Mother-in-law Juzi's eyes were a little more embarrassed.

On Ash's body.

I saw the surging vitality and infinite possibilities!

O Oh, you will dream of yours

Did it all press on that kid...!

After a moment of silence, he suddenly spoke:

"This reward has been issued, but at the moment, there are still a lot of people who are paying attention to this thing..."

"So my idea is, publish this prop ability of mine, I don't know what your opinion is, Adu?"

In the end, it is also necessary to seek the opinion of Imperial Dragon Du.

Yulongdu just shrugged, his face full of indifference:

"It doesn't matter much!"


Speaking of this, Yulongdu paused for a moment.

The attention of the people around is also attracted.

Cleared his throat and said with a bitter melon face

"At that time, everyone else will have to call me the Flying King!!"

The words fell, making the people around laugh.

Mother-in-law Juzi is also a little stoic.


Bursting the ability of the prop is not only to maintain order.

There is another layer of meaning!

Those who obtained props before are likely to be targeted!

Breaking the news now can be regarded as a distraction.

Be able to protect Ash and Mao and others to a greater extent!

Because the props they have obtained now, although they sound good, they do not play a decisive role in those evil organizations.

Because... A good Pokémon, the ability of a divine beast, can outperform too much!

Soon, the name and function of the prop was officially released by the elves!

For a time, all major TV stations were broadcasting!

World God List... Answer Session Reward!!

As the news aired, the crowd completely boiled!

Online forums have also exploded!

[Officially announced, the reward of the World God List! ] 】

"My God, this item is really amazing, increase the attribute by 10%, and the power of the move by 10%!!"

"Yes, and in the case of a Heavenly King level player, how terrifying it must be to increase on that basis!!"

"For any trainer, a little gap may become the key to turning the tide of the battle, and this role is really not small!"

"Well, it's really good, but how do I feel a little chicken, after all, it is not allowed to use this kind of prop in the case of the competition..."

"Is the reward of the World God List so amazing? It's actually tailor-made!! "

"Hahahaha, happy, the strongest dragon messenger is actually the Flying Heavenly King?"

"Yes, hahaha, I just realized this, officially certified, flying system king!"

"But I still have to say that Ash is really awesome, 10 years old, he is only 10 years old!!"

"It's terrifying, and the Dan Emperor seems to have spoken, and I'm looking forward to meeting Ash!"

"I'm already looking forward to it, the strongest Tianjiao of the last era and the Tianjiao of this era, goosebumps are rising!"

"I don't know what kind of sparks will collide after they meet?!"


Hualan Taokan.

As the video plays, the answer is already revealed!

Eldest sister Peony's eyes are full of incredulity:

"That boy named Xiaozhi, at such a young age, is actually so powerful?"

Third sister Sakura pouted:

"It has to be us Xiaoxia, who found such a powerful Zhengtai all of a sudden!"

Second sister Calamus added with a smile

"Third sister, if you don't learn from us Xiaoxia, your violent temper has to be changed!"

Sakura glanced at the second sister, and finally looked at Xiaoxia, who was a little dumbfounded not far away, and quipped:

"Yo yo, isn't this that we haven't met yet?"

"Miss your little lover so soon!"

"Look at you like this... Gee~"

When the words fell, Xiao Xia was freed from the shock of Ash's easy defeat of an elite-level trainer.

In the picture just played in the video, Ash defeated his opponent very easily!

Moreover, I respect my opponents!

Not only strong strength, but also good temper, and he looks a little handsome.

Anyone who reads it will have a certain good impression.

There is also an inexplicable little expectation that he will become Ash's companion in the future.

Xiao Xia just came back to her senses and carefully recalled Sakura's words.

The red halo suddenly climbed his face, as if a careful thought was being poked by someone.

Immediately blushed, a little annoyed: "What! "

"I see that people are so strong and work so hard, they can defeat you!"

With a smile in her eyes, Calamus said very directly

"Yo, I'm afraid it's not a soul!"

"I'm afraid someone won't be able to sleep tonight~!"

Xiao Xia immediately blushed, babbled, opened her teeth and danced her claws, and rushed towards her three sisters!


Asaka Town.

As the video plays, Ash wins easily!

"It turns out that Ash's kid is so powerful now..."

"Of course, Ash, he's going to be the strongest Pokémon master!!"

Serena quietly looked at Ash's serious appearance.

A smile rose at the corner of his mouth.

There was a quiet smile on his face.

Happy for Ash from the bottom of my heart!

It's as if... See your favorite people shine!

Many people must think that Ash is very powerful!

Compared to being affirmed by others, Serena prefers Ash to be affirmed by others!

Next to it, Serena's mother, look behind the scenes of her daughter.

Seems to understand what?

I was a little worried for a while.

After all, she is already a mother, and she can see it at once.

Serena loves Ash!

I just don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing for Serena.


Tokiwa Mori City, Tokiwa Dokan.

Inside a hidden laboratory.

Sakaki opened a meeting of the rocket team cadres.

For a time, many cadres who are now freed up have joined the video conference!

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