The bald demon king ,... a terrifying punch

Although everyone was in an uproar

, it also firmly confirmed that Dior,

Blackbeard and others supported the idea of Poros!

Come on!

Big brother who drives a speeding car!

In response to the response

, Polos, who was deep in the wall, moved his limbs, and the wounds

on his chest were

still splashed with blood for a second

, but in an instant,

those wounds had healed!

In the projection,

the armor on Poros's body turned into fragments and was cracked off.

Strong muscles are exposed, powerful

energy is pounced,

and the momentum is huge.

"My power is too strong! When justice is carried out, the masses are often injured by mistake! "

The armor used to seal my overly powerful power has now been shattered by you."

Poros crossed his hands

, and the joints on his body

seemed to be inlaid with energy spars, and under his power,

the green tendons

burst out.

His muscles kept beating, and

soon his body changed from light blue to purple-black.

Not only that, but the breath

on the body also showed a multiplication increase!

The weirdos exclaimed:

"There is hope!"

But they all underestimated the mediocre bald head.

Sure enough

, in the face of the skyrocketing strength of Boros

, the bald demon king is still the same adult fish,


even his painting style has become more sloppy!

Nagato's heart is about to jump out!


"This man! I actually lowered my painting style again!

"Such a broken painting style, run away!" Poros!

"Do you know how much effort it takes the creator to spend on your painting style, that kind of detail!"


"No need to persuade Porus anymore! There is no need to feel sorry for him either!

"This is the fate he must face!"

"I think from the moment he chose to become the guardian of the entire universe, he was looking forward to this battle!"


"As long as you fight against the bald lord, every step forward will bring disaster to countless weirdos!"

"Poros, the freedom you want is not a word for the weak at all!"

Blue Poison Beast:

"If you don't stop the bald demon here!"

"Then there will be countless weirdos who will be brutally killed by him!"

Boom. Moe Xi:

"Turnips! It's getting more and more outrageous!

"It always feels like I'm on the bad side!"


"So, I'm going on!"

Porus, who was ready, laughed loudly, and

the whole person shot towards the bald big devil.

The terrifying momentum carried the overflow of energy, forming

a lilac energy barrier on the surface of the body.

In the blink of an eye,

Poros rushed in front of the bald big devil.

The terrifying punch

, filled with heaven-destroying energy,

fell heavily on the bald demon king.


Before the fist shadow fell, the

bald demon king easily blocked this blow.

The hero of Poros was stunned for a while, and

when he blinked his eyes,

he threw his fist again!

The raging waves of qi burst out, and

the fist that was unrecognizable to the

naked eye had been swung hundreds of times among the electric flint!

This level of battle

is no longer something that a dragon-level weirdo can withstand!

Inside the Weird Association,

the weirdos were crying!

It turns out that

there was once such a great man!

In order for the weirdo to survive with dignity,

he once faced the world's strongest bald demon king alone!

O guardian of the universe!

Defeat the Bald Devil!

If you fail,

then who will protect the planet?!

Who will protect the universe?!

Who will protect the world??!

This kind of power

has exceeded the limits of the weirdos.

Not a dimension at all!

Yes, with this level of fighting,

who else dares to stand up except the hero Poros


However, it was Poros who exerted all his strength,

under such a terrifying and powerful collision.

The bald demon king did not even change his complexion, nor

did he have the slightest tendency to fall into the downwind.


, not only did it not fall into the downwind,


even the color

of tiredness was not revealed!

Bald Great Devil,

where exactly is your limit?!

At the moment,

within the Heroes Guild.

Countless heroes were silent, and

even the silver fangs of S-class heroes did not speak.

He was one of the few people who knew Saitama's strength.

But it is also strange to say that such

a powerful existence

of the bald demon king is an unknown C-class.

And he also sighed that the


of the bald demon king

was far more terrifying than he imagined!

In the picture

, Poros's fist continues to blast down,

and the

bald demon gently raises his hand to

defuse all explosive attacks.

The buildings inside the spaceship continued to collapse, and

in the aftermath of the battle between the two,

the internal buildings were constantly destroyed.

If it weren't for the fact that the spaceship was huge enough,

plus City A on the ground would have been destroyed.

I am afraid that the aftermath

of the battle between the two will go straight to the ground and

destroy City A!

While fighting,

the two pulled apart and began to charge their strength.

"It's coming!"

"More terrifying battle!"

Everyone could see the

previous seemingly earth-shattering duel.

For the two of them,

it may just be a warm-up.

More terrifying things,

not yet revealed at all!


, the two collided again,


the terrifying power produced a huge wave of qi.

Saitama, who had been defending, suddenly clenched his fists and

attacked directly with Poros.


Under the attack of the bald big devil,

Poros' entire arm was destroyed into meat mud!


Although blood dripped from his arm

, Poros didn't seem to feel pain,

but instead looked at the bald demon with great excitement.

"In the face of me, who has liberated my energy, you can still do this!"

"Ah, you are indeed very strong..." The

Great Demon King was also a little more serious.

Compared to those guys on Earth after he became the strongest.

The Poros

in front of him was indeed the strongest creature he had ever faced.

Except, of course,

the guys in the dream...

The battle continues!

The fierce collision continued, and the

surrounding buildings were constantly destroyed.

The aftermath of the fight between the two was huge, and

soon the spaceship was shot and

came to the sky.

After a fierce collision,

the two fell from mid-air.

Poros grew more excited.

"What a beautiful guy, a guy who can compete with me Poros!"

"You're still the first!"

Looking at the bald big demon who was still expressionless,

Poros knew!

It's not enough,

this little power can't defeat the person in front of you at all!

More vast energy,

endless energy began to condense in Poros's body continuously!

The sky-rushing energy beam showed the power of Poros.

At the same time, the

weirdos held their breath and

stared intently at the picture in the projection.

"Is the Poros hero finally going to give his full strength?"

"Also, in the face of the world's strongest bald big devil, if you don't show your full strength!"

"Maybe you don't even have a chance to win!"

"Come on! Big brother who drives a speeding car! "


: reveal the riddle answer ahead: Shadow!

The next riddle:

There is a black big brother in the south, and the furnace comes to sit in the fire, as long as it sits in the fire for a while, the black big brother becomes the red big brother.

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