League of Elves.

A group of Heavenly King-level trainers looked at the above options and fell into deep thought.

After a long time, Kona took the lead in breaking the silence:

"In my guess, option C is the most reasonable existence.

It should be the final answer, I don't know what you think? "

The words fell, throwing the question to everyone present.

Daigo frowned, looking at the options in the sky, and after a long silence, he finally spoke:

"According to common sense, Kona's answer must be correct, option C is the most suitable option..."

As Daigo's words fell.

Everyone around nodded.

At this moment, Daigo continued to speak

"But my personal opinion is that this Q&A session will probably not play cards according to common sense!!"

The words fell, causing many people to nod.

Yulongdu with a little doubt:

"Is that the one in the back?"

"It's impossible!"

"Being able to easily beat an elite-level trainer shows that his strength is at least a quasi-Heavenly King, or even a Heavenly King!!"

"Newcomers who have just stepped into the journey, without the slightest precipitation, will there really be such achievements?"

"And as far as I know, most of the rookie trainers who have just stepped into the journey are at the level of third-rate trainers, and they can't even reach the level of rookie trainers!!"

As Imperial Dragon Du's voice fell.

At this time, all the Heavenly King champion-level players present fell silent.


Will there really be such terrifying strength?

Even Dan Di became a champion at the age of 10!

But that time, the strength of the Dan Emperor did not reach the championship level!

Instead, he barely topped the regional championship with the Heavenly King!

It wasn't until many years of precipitation that it has now reached the championship level!

The Dan Emperor is called a genius once in a thousand years!

And the Ash shown in the video has the strength of the quasi-heavenly king level or even stronger?

Can it be comparable to the legend of the Dan Emperor?

How is it possible!

Everyone fell silent.

Daigo tapped lightly on the tabletop and nodded at the moment:

"Compared to this, I think the previous AB option is still possible, although it seems incredible..."

"But compared to the last option, there is still a great possibility!!"

"I personally prefer option B!"

With Daigo's reasoned reasoning, many of the Heavenly Kings around him nodded.

But at this moment, Mother-in-law Kikuko frowned:

"I don't think so!"

The words fell, and the attention of the people around them instantly focused on Mother-in-law Juzi.

Mother-in-law Kikuko....

As a king-level trainer of the previous generation!

Not only is he strong, but he is also a veteran of the Elf Alliance, and he also has a very high prestige among the trainers.

As soon as she spoke, there was a sudden silence around her.

Mother-in-law Kikuko continued to speak

"As incredible as it sounds, I'm still biased towards the last option!"

At the end, pause for a moment.

Silently add in my heart:

"After all, that's the person Xuecheng chose


The words fell, but the audience was silent.

But at this moment, suddenly a voice broke the silence!

Dan Di's majestic voice came.

"I think so too!!"

In an instant, the eyes of everyone present were focused on him!

Even Daigo at this moment couldn't help but have a look of stunned on his face.

No one expected that it was actually the Dan Emperor who spoke first!

Yulongdu's eyes were full of disbelief!

It was precisely because he always wanted to challenge the Dan Emperor that he always regarded him as his opponent and his goal.

Because he is an opponent, he knows his strength better!

Terrifying talent, almost perverted love for Pokémon, extreme effort!

This is all what the Dan Emperor has!

These three things, just take a little to ordinary people, can achieve unimaginable success!

But he has it all!

Therefore, Yulongdu had great doubts in his heart.

But before it was time for the Dan Emperor to explain, at this moment, the light group came again!

Two light groups appeared, stopping in front of Granny Juzi and Yulongdu respectively!

Mother-in-law Juzi did not hesitate and directly made her own choice: "He will easily defeat the elite-level trainer!" "

Yulongdu was silent for a moment, with a little struggle in his eyes.

One last glance at the Dan Emperor not far away.

He knew that the Dan Emperor would not give people affirmation easily.

Ash is an exception!

And it's still such a high affirmation!

Finally make a choice: "Option D!" "


Deep Ash City, Deep Gray Dojo.

Xiao Gang looked at the World God List in the sky.

A flash of shock could not help but flash in his eyes.

Especially after seeing the relationship of the divine beast, it was the young man named Xiaozhi, and his eyes couldn't stop shaking!

But soon, in the video, soon appear your own figure!

At this time, Xiao Gang, who was originally full of indifference, was completely uncalm.

Even more exclaimed:

"How is that possible?"

"I even showed up on it?"

It was also at this time that Xiao Gang's countless doubts hovered in his heart.

Why did he leave the Dark Ash Dojo?

Who will take over the dojo then?


What is so strange about that boy named Ash

Why did you accompany him on his journey?

At this moment, a light mass suddenly flew and appeared in front of Xiao Gang!

Soon, and understand what it does.

Xiao Gang looked at the four options, and after a moment of silence, he quickly made a choice:

"Option D!"


Kando area, near the forest.

The highest cadre of the rocket team, Bishas, covered his face under the mask, revealed a gloomy!

Especially when I see the video, I have myself!

Looking at part of the picture, he sneered:

"Sherabi... It will definitely be mine!! "

As if thinking of something, his expression began to become greedy again.

As long as you have the power of Sherabi, you can travel through time and space at will!

Sherabi travels back 40 years and that's proof of that!

Has the power to travel through time!

Couldn't find the location of the Sherabi.

But as the video plays, Sherabi's clue is on the old hunter!

As long as you follow the vine now, you can find Sherabi first and use it for yourself!

Ambition surged in Bishas' eyes.

At this moment, the device that he carried with him began to vibrate continuously.

Team Rockets is coming up with a meeting!

Moreover, it was the order of Boss Sakaki!

Seeing the news that emerged, a hint of gloom flashed in Bishas's eyes.

Once you control the Sherabi yourself, you will be able to master the entire Rocket Team!

Even... Take control of the world!!

At this moment, the light group appeared, and Bishas got the choice!

Bishas, who was originally still immersed in joy, was stunned for a long time, but suddenly began to laugh maniacally:


"Hahahaha, it's really God help me!"

"Sakaki, Sakaki, this position of the boss of Team Rocket, I should also sit!"

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