Not far away, Musashi, who had just returned from a mission and was in a good mood.

After seeing the yellow-haired woman not far away, the good mood suddenly disappeared!

Musashi rolled his eyes, his tone full of unkindness:

"You'll also use those broken props of yours!"

Seeing this unhappiness, Flax Duo immediately became happy:

"Why don't you see you have these props?"

"This is made for us by Dr. Nanba, specially arranged by Boss Sakaki~"

"If you have the ability, you will also get such a set of props!"

At the end, there is a hint of playfulness in the tone.

Sure enough, as she expected.

A few words of kung fu instantly angered Musashi.

Musashi rushed over, but was stopped by Kojiro.

Kojiro's expression also became a little gloomy:

"Musashi, don't listen to her, she is trying to provoke you on purpose, fight at headquarters, and then drive you out of Team Rocket!"

Musashi after hearing Kojiro's words.

It's also a lot more sober.

Finally, looking at Yamado not far away, he snorted heavily:

"I have seen through tricks like yours a long time ago!"

And in the next moment.

Xiao San Lang, who was not far away, suddenly spoke.

The spearhead turned directly to Kojiro:

"Yo yo, as a man, don't stand up at this time? And when the shrunken head turtle! "

"It's really you, Kojiro!!"

As these words fell, Kojiro's expression became very ugly.

Looking at Yamado and Kozaburo not far away.

Kojiro just squinted slightly and didn't say more.

When Yamado and Xiaozaburo saw the deflated two, they immediately laughed and looked extremely happy!

Meow Meow is a little strained at this time:

"Hmph, no matter how bad Musashi is, it's much better than you two guys!!"

Musashi looked at Meow who spoke for himself.

Listening to his words, his head was full of black lines for a while.

I don't know if Meow is helping himself or hurting himself?

Yamado and Kozaburo looked at Meow not far away with a smile in their eyes

"Yo, isn't this the little broken cat abandoned by the boss?"

"Yes, yes, I heard that it is too dish, so the boss doesn't need him at all!!"

Meow Meow, who was said to be in pain, was immediately anxious!

Zhang Ya danced his claws and wanted to rush over, but in the end he was stopped by Kojiro.

Just when the two teams were at loggerheads.

A light mass carrying terrifying coercion suddenly descended....

It immediately attracted the attention of many people around!

Not to mention that this location is the headquarters of Team Rocket....

A place to hand over tasks!

Sakaki and the female secretary Matori next to him received the news soon!

The senior cadres in the conference room became excited for a while after learning that someone in Team Rocket had the right to choose!

Bishas perked up even more.

Did anyone from Team Rockets get drafted?

Damn it!


The light group appeared, under the gaze of the two teams of centaurs, and soon arrived!

For a while, Yamado couldn't help but exclaim:

"That was... Opportunity to answer!! "

Xiao San Lang next to him also became hot in his heart.

Answer session.

If you answer correctly, you will be rewarded!

Will they be chosen?

Be sure to choose it!

Musashi Kojiro and Meow, the three of them also looked at the light mass not far away.

At this moment, two light clusters descended!

In the gaze of both teams, one each!

Yamado and Kozaburo looked at each other and saw surprise in each other's eyes.

Then noticed that Musashi and Kojiro not far away actually had a light mass in front of them!

The joy in Yamado's heart has been diluted a lot!

Especially after seeing their humble appearance, I felt stuffed in my heart.

Can they actually get a choice?

Just as she was about to make a mockery.

At this time, notice the real bird that arrived not far away!

Yamado and Kozaburo looked at each other, and they knew.

Matori is the secretary of Sakaki's boss.

It's the big red man around him!

If it leaves a bad impression in front of her.

I'm afraid that the road ahead will be difficult!

And the special device in his hand seems to be broadcasting the whole process!

And according to the news from Dr. Nanbo before, he went to a meeting of cadres!

Maybe it's the device in hand!

After making eye contact, the two decided to seize this opportunity.

As long as you behave well in front of Boss Sakaki and the cadres.

Maybe you can even mix an official and a half-job!

Forcibly hold back the excitement.

At this time, the real bird also rushed over.

After seeing that it was Musashi Kojiro, Yamado Kozaburo and others, he was a little surprised.

For these people, I am still a little impressed!

When Musashi saw the person coming, he couldn't help but exclaim: "Matori-sama! "

The same goes for Kojiro Meow!

After a brief greeting, Matori received the order from Boss Sakaki in the headset and continued to speak:

"Boss Sakaki said..."

"This choice, you don't have to hand over the rewards you get!"

"Or if the reward is useless to you, you can exchange it for something of equivalent value with Team Rocket!"

After getting the news, both teams nodded.

Soon, the conference room where the live broadcast was also plunged into a discussion.

Duo Mino: Wow, I didn't expect that it was actually two newcomers to our Rockets, and their luck was quite good, but whether they can grasp the reward depends on them?

Flindo: Gee, these little guys are still very lucky, but they can't be like Bishas, who gave the opportunity and couldn't grasp it!

Bishas: You bastard!!

Dominau: Okay, it's imperative to help them choose the right answer!

Dr. Nanbo: Based on the information I gathered about that forest, there is absolutely no possibility of treasure over there, so the last option can be ruled out!

Frindo: That's right, I thought so too, and then I thought that I had just met Shui Jun, and it was really unlikely that I would meet again!

Duo Minuo: I heard that in one place, basically there will be no two divine beasts, and there will be territorial awareness! It is rare for two divine beasts to appear in one place at the same time, and it is almost impossible....

Dr. Nanbo: That's right, and according to the information, there seems to be a temple about Sherabi in that forest!

Dr. Nanbo uploaded a picture!

Bishas: Now the two answers have been ruled out, and the remaining correct answers should be hidden in them!

Dominor: Yes, as long as they choose different things, they will definitely be chosen!

As the result of the discussion came out, Matori also conveyed this meaning smoothly!

Musashi Kojiro looked at each other.

Choose one of the two options....

Yamado and Kozaburo looked at each other equally.

As long as you choose the right one this time, you can not only get rich rewards, but also get the attention of the big guys!

You have to start first!

Then he was the first to give the answer: "We choose B!" "

Musashi Kojiro can't help either, and only that seemingly unlikely option C!

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