Chivalrous and courageous Shen Jianxin: ....

"It's so strong! With this kind of strength, it is no wonder that he can kill all seventy percent of human beings overnight! Galaxy


"What an underestimation of this race! Each weirdo's attack can match an explosion.

"Even I can only kill them using gunpowder clouds and planetary bombing!"

"What a difficult opponent!"

Immortal King-Wang Ling:

"Hmm, it looks like it's quite troublesome."

Zhang Chulan:

"Big guy, big guy! I'm your dogleg!

"We are all a painting style, big guy is on top, please give me Saitama's invincible strength!"

Wang Ling

: "Well, it can't be done, we are not in the same world..." Bai


"It is, and it is not a world, bah!" Don't face!

"See everyone shouting big guy!"

"Like me, I will only feel sorry for my brother!"

Red Adzuki Bean:

"Big brothers, the new video has begun!"

"Besides, who of you wants to eat red beans?"


"Big Brother Driving a Speeding Car" "

The big brother who drives a speeding car says: If my escapes, then who will fight?!"

Under the gaze of countless viewers in the anime world,

new pictures appeared.

It's still a one-punch man,

but through the serious atmosphere shown in the video.

This one is clearly different!

Saitama, along with all the S-class heroes,

entered the confidential conference room inside the building.

But soon after the meeting began,

the whole building shook.

A chill suddenly enveloped, and

a black starship comparable to the size of an entire city descended

over City A without warning.

"This is our spaceship!!"

In another space,

the dead members of the Proto-Dark Matter Pirate Group exclaimed.

And on the throne in the center of all aliens,

Poros opened his one-eyed and

smiled joyfully on his face.

"Come on Saitama, let everyone see your stronger strength!"

"It's not the previous ones!"

"Let them see it! The strongest man in the world! As

if in response to him, his

words fell.

The unparalleled oppressive force struck, and

the spaceship floating over the entire A city in the video erupted

with a violent purple light at the bottom.

The next moment

, a blazing light burst out throughout City A

, and a violent shock wave swept the entire land,


the entire city turned into scorched earth in an instant.

The tens of millions of humans living in City A didn't

even have time to wail,

so they turned into steam on the spot and

were directly beaten into powder.

Conan's young mind was traumatized again.

When the smoke and dust slowly dispersed, the

entire area

of City A with a radius of tens of kilometers

had turned into a dead land.

Only the headquarters building of the Heroes Association remains, standing

alone in the center of the city.

After a short silence

, the strength of spirit cages, pirates and other worlds was obviously inferior to a punch,


people couldn't help but exclaim.

In Saitama's world

, humans are like weeds on the ground,

randomly slaughtered by stronger beings!

This time, too

, without the slightest warning,

ordinary people did not even have a chance to escape!

In the fate world

, Rin Tosaka said in shock:

"Big brother who drives a spaceship,

this is the spaceship mentioned in the title?!"

Not far away,

anger also appeared on

the dull and heroic face


Ghost Annihilation World

, Tanjiro and the pillars,

can only stand helplessly when they see this scene.

After watching the One-Punch Man video,

the resistance

to the weirdo in their hearts has been worn out by that powerful force.

Tanjiro moved his throat:

"Is it really possible for humans, relying only on Mr. Saitama and heroes, to resist the weirdo?"

My wife Shanyi roared,

"That's why we have to work hard!"

After yelling with all his strength,

he slumped on the ground exhausted.


In the world of Dragon Ball,

Frieza had an appreciative expression.

"This video is also quite interesting!"

"These humans who look similar to Saiyans make me hate when they look at them!"

"And this ship looks good! It's just that the power of the shell is too small to destroy a city. "

One Punch Man World.

Since the previous video

, Lu Chuan did not point out that the underground crisis was false,

so people had already begun to panic!

Now that they see this video again,

they rightfully riot.

In particular, residents living in cities adjacent to City A have

an immersive fear.

Because not so long ago,

City A disappeared in front of them!

The thought that they have been close to death makes

people living in the city simply unable to calm down.

Some people even started running directly and

rushed to the remote suburbs!

In the building of the Hero Association,

the S-class heroes looked solemn.

The vest Venerable frowned tightly;

"This incident has indeed left too much fear for the world!"

"Now there is an underground man incident, and the spaceship incident has been reproduced!"

"It will definitely cause panic!"

Emperor Tong licked the lollipop and

carefully analyzed the situation:

"Yes! Before entering the spaceship, the matter was solved! As a result, we don't know enough about all this!

"What a hassle! Don't know what this big brother who drives a spaceship means?

"In the last incident, there didn't seem to be any alien weirdos who met this condition!"


In the picture,

Saitama's figure has left the conference room

and stood on the roof of the building.

Staring at the incomparably huge luxury spaceship

, Saitama's face was as lifeless as ever,


half a fluctuation.


Saitama muttered to himself,

then gently jumped up and flew towards the spaceship.


The dark purple light flickered,

and a black cannonball with a diameter of tens of meters shot

out from the spaceship's cannon hole and

hit Saitama in an instant.

Just as the shell was about to hit him

, Saitama's figure suddenly moved in midair, and

after accelerating extremely quickly,


dodged against the shell.

This kind of operation,

even some people who can fly are confused.

They muttered,

"Can you still dodge like this?!!!?"


: Guess a riddle:

a dark body and a dark head, go out at night to accompany you, you want to talk to him, he is always silent.

The answer is two-word.

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