[Energy Fruit]: Taking this substance, you will get a permanent 20% spiritual increase, with additional effects, maintain a certain calm state!

Xiao Mao looked at the fruit lying on his hand.

For a while, I was also a little confused.

I don't know what the 20% mental increase looks like?

However, without hesitation, Xiao Mao bit the fruit in one bite.

Just after the video played, I saw the powerful Ash.

A strong sense of crisis rose in Xiao Mao's heart!

Even he had to admit that in the video, Ash's strength was very strong!

The spirit fruit is sweet in the mouth and very moist.

Right in the next moment.

A cold feeling flooded into my mind.

Xiao Mao felt that his fatigue seemed to be relieved.

When I opened my eyes in the next moment, I only felt a clear light.

Basically understood the capabilities of this fruit!

20% Spirit Increase!

For Pokémon researchers, improving the computing speed of the brain can be described as barely breaking the limits of the human body!

For Pokémon trainers, the strength of the spirit is enhanced!

In a sense, fighting to the end depends on the will between Pokémon and trainers!

From these two aspects, Xiao Mao's talent ceiling has been greatly improved!

Xiao Mao clenched his fists, and a touch of firmness flashed in his eyes.

If you say this, you won't be thrown off too much by Ash!

Ron and Dr. Ohki, not far away, saw all of this.

It took a long time before Ron's dull expression recovered, and he was a little embarrassed and sighed

"I didn't expect that the boy named Xiaozhi would really have such strong strength in the future!"

"Damu, congratulations, your grandson is also very powerful!!"

Dr. Ohki just smiled.

Looking at Xiao Zhi not far away, he still had some embarrassment and emotion in his heart.

Even if the answer is almost guessed.

But when the real video is played, it is still a wild shock!

Ron continued at this moment:

"I also finally understand why you gave Pikachu to him..."

"It seems that I am wrong, maybe in his hands, that Pikachu may really be very different!!"

Dr. Ohki looked up at the sky and sighed leisurely:


"The future of Ash and Pikachu doesn't stop there..."

Ron glanced up at Dr. Ohki.

Finally, the eyes are focused on the World God List.

It's more than that....


Elven League, conference room.

As the video plays and the answers are announced.

The Heavenly King level trainers present fell silent!

Deathly silence!

Most of them don't believe that Ash has such terrifying strength!

But as that scene really played out, the rest of the Heavenly King-level trainers present knew.

They underestimate Ash so much!

Although he is a divine beast related household, his strength and talent are still not to be underestimated! ! !

A flash of excitement flashed in Dan Di's eyes, which was the desire to meet his opponent.

In Ash, he sees a terrifying talent, and the same love for Pokémon!

It's like meeting a confidant!

Yulongdu was completely silent at the moment.

To be honest, although I chose the last option, I didn't believe Ash.

But after this clip was played, it was completely silent....

Beat elite trainers with ease!

Only 10 years old!

A rookie trainer just starting on a journey!

The entries were grouped together one by one, which brought great shock to everyone present!

Although Yulongdu felt a little faceless.

But the heart is more of a shock!

Xiao Zhi is really a super genius comparable to the Dan Emperor!

In the next moment, the reward is issued.

Props appear on Dragon Du's hand:

[Flying Feather]: Can increase the attribute power of the entire team's flying Pokémon by 10%, skill increase, attribute increase!

Not far away, props also appeared on the hands of Mother-in-law Juzi:

[Ghost Wand]: A magic wand with magical power that allows ghost-type Pokémon to comprehend a unique ghost-based stunt, and each Pokémon can only be comprehended once! (Durability: 20).

With these two props appeared.

The surrounding Heavenly King-level trainers all gathered around.

Kona's eyes were full of color:

"Ghost Staff, this effect is really perverted, and it can actually make Pokémon comprehend stunts?"

"And according to this description, it seems to be able to be used 20 times!!"

Mother-in-law Juzi also obviously flashed a look of stunned, and finally nodded with a smile:

"Yes, it just happens to be a ghost department, I didn't expect such a coincidence!"

Daigo shook his head slightly, and then said:

"I think this reward should be tailor-made, like Adu's, it should also be tailored for him!"

After hearing Daigo's speculation, Mother-in-law Kikuko also nodded:

"So, it seems to be too!"

After hearing Daigo's words, Imperial Dragon Du suddenly became a little unhappy:

"What, how is it tailor-made, obviously random!"

"I'm the strongest dragon messenger!!"

This moment attracted a lot of attention.

Looking at the equipment in Yulongdu's hand, he suddenly felt a little strained.

For a while, I couldn't help it.

Zhulan pointed out even more unceremoniously:

"You are obviously the all-flying Heavenly King Adu!"

With this sentence, Yulongdu, who was suddenly stunned, did not know how to answer.

If you think about it, it seems that this is indeed the case.

It's even more impossible to refute it!

For a while, I was a little out of breath, and I didn't know how to answer, like a frosted eggplant.

Immediately made everyone present laugh!

After a long time, Mother-in-law Juzi suddenly sighed:

"We really have to thank that boy for all this..."

Sister Zhulan also nodded, looking at Xiaozhi's photo, but said with a smile:

"It's really curious!"

Ryu Du is indeed getting a little excited now:

"With this prop, I will definitely be able to defeat the Dan Emperor you!"

Daigo added unceremoniously:

"Adu, you can't use these props in the game!"

After hearing this, Yulongdu pouted:

"Okay, okay, even if there are no props, I can do it!!"

Seeing Adu, who was like a living treasure, the atmosphere at the scene also became very happy.

Dan Di looked up at the sky, and a flash of anticipation flashed in his eyes.

For Ash, who has not met yet, I can't wait to meet him!

He believes.

In the near future, the boy named Ash will definitely stand in front of him

Become a fierce enemy!

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