Share 60% of your experience without playing!

Within a certain range, the whole team of Pokémon!

The ability is simple, but also terrifying!

If you have this prop, you can fly through the high-level main Pokémon and fly, you can achieve rapid upgrades!

Musashi Kojiro was a little dumbfounded.

But it is also clear that this prop is powerful....

As for the meow around him, it is even more tearful at the moment!

As a Pokémon.

And it's also a talking Pokémon.

Nature is very rare!

But at that time, Sakaki abandoned him.

Because he has no use value!

Because there is no strength!

After that, Meow Meow longed for great strength.

Maybe in this way, you won't be abandoned!

It seems that because God gave him the ability to speak, taking away all the combat talent!

With almost no combat effectiveness, it is simply impossible to gain a lot of experience!

Fight those lowest tier Pokémon?

No, that would have to be upgraded in the Year of the Monkey....

But high-level Pokémon, what do you take to defeat?

By the fighting talent of that weak chicken?

Are you kidding!

But now, with the advent of this prop.

There's all hope!

Even if it is meow, it can be upgraded quickly!!

Kojiro quickly thought of this, and was very excited at the moment:

"Meow, you can upgrade!!"

Although they are teaming relationships.

But after a long time together, how can there be no feelings?

You can also feel Meow's heart that has always wanted to become stronger.

Meow Meow's voice became trembling even because of excitement:

"I, can I get stronger?!"

"I can upgrade too!!"

Not far away Yamado and Kozaburō.

After seeing Musashi Kojiro they obtained this prop.

At this moment, the face is green!

In any case, the reward that appeared was indirectly caused by them!

Yamado's face turned green.

Moreover, the plan that I want to show in front of Boss Itagi is also in vain!

Also in the live broadcast conference room.

After seeing the role of the props, it also caused a great shock for a while.

Dr. Nanbo: Oh my God! Elves who have not yet played and stay in the Poké Ball can also share 60% of the experience?!

Duo Minuo: This prop is really terrifying, I already expect that in the near future, there will be a large number of elites, Taoist trainers!

Dr. Fuji: Although you can't create a real top powerhouse, you can create a trainer in Chubu in large quantities!

Bishas: How can such a precious prop be used for those little ghosts? If it were for me, I could create a powerful army in a short time!

Fulindo: Hehe, you are not useful for giving you a chance, obviously you have a chance, don't you still not answer correctly, you are still forcing here!

Bishas: You!!

While the discussion was still in the conference room, Sakaki, who had not been born for a long time, suddenly spoke at this moment!

Suddenly there was silence!

Sakaki looked at the props that appeared in the picture.

Think carefully for a moment, and after a short measurement, make a decision quickly!

If you want to return the props on the spot, I am afraid that the people below the rocket team will see it, although they don't say it on the surface, but they will definitely not be happy in their hearts!

In addition, although this prop is very powerful, it is still much worse than the real top trainer, that kind of top combat power!

Sakaki spoke lightly:

"This is their own reward!"

This sentence is short.

But also made its position clear.

The voice fell.

The cadres of the conference room after hearing it.

But my heart was also a little shocked!

Originally, there were still some thoughts that wanted to touch that prop, but at this moment, they also extinguished the thoughts in their hearts!

Boss Sakaki has spoken.

If you are doing something to it, it is equivalent to hitting Sakaki in the face!

As for Boss Sakaki's means, they are all clear.

For a while, the conference room was quiet.

Nobody is talking about it!

Bishas looked at the picture in the instrument, and Sakaki's words were also heard.

Bishas's face changed and changed.

Looking at the picture on the screen, he finally brought a touch of mockery: "Huh! "

"Don't want anything so good?"

"You're stupid, Sakaki!!"


Matori looked at Musashi Kojiro not far away.

An imperceptible envy flashed in his eyes.


Boss Sakaki has spoken.

That means that within Team Rocket, Musashi Kojiro they are absolutely safe!

Not only sheltered by Boss Sakaki.

And there are such powerful props.

Naturally, it makes the real bird a little envious.

Musashi Kojiro, who was not far away, quickly became a little apprehensive after the surprise.

After all, such a powerful prop.

Will Boss Sakaki really leave them?

Meow Meow's heart was even more nervous.

For now, this is the only way to become yourself quickly!

But soon, the real bird calmed down and organized the language to speak lightly:

"Boss Sakaki said, this prop will not be taken away..."

"And about your debt to the Rockets, it's flat today!"

"Another point is that when the time comes, Elder Sakaki will match you with a Heavenly King-level Pokémon and let you level up!"

"As for you guys after you finish leveling at that time, after the props don't have so much effect on you, you can loan it to Team Rocket, and you will also be paid!"

When the real bird said to the end, he couldn't help but have a touch of envy in his eyes!

Boss Sakaki, although he is usually stricter.

But given preferential treatment, that's really good!

Musashi Kojiro, who was not far away, was even more dizzy by this big news at this moment.

It feels a little unreal.

Not only did he give the money he owed to the Rockets before.

Props are also not taken away.

Moreover, they will also send Heavenly King-level Pokémon to take them to level up!

After that, the props can still be loaned to the Rockets and paid for it?

Musashi felt a little dizzy.

Meow Meow jumped up in surprise!

You can upgrade and become stronger right away!!

Kojiro was even more stunned when he heard the news.

But recovered quickly.

Look up at the World God List in the air.

Looking at the little ash that he had never seen before, there was a little more expectation, curiosity and gratitude in his heart!

Ash from True New Town....


True New Town.

As the answer is announced.

Hanako saw the answer above, but couldn't help but smile.

It seems that I guessed about the same!

Ash's eyes obviously flashed with joy.

Mom actually answered correctly!

Doesn't that mean that you can also get rewards?

At this point, the reward is issued!

After the light dissipates, the reward appears in Hanako's hand!

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