Assassin Wu 67 World.

Wu Liuqi was still cutting beef miscellaneous, but

when the "Chicken Overlord" chapter began,

he was enthusiastic!

But looking at Wu Liuqi also felt uncomfortable!

Because Dabao and his friends were

beaten by the mountain chicken king from beginning to end in

the video!

And Wu Liuqi, who regards Dabao as his family,

certainly doesn't want to watch it!

However, although he did not pay attention to the famous eye,

he also kept peeping at the screen.

Looking at the video

, those who cheered for Dabao,

Wu Liuqi's heart was warm at the moment!

"Daiho! You see! People are cheering you on! The

dark sunglasses blocked Wu Liuqi from observing

Dabao, but he could feel that

at this moment,

Dabao's mood must be very complicated!


In the video

, Dabao, who struggled to stand upright,

stubbornly raised his chicken wings again.

What is it going to do?!

In front of everyone,

Dabao actually compared an international friendly pointer again!

The insulted Pheasant King was instantly furious!

It never thought that

one day,

he would be provoked by a small blue-feathered chicken!

Do you know how much damage a middle finger that appears in front of everyone does to a pheasant?!

In response to the "enthusiasm" of Chicken Dabao!

The king of the mountain chicken rushed over, and

raising his foot was a move of the dragon to raise his head!

And the round chicken Dabao,

like not bound by gravity!

It flew up for tens of meters!

Immediately afterwards,

the king of the mountain chicken does not talk about martial virtue!

A force is like a spring that comes with it!

Caught up with the flying chicken Daibao in the air!

That foot is so strong that

even the onlookers shouted bull!

And the king of the pheasant, who is detached from gravity,

freely poses in the air!

It puts its hands together!

One elbow hit and down!


the outrageous scene appeared!

Daibo that flew down from the air was like a grenade!

A cloud of dust rose on the ground!

As the smoke clears!

In the eyes of everyone, Daibao, who was certain to die, stood up!


Shinnosuke Harano:

"Daiho! Daibo! Look at it! That's the power of Dynamic Superman!

"Come on! Defeat the king of the mountain chicken on behalf of justice! "


"!! Although I know that we are not a life of one world!

"But why is the battle between Daibao and the Mountain Rooster King so terrifying!"

Faced with such a scene

, the king of 100,000 cold jokes that birds do not sighed:

"Why can that chicken jump up more than ten meters!"

Are you actually afraid of those humans?!

"Why is Ji Dabao so resistant! Chicken Dafei in front of him can't be punched with so many punches?!

In this regard,

the administrator King Kong could only pick his nose and say:

"Do you understand the treatment of the protagonist?"

"If it is solved by you bad people twice, then who will maintain world peace?!"


In the video

, as time passes,

a minute passes!


the camera gives the king of the

pheasants a close-up.

The king of the mountain chicken, who was breaking out in a cold sweat, fell into a memory:

"If you can't kill a meat fat chicken in five minutes!"

"I have a chance to lose a lot of money!"

The person who said this is the bad guy who single-handedly planned the cockfighting competition!

He pinched the king of mountain chickens in his hand and

said with an icy expression:

"Then you can obediently wait to make white-cut chicken!"

The king of mountain chickens, who was afraid of death, was instantly awakened!

Its whole body is full of strength

, this time,


king of the mountain chicken is going to go all out!

With the power of the mountain chicken king

, in the subsequent video,

Daibao did not see a glimmer of hope for victory at all!

All that was left for it

was the ever-increasing wounds on its body!

And the viewers of the anime world can

only watch Chicken Dabao being tyrannized by the Mountain Rooster King at this moment!

After some abuse,

Chicken Dabao was thrown out by the Mountain Rooster King!

Facing the chicken Dabao, who fell in a pool of blood,

the mountain chicken king relaxed his body and mind!

But Daiho didn't let it go as he wished!

Dragging the tired and painful, countless scratches on the body,

Chicken Dabao stood up again!


Comment area.

Faced with such a scene of bloody violence,

those peeping characters began to speak.

Pilot Porco Rosso:

"What a violent! Just like war, fighting doesn't change anything! Naruto


"It's terrible! Why should everyone do this!

"It's the same in the village, and it's the same in the Land of Snow and other countries!"

"Can't we live together in a friendly way?!!?"


"Daiho! You must live! Can't let Xiaofei be alone!

"You're his last partner!"

Looking at the voice of justice in the comments,

those figures in the darkness began to speak.

The Adventures of Lolo Tyrannosaurus Emperor:

"This pheasant king is really incompetent! It's been 4 minutes! Even a creature that looks weak can't be killed!


It's really unpleasant!"

"It's been a few minutes, and I haven't even achieved my goal!"

Digimon Clown Emperor:

"Ahahaha! Aha! Weak! Too weak! If it's still so boring, I'm going to play with those kids! Pirate

World Blackbeard:

"Thief hahaha! What about the time consumed?!

"As long as the purpose is achieved, won't it succeed?" Thief hahaha! King Pheasant, put an end to it!



"Ferferferfer! Those who win are called justice! Justice belongs to the strong! "


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