Before I could calm down, the Q&A session reappeared!

At this moment, people are completely in a madness!

Although I don't know what kind of reward was issued by the World God List before?

Of course, for sure, absolutely extraordinary!

And now.

The Q&A session is here again!

People who originally felt a little sorry because they were not selected.

At this moment, the emotions are aroused again!

Looking at the options above, it immediately caused a heated discussion!

"Lying groove, there is actually a Q&A session again, I just felt so sorry, I didn't expect it to be so soon?"

"You have to choose me, and you don't know how generous the reward is?"

"I haven't chosen you yet, even if I did, I have to answer correctly!"

"What do you think is the correct answer?"

"Laugh at me, that option A, God hook up with a girl, will there still be this option? He's only 10 years old!! "

"Hahahaha, that's definitely not option A, but option B is still a bit possible, after all, all children are more playful, play late, and haven't gotten up yet, it should be possible!"

"How do I feel like option C? After all, he is the person on the list, but before the Dan Emperor and they were side by side, they should also love Pokémon! "

"Then why won't it be the last one?"

"Are you stupid, a trainer who has just stepped into the journey, a rookie trainer, can defeat an elite trainer? How is this possible!! "

"So it seems to be true..."


True New Town.

People look at the options that reappear.

It also boiled completely for a while.

All eyes focused on Ash, who was not far away.

Some people directly asked:

"Ash, which option do you think you would be?"

Ash scratched his head when he heard this.

Looking at the option in the sky, the gaze lingers on the last option.

But finally he spoke:

"I don't know, but it should be in options C and D!"

When the words fell, the surrounding crowd suddenly made a commotion!

Discussions began for a while.

"I think it should be option C!"

"Maybe option D? Ash is the pride of our true new town! "

"But let's also consider the actual situation, rookie trainers who have just embarked on a journey have to travel a long way to become ordinary trainers."

"As for elite-level trainers, but they have a good sense of battle and theory, they are all existences that can stand alone!"

"Yes, ordinary people want to become elite-level trainers, they are all one in a hundred, and some people strive for a lifetime, they only touch that threshold!"

"So option C?!"

Right here, a voice appeared very abrupt:

"Definitely option A!"

Look in the direction where the sound is coming from.

It's Xiaomao!

Next to the luxurious sports car, and the beautiful cheerleaders around you!

Xiao Mao looked at Xiao Zhi not far away, as arrogant as ever:

"In my opinion, Ash must be looking for his sister to discuss the meaning of life!"

Ash suddenly became excited after discovering Xiao Mao:

"Xiao Mao!"

Xiao Mao just nodded slightly.

He also looked up at the Sky World God List.

Not far away, Dr. Ohki and Dr. Ron.

See it all!

Dr. Ron still didn't break away from the shock, and was silent for a long time before he slowly spoke

"It turns out... That's right! "

"You already know that, right? Ohki! "

To the end.

Dr. Ron's eyes were full of excitement!

Dr. Ohki bowed his head slightly, and then slowly spoke:

"I did guess some before!"

After barely calming down, Ron looked at the Q&A session above and spoke silently:

"So which option do you think will be this time?"

Dr. Ohki looked at the options above and spoke gently:

"It should be C and D, I personally prefer the last option!"

As the voice fell.

Ron took a deep look at Dr. Ohki before finally speaking:

"But you know, if an ordinary genius wants to become an elite trainer, it will take years!"

"That kid, he's just a rookie trainer who has just started his journey, are you really so sure?"

Dr. Ohki just smiled.

Looking up at the sky, he closed his eyes.

The picture that once happened is still clear at this moment.

As if it were just yesterday.

Smiled, with a little nonchalance:

"Maybe that kid..."

"He's very different!!

Ron's heart couldn't help but be shocked, and he slowly exhaled a turbid breath.

He also looked up at the World God List and muttered

"It's different..."

At this moment, the light group suddenly came!

Fly towards the crowd and provoke a burst of exclamations!

The direction is where Ash Xiaomao is!

Finally, he stopped in front of Xiao Mao.

The number of places to answer this time is Xiao Mao!

A little shock flashed in Xiao Mao's eyes, but he quickly adjusted his mentality.

Tilted his head and glanced at Ash not far away.

The corners of the mouth curve.


You are the strongest rival in my life.

Finally withdrew his gaze and held the light mass tightly.

And gave his own answer: "Easily beat elite trainers!! "

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