At this point, the video starts playing again!

[Ash and the others quickly ran towards the Pokémon Center, and Bishas appeared to block the way! ] 】

[Ash and his party and Bishas are frozen in place! ] 】

[The trio of Team Rocket hiding in the shadows, silently paying attention to all this! ] 】

[Meow: Who is that?] Actually trying to snatch our prey, meow! 】

[Kojiro: How can you let that guy get his way?] 】

[After releasing the double bullet gas, prepare to attack Bishas! ] 】

[Bishas unleashed the evil Bangira! ] 】

[Bangira used the destruction light against Ash and the others, and in the case of a sneak attack, there was no time to resist, and he could only keep fleeing! ] 】

[At the critical time, a large amount of smoke from the double egg gas appeared, interfering with the sight of Bangira and Bishas! ] 】

[Musashi: I won't forgive people who want to snatch our prey! 】

[The smoke created by the double egg gas dissipated, and Bangira appeared in it! ] 】

[After a shot that destroyed the light, the trio of Musashi Kojiro was completely stunned, lying on the ground and shivering].


The real world.

Originally, there was still some tense scene.

After those three people appeared, they suddenly became extremely cheerful!

"Hahaha, why does Team Rocket's trio feel a little humble?"

"Yes, but this look is really annoying!"

"Hey, aren't they in danger now?"

"Probably not, that seems to be the cadre masquerade of Team Rocket, Bishas!"

"Originally, I really pinched a sweat for Ash, but I didn't expect that the three of the humble rocket team were actually hahahaha, the comedy effect was full!"

"I'm even a little skeptical, are those three undercover on Team Rockets, that's such a coincidence, right?"

"Kojiro Musashi: I'm going undercover?"

"Musashi Kojiro: Undercover identity exposed?"

"Laugh at me, the smoke cleared, a quasi-god-level bangira appeared in front of me, their little expression, my stomach hurt with laughter!"

Rocket Team Headquarters.

Yamado and Kozaburo are behind seeing this.

Suddenly I became even happier.

Boss Sakaki will definitely punish them severely this time!

actually indirectly let go of the divine beast Sherabi!

Yamado even snorted with disdain:

"You can't do such a simple thing, and you actually hinder Lord Bishas, you are really a bunch of trash!"

Kozaburo added even more frantically next to him:

"That's it, Boss Sakaki will definitely punish you both this time!!"

Although Musashi Kojiro was a little flustered in his heart.

But the momentum is not weak.

Directly replied: "Yo yo, I didn't see you two choose the right one and get a reward!" "

"That is, I don't know that someone just like a clown took the lead in eliminating the correct answer!"

After hearing Musashi Kojiro's words, Yamado Kozaburō's expression changed and changed.

I want to say it again.

But Musashi and they have left.

Looking at their backs, just snorted with disdain:

"Boss Sakaki will definitely not let you go!"

Rocket Team Meeting Room.

Bishas: These two guys are not only waste, but also bad for me? Almost caught the Sherrabi!

Dominau: I think it's kind of funny.

Folindor: @比夏斯. If you can't catch it, blame others, and blame others if you don't have enough strength, it's really yours!

Bishas: Bastard!!

Dr. Fuji: Those two little guys are a little interesting, hahaha, but there's no need to be angry that you didn't catch Sherabi, it's better to be harmonious inside!

Dr. Fuji: After my experimental subjects are cultivated, as long as they wake up, the world will shake it!

Dr. Nanbo: What? Your experiment is actually going to be completed, doesn't that mean...

In the end, Dr. Nanbo did not continue.

But in my heart, I set off terrifying waves.

If that experiment is really successful, wouldn't it be said then....

For the first time, humans have truly created divine beasts!

And dare not think.

The artificial divine beast modeled on the dream gene, I am afraid that even the so-called world's first trainer, Dan Di, will not be able to resist!


True New Town.

Ash stood in place, watching the scene that appeared above.

I couldn't help but feel a little confused for a while.

The head can't turn a corner!

Those three rocket teams actually helped themselves?

Xiao Mao even pouted and said directly:

"Ash, your luck is really good!"

"Even the enemies you meet are stupid!"

Ash scratched his head, a little unable to turn a corner:

"Enemies? They're not here to help me! "

Xiao Mao couldn't help but roll his eyes, looking at the stupid Xiao Zhi, his face was full of helplessness:

"This is obviously a coincidence!"

"But it seems that in the future, you and those three-man rocket team should have dealt with many times!"

"At least for now, you seem to know each other quite well..."

Ash just nodded dumbly.

Xiao Mao didn't care if he understood or not, and continued to look up at the video.

The heart was indeed shocked.

His own grandfather, it seems that he actually became friends with Ash?

Not far away, Dr. Ohki had a panoramic view of all this.

About Xiao Shige's child, Dr. Ohki is also very clear.

Although he has always been reluctant to admit it.

But also in his heart, he thinks that Ash is his only opponent and friend!

Then looked up at the video and looked at the three people, but couldn't help but smile.

It's a really good memory....

Ron was a little curious and asked

"Ogi, how do you feel that you don't have a little malice towards those three, and you still miss them a little?"

When Dr. Ohki heard Ron's question, he seemed to remember something, and couldn't help but smile:

"Those three people are really interesting!"

Ron was a little confused.

But at this moment, the video starts playing again!

[Team Rocket trio explained their identity to Bishas, and after some praise, they finally captured Sherabi together! ] 】

[Bishas sent two extremely fast dark Pokémon to hunt down Ash and the others! ] 】

[Ash and Yukisei fight side by side together, respectively, they are the fire dinosaur bay leaf! ] 】

[With the concerted efforts of the two, finally defeated the two Pokémon! ] 】


The real world.

"Hahaha, those three living treasures, it's really interesting, they really can lick, and instantly blow that cadre named Bishas comfortably!"

"Happy, today's happiness is given by them!"

"My God, have you seen the Pokeball used by Xuecheng, it's actually the kind of wooden Pokeball, and it needs to be twisted, it's really peculiar..."

"Yes, I remember that a few decades ago, the popularity of Pokémon was not high, and only this wooden Poké ball, with the promotion of Dr. Ohki, the creature of Pokémon was gradually widely accepted by people!"

"Yes, after the popularization of Pokémon among the whole people, the industries and technologies related to it have developed rapidly, all of which are the credit of Dr. Ohki!"

"Didn't see that fire dinosaur, in the first Kando Regional Championship Competition, Dr. Ohki's fire-breathing dragon should be this one!"

Rocket Team Cadre Conference Room.

As the video was broadcast, everyone was immediately happy!

Frindo: Bishas, I didn't expect you to be so happy when you were touted for two sentences, it really laughed me to death!

Domino: Hahaha, I'll just say that those little guys are quite interesting, and they are really thick-skinned.

Bishas: .

Domino: But I have to say that the boy named Ash, his strength is indeed very strong, and he easily defeated those two dark Pokémon!

Fulindo: It's really powerful, even someone's dark Pokémon has been easily solved!

Flindo: I don't know if someone's face hurts, a newcomer trainer who has just stepped into the journey, ten years old yo~~

Bishas: .

Bishas: It's just luck, maybe the strength of those two Pokémon is relatively weak, well~ it must be like this!!

Bishas: When I make a slight move, you will know that Ash actually has nothing to say, after all, those three guys are right, I am the strongest Lord Bishas! !

Dr. Nanbo: .

Flindo: Say you're fat and you're really gasping? Give you a little color and open a dyeing room, give you a little sunshine and you will be brilliant...!!

Domino: Hahaha, mouth hard の Bishas!

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