Kando area.

True New Town.

"Ohki, are you really going to give this Pokémon to that kid? It's a waste! "

"How could that boy named Ash have mastered this Pokémon?

Only we can fully tap its potential!! "

"At the very least, this Pikachu has the potential to touch the quasi-god threshold!

You are a tyrannical creature!! "

At this moment, a doctor in a white robe looked at Dr. Ohki not far away

Looks a little hoarse!



Pikachu, just give it away?!

Not to mention how much this Pikachu's strength will grow in the future... Its research value alone has surpassed most Pokémon!

After all, he's just a Pikachu!

Just ordinary Pokémon!!

But it far exceeds the so-called racial value limit!!

For the significance of scientific research, that Pikachu is even more terrifying than the divine beast!

Once the secrets in that Pokémon's body are thoroughly mastered, it means that the same powerful Pokémon can be copied in large quantities

A mighty army of Pokémon!!

The world will tremble for it!!

The value of Pikachu is that it can change the current situation, and it is no exaggeration!

And now, after so many years of hard searching, the perfect research material found can even change the entire world pattern, and Damu actually sent it away?

For a teenager just starting his journey?

Do the initial Pokémon?!

Lose your marbles!

Must be crazy!!

Ron couldn't understand Dr. Ohki's decision, but he couldn't help it

After all, that Pikachu was found by Dr. Ohki!

Ohki looked at his friend puzzled, just sighed slightly, shook his head, did not explain much, stood there quietly looking into the distance, a figure appeared in his mind

A teenager in a red and white hat with a sunny face

Skinny body, but extremely tall!

Seem... It seems that all difficulties cannot stop him!

On his shoulder is a Pikachu, and they look intimate.

When that figure appeared in my mind, when that scene came to mind

The bottom of the eyes couldn't help but touch, flashed a memory, and the corners of the mouth hooked a curve, Ash...

Long time,

Dr. Ohki spoke slowly.

There is a firmness in the tone!

"Pikachu is by his side to get better development!"

Hearing this, the white-clothed doctor couldn't help but sigh.

Ohki has gone completely crazy!

Dr. White, named Ron, is also a Pokémon researcher.

Specializes in Pokémon genetic research.

He was confident that if Ohki fully supported it

Then the two of them will definitely be able to crack the secret hidden in Pikachu's body

It's just....

Ron sighed slightly, only to pity this opportunity.

Perhaps, it is impossible to have such excellent experimental materials in this life!

At that time, Dr. Ohki found this Pikachu in the field and brought it back to the research institute

By chance, I was shocked to discover.

The potential of that Pikachu... Very strong!

It has completely broken through the original race value

No more limited by race values!

To this day, Ohki actually gave that Pikachu out!

Ron looked at Dr. Ohki's back and finally just sighed.

At this moment, at the foot of the mountain.

"Ash, you must pay attention to protect yourself!"

Ash's mother, Hanako, looked at her son with a worried face.

Ash eventually went down the path of trainer.

For such an outcome, Hanako had long anticipated it.

But when I really saw that my child was parting, I still couldn't stop being worried.

Ash pressed the brim of his hat.

But he also squatted down, touched Pikachu beside him, and said with a smile:

"With Pikachu by my side, I'll be fine!"

"After all, Pikachu and I are friends, right?"

Pikachu's body suddenly bloomed with electric light at this time, without giving Ash face at all.

After a squeak of smoke.

Hanako, who was originally a little worried, couldn't help but smile after seeing this pair of living treasures.

Finally, his gaze fell on Ash.

Nodded slightly, and looked at Pikachu again:

"I'm sure you guys will be good partners!"

At this moment, many relatives and friends around gathered around.

Come and see off Ash!

Ash, a child, is more cheerful by nature.

In Zhenxin Town, due to its lively personality, it is also very pleasing.

So there are quite a few people around.

When Ash saw this scene, he was also a little embarrassed for a while.

At this moment, Dr. Ohki walked down the mountain, ready to say hello to Ash.

When Ron saw this scene, he only sighed slightly.

And didn't say more.

At this moment, a golden screen suddenly appeared in the sky!

Reflected on the edge of the sky, a golden light!

At the same time, there are subtitles that appear on it....

[World God List, will be broadcast live simultaneously around the world! ] 】

The sudden scene, as well as a strange sound, resounded in everyone's hearts at the same time!

For a while, everyone in the world looked up at the sky.

In people's perspective, a golden screen suddenly appeared, spanning the entire sky!

At the same time, there is also a burst of information in my mind.

Feilu's 18th anniversary brand upgrade to give back to readers! Charge 100 and get 500 VIP bonds!

immediately preemptive(Event Period: August 10th to August 20th)

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