"My God, we all guessed wrong, it was actually the boy who looked the most unlikely!"

"Hey, he looks so young, he is still a divine beast relative?"

"Yes, owning a divine beast can't be regarded as a divine beast relationship, doesn't that mean that the boy named Xiaozhi will know a lot of divine beasts?"

"I'll go, envy dies!"

At this time, as the answer is announced.

The world is also completely exploded!

Similarly, I am curious about Ash's identity!

Soon, with the unremitting efforts of curious people, Ash's identity was quickly picked up!

Coming from Zhenxin Town, how can you look at it as an ordinary rookie trainer?

Or a rookie chicken who has just embarked on a journey!


Elven League, conference room.

The eyes of everyone present were full of consternation, and there was a thick incredulity!

How can it be?

The correct answer is... That boy named Ash!!

The Heavenly King trainers present had disbelief in their eyes.

Yulongdu directly exclaimed:

"How is that possible?"

"It's actually that teenager!"

Similarly, the Dan Emperor beside him also had a thick disbelief in his eyes!

I was stunned for a long time.

Looking at Ash in the air, pulling his red hat with a smile on his lips.

But he also suddenly laughed.

Emperor Dandi's sudden action also attracted the attention of many people present.

Dan Di just looked at Xiao Zhi in the air and said softly:

"I can feel his love for Pokémon, I believe..."

"In the near future, he will be my opponent!"

As Emperor Dan's voice fell.

The expressions of the people present changed and changed.

Even Daigo, at this moment, the handsome face couldn't help but appear stunned.

He also didn't expect that the Dan Emperor actually gave such a high evaluation to a teenager.

Moreover, the information about Ash on the table shows that he is a rookie trainer who has just embarked on his journey!

For a newcomer trainer, Dan Emperor actually gave such a high evaluation?

Suffice it to say a lot!

The surrounding king-level trainers looked at the information about Ash on the table.

I am also curious and tight!

What will happen to such a rookie trainer in the future?

Not only is it a divine beast relationship, but it has also been recognized by the Dan Emperor!

And he... And how far will it grow?

Really, world champion?!

Daigo had this idea, but he couldn't help but smile bitterly.

Shaking his head, he put the thought out of his mind.

How is it possible, how can a ten-year-old child get to that point?

At this moment, Mother-in-law Kikuko looked at Ash's information and indeed suddenly laughed.

The wrinkled skin huddled together looked a little weird.

Due to the movement on Juzi's mother-in-law's side, everyone's attention was attracted.

Mother-in-law Juzi, who usually does not smile, actually laughed?

Before anyone could ask, Mother-in-law Kikuko suddenly spoke:

"That boy is in Zhenxin Town, over there in Ohki..."

After saying this sentence, he brought a little sigh of embarrassment:

"Ogi, is this the boy you chose after abandoning the trainer and becoming a Pokémon researcher..."


Tokiwa Dokan, inside the secret laboratory.

Sakaki looked at the answer that appeared, and for a moment his mood became a little gloomy, and he tapped lightly on the armchair:

"Is it in Zhenxin Town..."

Shinshin Town, located on the other side of Tokiwa Forest!

It's just a Tokiwa Forest away from Tokiwa City!

Actually so close to yourself?

This was something Sakaki did not expect.

Whether it was curiosity about this teenager, or fear of sabotaging his plans.

Reasonably, you have to investigate one side!

Ash's information appeared, very ordinary.

I don't see anything outstanding.

It's a newcomer just starting their journey!

But the only thing is that Pikachu....

Sakaki stroked the cat boss, and his eyes flashed with depth.

Seemingly... Gotta send someone to investigate!

There was silence for a long time, and finally he ordered to the people below:

"Notify cadre-level members to conduct online meetings!"

As the order was given, soon the message was sent all over the world.

Many rocket cadres received news.

After completing the task at hand, take out the special encryption device!

At this moment, the light curtain in the air changed and the video began to play again!


[Under the influence of Sherabi's ability, the boy travels to 40 years later! ] 】

[40 years later, the evil rocket cadres forced the old hunter to ask for news about Sherabi].

[Team Rocket cadres use the Dark Pokéball to control Bangira, the hunter yields, and Team Rocket heads to the forest to capture Sherabi!] 】

[Ash and his group, who traveled with the goal of the alliance, were waiting for the boat at the dock, but only Xiaogang and Xiaoxia, Ash was missing! ] 】

As the video plays.

Just then, the Q&A session reappeared!

[Question: What is Ash doing now?] 】

[Option A: Talk to your beautiful sister and explore the meaning of life! ] 】

[Option B: Because I was too tired last night, I was sleeping in a hotel! ] 】

[Option C: Exercise hard and strengthen yourself! ] 】

[Option D: Crazy Pokémon battle, easily hang elite trainers! ] 】

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