[Ash and the others carry the comatose Oki Yukinari back to the village].

[Ohki Yukinari soon wakes up, and Grandma Miku recognizes Yukinari].

[Xuecheng also recognized the original sister, and after discussion, confirmed that Xuecheng came from 40 years ago! ] 】

[In order to find the missing Sherabi and go to the forest again, Ash decides to go with him! ] 】

[As they explored for a while, Ash and the others found Sherabi hiding in a tree hole! ] 】

[Two teenagers who also love Pokémon quickly came to the tree hole where a large number of Pokémon gathered]

[In the tree hole, the small Sherabi is hidden in it! ] 】

[As the two approached, Sherabi burst out with powerful power, and Ash was shocked away].

[Almost fell from a height of tens of meters, fortunately grabbed the vine and was not injured].

[After the shock, Ash became angry and angry and went to ask for an explanation! ] 】

[After Xiao Gang saw it, he muttered and sighed: Compared to the monkey monster, he is more like a hot monkey! ] 】

[Ash rushed to Sherabi: This is very dangerous, do you know! ] 】

[After being frightened, Sherabi instinctively used vine attacks on Ash, and Ash couldn't help but snort in pain! ] 】


The real world.

With the broadcast of this scene.

People are thoroughly boiling!

"What? That Sherabi is so annoying, he attacks people without saying a word, how can he wantonly attack humans like some wild Pokémon? "

"Yes, I went to the wild before, I was attacked, fortunately my Pokémon saved me!"

"But Sherabi was really frightened, after all, the Pokémon hunter treated him so much before!"

"It should be like this, even Xuecheng he began to attack!"

"It's true, when people are frightened, they don't trust anyone around them, and Pokémon are the same..."

"But this is still too unfair to Ash, it is really dangerous just now!"

"I didn't expect Ash and Sherabi to meet so pleasantly, and I suddenly became a little worried..."

"I don't know what Ash will do!"

"Yes, the current Sherabi is completely unapproachable, and Ash is so angry!"

"Oh my God, it won't fight, will it?"

Hualan Taokan.

The three sisters saw the footage played.

Seeing Ash's humble appearance, he couldn't help laughing for a while!

"Xiaoxia, I didn't expect that boy to be quite interesting!"

"It is, but it looks a little dumbfounded..."

"Hahahaha, it's exactly the same as Xiaoxia!"

Xiaoxia after hearing her sisters' jokes.

Suddenly he also blackened his face.

But then looked up at the sky, and couldn't help but feel a little worried for a while.

How would he handle his relationship with Sherabi?

Xiao Xia asked herself.

If you are treated like this, you will be attacked inexplicably.

It will also be very angry.

It also doesn't stick a hot face to a cold ass!

Again, a little worried about Ash.

You know, this video is shown all over the world.

If it is not handled well, it is likely to be hated by people!

Asaka Town.

Serena when she saw Ash hurt.

For a while, he couldn't help but exclaim: "Ash! "

Serena's mother is behind the scene.

For a while, I felt a headache!

She never expected that she had lived in Zhenxin Town for so long.

The two children were born with such a deep relationship?

Just sighed slightly, looking at Ash in the video, also a little worried:

"Ash is a little reckless, especially in unclear circumstances, but try to treat Pokémon as gently as possible..."

"This reckless behavior will only make Pokémon more insecure and react more intensely!"

Serena couldn't help but be worried.

At this moment, his heart also began to whisper: Ash....


[After Yukusei's explanation, Ash learns how Sherabi was chased and killed by a Pokémon hunter].

[Let go of the anger in my heart and let the vines hit my body].

[Coming to the tree hole, the voice is very gentle to comfort Sherabi].

[Ash was whipped by the vine so quietly, regardless of the pain, gently comforting Sherabi].

[Finally, gently stroke Sherabi and gently speak: Sherabi, let's be friends!] 】

[After picking up Sherabi, feeling a long-lost sense of security, Sherabi fell into a deep sleep...].


The real world.

With the broadcast of this scene.

People who were still a little skeptical fell silent at this moment.

In the video, Ash's actions surprised everyone!

No one could have imagined that the original angry appearance instantly became so gentle.

"My God, Ash is too gentle too, isn't it?"

"Good guy, I call good guy, I never expected this!"

"Originally, I was still thinking that Ash's behavior was indeed a little reckless, which brought the scene to an impasse, but I didn't expect to be able to do this?"

"Oh, how many people can do it..."

"With a heart that sincerely loves Pokémon, to approach them? It's incredible! "

"Yes, Ash's love for Pokémon is really surpassed by few people!"

"This is the real trainer!"

Dark Grey Dojo.

Xiao Gang looked at Xiao Zhi in the video.

Frowning, it was indeed a bit reckless at first.

After all, the situation is unknown, and if you go up rashly, it is really easy to get into trouble!

I couldn't help but feel a little worried for a while.

But with the playback of the video later, it will also bring a lot of shock!

Ash actually withstood the vine whip and endured severe pain to gently comfort Shera?

Xiao Gang's eyes were full of shock.

I became more and more curious about my future companion.


I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Hualan City, Hualan Taoist Hall.

Three sisters who are still frolicking.

After seeing Ash's actions, it surprised everyone!

"Oh my God, that boy endured the pain of whipping like this, to comfort Sherabi?"

"God, the strength of the vine whip on the body, it is very large, he actually endured the pain against the vine whip to comfort Shera?"

"Hey, is this the person Xiaoxia chose? The personality is really good..."

Even if the three of them are not on Pokémon battles.

But this scene.

It's enough to touch everyone's hearts!

Ash's actions surprised everyone.

Xiaoxia watched Ash's actions in the video.

I couldn't help but be stunned for a while.

I never thought that he would actually do this!

Originally seeing Xiao Zhi, who had such a hot temper, he was still a little worried in his heart.

But after seeing this scene again, it was extremely shocking!

After hearing the exclamations of my sisters, I don't know why.

A little pride suddenly appeared in Xiaoxia's heart.

There was a little happiness again, stealing happiness in my heart.

Even she didn't notice it.

In his heart, he has silently acknowledged Ash, his future companion!

Asaka Town.

Serena was behind seeing this.

He bit his lip, with excitement in his eyes, but more worry: "Ash..."

Compared to the shock of others.


Serena was more distressed.

I feel sorry for the injuries that Ash suffered, and the pain I endured.

Cersei looked up at the sky, but her heart was extremely emotional.

This is... Your own daughter's choice?

What a nice boy!

If Ash and Serena are together.

She doesn't have a problem.

Not old enough?

Two children growing up together!

It's just that the companion who travels with Ash in the video is another girl!

League of Elves.

Dan Di was behind seeing this scene.

Feeling Ash's love for Pokémon, even his body began to tremble constantly due to excitement.

It's like meeting a soulmate!

Dan Di muttered:

"What an amazing boy!!"

He is already looking forward to meeting Ash and Pikachu more and more.

I don't know what kind of surprise they will bring to themselves!

Daigo was equally impressed.

Ash's move surprised everyone.

But at the same time, it has gained the respect of countless trainers!

Although he is only ten years old, he has just embarked on a journey as a trainer.

He is a true Pokémon trainer!

A sigh appeared in Ju Zipo's eyes:

"Is that why Ohki chose..."

"Pure love!"

All the Heavenly King-level trainers present were also unable to calm their hearts for a long time.

At this moment, in the meeting room of the cadres of the rocket team.

It also caused a lot of shock!

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