After Yamado and Kozaburo gave the answer.

While waiting for the answer session when the answer appears.

They know it's time for them to perform!

If you simply choose the answer, you will be rewarded.

That can only attract the attention of the boss.

If you want to be appreciated by the bosses and cadres, you must behave well now!

You know, it's live now!

Yamado stood up at this time.

It immediately attracted the attention of the people around him.

Yamado said with a smile on his lips and a very confident mouth:

"Of these two options, there must be a correct answer!"

"But the World God List has long said, inventory the relationship of divine beasts!"

"Then what Ash met this time must be the divine beast Sherabi!!"

Kozaburo also added on the side:

"That's right!"

"Option C is simply nonsense, and it also appears in the picture, Sherabi is about to travel through time and space, and will definitely meet Ash!!"

With the two speaking out.

Musashi Kojiro was confused.

Some don't understand the current situation.

Meow seemed to notice and tugged at the corners of their clothes.

The two also noticed the special device not far away!

That's what it's for meetings!!

It was at this very moment.

Musashi Kojiro understood instantly.

Yamado and Kozaburo are planning to step on them in front of Boss Sakaki!

They have become stepping stones!!

Musashi Kojiro's face changed and changed.

But nothing was said.

Because the reasons given by Yamado Kozaburo are indeed more reliable!

If you forcibly defend yourself, you will only look weak.

Inside the conference room.

Looking at the answers given by the two, they were clear and reasonable.

Suddenly, the same fell into a discussion!

Dominau: Those two newcomers look pretty good, they speak very methodically, well-reasoned, and I feel that their answers are probably right!

Fulindo: Well, but according to the information investigation, the boy who appeared before should be Yukinari Ohki!

Dr. Fuji: Although it is reasonable to meet Sherabi who has crossed over, I personally prefer the third answer, but why didn't the other team speak?

Bishas: The other team didn't say a word, it was really bad, I didn't expect that the newcomers to the Rockets were getting worse and worse every year!

Dr. Nannaba: Yamado and Kozaburo are really good!

The discussion was in full swing in the conference room.

World God List in the air, the answer is announced at this moment!

[The answer is c! ] 】

【Rewards are being distributed...】

As the answer emerges.

The chat room suddenly fell silent!

After a few moments, the message appeared.

Dominor: I didn't expect it to be another team, right? This surprised me!

Flindo: I don't know if someone's face hurts now!

Bishas: ...

Bishas: Actually, what I really want to say is that the other team is more calm and calm, which is the hope for the future of our Rockets!

Dr. Fuji: Is that true... Ohki!

Dr. Nanba: I didn't expect the answer to be this, Yamado is still too young and impetuous compared to Musashi!

Domino: ...!

Domino: I remember you didn't say that!!

Dr. Nanbo: Ahem, when I am old, I always don't know the meaning clearly, which is easy for people to misunderstand.

Dr. Nanba: By the way, Dr. Fuji, do you know Yukinari Ohki?

Dominor: ... Could it be clumsier to change the subject?

Dr. Fuji: Ohki, he used to be my classmate, but he was unwilling to study the genes of mythical beasts, thinking that it was not in line with the harmonious development of Pokémon and humans, and if he got his help, I don't know how many years this plan could be advanced!!

Dr. Nanbo: Hey, listening to what you mean, there has been a progressive breakthrough in conquering the genes of divine beasts?

Dr. Fuji: Hmm.


As the answer is announced.

Yamado's face was full of disbelief.

Looking at Musashi Kojiro not far away, he was stunned for a long time.

The eyes are still full of disbelief!

I originally thought that I would get a reward, but I was already stable!

But I didn't expect that the duck in hand flew?

It's fine if it's someone else.

What Yamado couldn't accept even more.

Musashi opposite!!

Or indirectly let them choose the right one!

Musashi Kojiro looked at the answer that appeared in the air.

For a while, his face was full of stunned.

The real bird stepped forward at this moment and said with a smile

"Congratulations, you actually answered correctly!"

Musashi Kojiro looked at the gentle Manori.

Such a good attitude....

It makes them feel a little dreamy.

You know, real bird temper is not good!

It is even more severe for the people below!

But now, it's actually so gentle?

All because of the rewards!

It's all because of the World God List!

Because of that boy called Ash!

He opened his mouth, but at the moment he didn't know what to say.

In the next moment, the light mass bloomed with dazzling light!

Attract the attention of everyone present.

Including the meeting room, stop the discussion at this moment!

The light in the picture quickly dissipated.

A prop, lying quietly on Musashi's hand!

[Experience Sharer]: Within a certain range, wearing elves that have not been played can gain a 60% increase in experience after the battle!

The introduction of props is simple.

It's powerful too!

Every battle has a more or less boosting effect on the elves!

But now, as long as you keep fighting, even the elves who have not fought can upgrade and become stronger!


This prop does more than that!

Used to train new elves....

Or find a king-level trainer to borrow a king-level elf, find a high-level Pokémon to fight, and gain huge experience!

Taking the whole team of Pokémon to level up is also a good decision!

Musashi Kojiro was a little confused.

The real bird is even more shocking.

Including the cadres who watched the live broadcast.

Even Boss Sakaki at this moment, after seeing the props that appeared, was a little unable to sit still!

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