongest bald head in the world,

even the per capita dragon level!

This video

is simply the highlight of the underground people!

Tremble! Mankind!

This is the per capita dragon-level underground people! (manual funny).

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