World God List!

Take stock of the various things happening in the elven world.

As long as the person or elf on the list, they can get rewards!

It was so abrupt and appeared in front of everyone without any basis!


That mysterious voice suddenly resounded in everyone's hearts!

Also, there is an introduction to the World God List!

For a while, people were completely stunned.

Including Dr. Ohki at this time, and Dr. Ron next to him, both looked at each other.

Looking at this golden light that suddenly appeared, something called the World God List.

For a while, I was a little confused, what is this?

I'm afraid that even those divine beasts can't have such power!

A voice that resounded in everyone's hearts and was broadcast live globally simultaneously....

With the emergence of this world god list, for a while, many people raised their heads one after another.

Tokiwa City, Tokiwa Dokan.

Sakaki looked up at the World God List in the sky.

My heart was a little shocked for a while.

After a moment of silence, he quickly stepped into a dark room as he opened the mechanism!

Sitting on the throne, he gently tapped the seat, and a gloomy face appeared.

And an unconcealed shock!

Perhaps in this well-protected laboratory, it can bring him a sense of security.

Looking at the golden god list that appeared on the screen, the shock in my heart still did not dissipate.

This... What the hell is it?

Will the appearance of this World God List affect his plans?

Come to think of this.

Sakaki's heart became a little urgent.

It seems that the planning process has to be stepped up!

Meanwhile, the Elven League.

The supreme council, in the seats, is a powerful trainer.

At this moment, everyone who was still discussing the meeting also looked up at the sky!

World God List!

What the hell is this?

A touch of shock appeared in Mother-in-law Juzi's eyes.

Similarly, a man with sky-blue hair and an extremely handsome appearance.

Wearing a ring on his hand, he looked at the World God List in the sky.

But his brows were also locked, and he was silent for a long time.

The Royal Dragon Du next to him, as well as Kona, Shiba, Karuni and others, were all shocked at the moment!

After a long silence, Mother-in-law Kikuko spoke first:

"Daigo, what do you think about this?"

Daigo is not only powerful, has a handsome appearance, but also has a smart mind!

This is recognized.

So, many alliance decisions and meetings, Daigo will participate in them!

Daigo tapped lightly on the tabletop, his brows furrowed.

Look at the World God List in the air.

But he also spoke gently: "Perhaps... This will be our chance!! "

Because according to the introduction of the World God List.

As long as you can make the list, you can get a variety of rewards.

And the group of people sitting on the Elf Alliance Council are not only powerful, but also extremely talented!

It can be described as the proud son of the times!

They are confident that they will get a certain rank on this world god list!

Daigo's words also caused many people to echo.

Yulongdu laughed even more, and his appearance became a little proud:

"There must be me, the Dragon Messenger!"

After Daigo saw the appearance of Imperial Dragon Do, he couldn't help but cover his forehead for a while:

"Adu, you better change your name to the Flying Heavenly King!"

"After all, look at your Pokémon, basically all fly..."

After hearing Daigo's words, Yuryu Du was even more full of black lines.

Mother-in-law Kikuko's expression became a little worried.

But in the heart, another figure appeared.

Dr. Ohki!

For a while, I also wanted to contact him!

Dr. Ohki is a contemporary of Kikuko's mother-in-law, and even more a contemporary Tianjiao!

The first champion of the Kanto region!

It is also the idol of many Pokémon trainers.


At this moment, True New Town.

Ash looked up at the sky, looking at this sudden world god list, and couldn't help but be a little stunned for a while....

At this moment, Dao brilliance bloomed in the air!

In that golden picture, this is also a line of words.

[World God List Inventory: People walking in rivers and lakes, not only rely on strength, but also rely on relationships! ] 】

【In the process of trainer's journey, relationships can solve a lot of troubles! 】 】

[Next, take stock of the strongest divine beast relationship households! ] 】

Look at the subtitles that appear above.

Ash couldn't help but be a little stunned for a while.

Looking at the meaning of this world god list, it seems that there are many divine beasts?

Thinking of this, Ash's eyes couldn't help but show a touch of expectation.

He also wanted to see a lot of divine beasts.

See the demeanor of those mythical beasts, those from the legendary Pokémon!

Thinking of this, he pulled the brim of his hat.

Looking at Pikachu beside him, with a little hope in his eyes:

"I will definitely become the Pokémon Master of the World!"

In the end, he clenched his fists tightly, and his eyes were extremely firm!

For a while, Pikachu beside him couldn't help but be a little stunned.

Looking at the teenager in front of him, inexplicable emotions appeared in his heart.

As the content emerges from the World God List.

The surrounding crowd suddenly began to twitter!

"Oh my God, the divine beast relation? Has anyone actually seen the legendary Pokémon?! "

"No, look at this situation, those legendary Pokémon are actually real?!"

"Frog fun, I suddenly envy the person who took inventory, he can actually get involved with the divine beast, it's too powerful..."

"I'm really curious, who will be on the World God List of this Divine Beast Relationship...!"

"No, how do I look at this description, I feel that the relationship between the divine beasts is not only one divine beast!"

"Shhh, unlikely, right? It's amazing to know a divine beast! "

"Move your pig brain to think, knowing a divine beast, can it be called a divine beast relationship?"

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