Until Dr. Ohki spoke up.

Ron only came to his senses for a moment.

Looking at the light mass in front of him, his face was full of stunned.

Myself... Actually chosen?

This is what he thinks in his heart at this moment!

Dr. Ohki was sincerely happy for his friend, smiled, and then said

"Basically, you can get 100% rewards!"

Ron just nodded silently.

Finally, he looked at Dr. Ohki with some doubt.

In the end, I still asked my inner doubts:


Dr. Ohki just smiled slightly and looked at Ron in front of him

"Want to ask why Ash lost it?"

"There will be soon!"

Dr. Ohki's expression was still so indifferent.

This made Dr. Ron even more strange.

Ron took a deep look at Dr. Ohki.

Then he looked at Ash not far away.

Due to the movement here, Xiaozhi and the crowd not far away all noticed the existence of the light group!

The crowd suddenly began to boil!

"My God, it's actually another opportunity to reward, doesn't that mean that I am also likely to get my turn?"

"You're dreaming, how can we ordinary people get it, but maybe I really can!"

"A sudden commotion flashed my waist!"

"I lean, I look on the Internet, and it seems that other areas basically do not choose to come to ah..."

"Yes, even if it is chosen, it is an extremely rare place, and the probability of our real new town being selected is still quite large!"

"Groove, I seem to understand!"

"What the hell? Shocked, scared to death labor and management! "

"You guys say, could it be because of Ash, so... Zhenxin Town also received extra attention!! "

"Frog fun, listening to you say this, it seems that it is really possible!!"

As the words fell, the eyes of the people around suddenly focused on Ash's body!

Ash looked over there due to the movement over there.

The friend who found Dr. Ohki was also looking this way.

For a while, I was a little confused.

But soon, as the attention of everyone around him focused on him, Ron also withdrew his gaze.

Ash was a little confused, but soon, the exclamations of the crowd around him drowned him out!

Many people crowded over and surrounded the little wisdom group!

Finally, together they suddenly lifted Ash high.

"Ash, we are really proud of Xinzhen!"


Look at the laughter of the people around you.

Ash was a little stunned for a while.

Although I don't know why, I also laughed silly with them.

Xiao Mao, who was not far away, had a panoramic view of all this.

But he also smiled slightly.

Ash, it always looks so dull!


United People's Area.

An Internet celebrity trainer who often broadcasts the dismantling of Pokémon matches, in the case of live broadcasting.

With the light group appearing in front of you, you are given the right to choose!

At this moment, the live broadcast room has completely exploded!

"God, anchor, what kind of fairy luck is this? I actually got the right to choose! "

"Hey, as long as you answer correctly, you can get all kinds of props rewards!"

"Good guy, I call good guy!"

With everyone's exclamation, the Internet celebrity trainer understood.

Not only can I get a lot of heat this time, perhaps... And get great rewards!

The number of people in the live broadcast room is also rising wildly.

Looking at the number of people who kept jumping, a smile appeared at the corner of the trainer's mouth.

Finally, he spoke

"Option A must be excluded, since the rocket team called Bishas came to capture Sherabi, he must have his confidence, so exclude..."

"Option C Ash has the strength to defeat elite trainers, and according to my previous observations, Ash's sense of battle is excellent, so this is the most unlikely!"

"Option D At this critical time, that Bishas shouldn't throw the Pokémon Ball to those two Humbles, so... The last option excludes! "

"Then the correct answer must be B!!"

With some rational analysis.

Suddenly, there was a cheer in the live broadcast room!

People's emotions completely exploded!

"Wow, it's worthy of being a professional anchor, and the analysis is reasonable!"

"Good guy, I call good guy, it seems that the correct answer should be b!"

"I don't know what rewards the anchor will get this time..."

"Envy is dead, it's another day of envy of the anchor!"


With the last contestant given a choice.

Soon, the World God List in the air began to flicker!

At this moment, the answer is gradually revealed in front of everyone....

[Correct answer: c! 】

[The video is ready to start playing, and after playing, a reward will be issued...].

With the moment the answer was announced.

The Internet celebrity trainer was immediately stunned.

Originally, he was still in control of the victory, but at this moment, he stayed in place, full of disbelief!

How can it be?

How could it be the most unlikely option!

Including the audience in the live broadcast room.

At the moment, I am completely confused....

Everyone is messy in the wind!


Rocket Team Cadres Meeting.

Nazi Domino looked at the answer above.

Suddenly fell silent!

Both people chose the wrong one.

Perfect to avoid the right answer!

That's right, perfect avoidance!!

Dr. Nanba and Dr. Fuji were full of disbelief at the moment.

Like their estimate, it should be B or D!

But now, it's actually the most unlikely one?

Even Sakaki, who has been paying attention to the live broadcast room and diving silently, sits on the throne.

At this moment, there is a stunned look in his eyes!

How can it be?

How could that option be!

Although the strength is better than Xias, of course, compared to Ash, it is still not enough to see....

In that teenager's body, I saw too many possibilities!

And that Pikachu beside him.

Definitely not an ordinary Pokémon!

Even broke through the Pokémon race limit....

The Pokémon that made Sakaki's heart become hot, if he obtains that Pikachu, I am afraid that he will become a new trump card in his hand!

Even... The strongest trump card!!


Kojiro Musashi below, after seeing a look of stunned appearance on Boss Sakaki's face.

The two looked at each other.

I don't know what happened, thinking that it was their choice, which surprised Boss Sakaki a little!

Musashi Kojiro looked at each other and smiled!

Looking at Sakaki not far away, he suddenly spoke:

"We're going to have these two!!"

Sakaki's attention was focused on the two.

Then he looked at the Pokémon they had chosen, and a look of consternation appeared on their faces.

After a moment of silence, looking at the two people below, he decided to give them another chance to choose:

"Are you going to choose these two?"

Musashi Kojiro looked at each other.

The excitement in their eyes became even stronger!

That's right!

They saw it!

Absolutely nothing wrong!

A look of stunned look appeared in Boss Sakaki's eyes...!

That's an affirmation of their vision!

The two seemed even more excited at the moment.

Musashi nodded even more excitedly:

"Well, that's right!"

"Boss Sakaki, the two of us want these two, don't change them!!"

The voice is extremely firm.

Looking at the two people not far away.

Sakaki looked at the two elves not far away.

At this moment, there was silence....

Strange power, giant pincer crab!

However, it seems that he does not have these two Pokémon, right?

Musashi Kojiro saw Sakaki's pensive look.

It became extremely excited, and my heart was raised to my throat!

In their opinion, Boss Sakaki was considering.

That would illustrate... These two Pokémon are precious!

Very powerful!

Even... It's the hidden ace of Boss Sakaki!!

Even because of inner apprehension and excitement.

There is an extra flush on the face!

Meow was stunned for a moment and looked at the two Pokémon in front of him.

My eyes were full of doubts.

But after seeing Musashi Kojiro's cautious look.

All of a sudden, I became equally excited!

Don't... Is it Boss Sakaki's hidden trump card?

Doesn't that mean that you can upgrade up immediately?

Thinking of this, Meow Meow almost cried out excitedly!

For a moment, Sakaki finally remembered!

These two Pokémon seem to be caught casually, although they are stronger than ordinary points, but they have not been cultivated at all.

It's just the pinnacle of the elite level!

Sakaki looked at the excited looks of the people below.

As a boss, it is necessary to talk less and not say more:

"Then take it!"

"Go to Zhenxin Town to inquire about the news, and if you have the opportunity, get closer to that Pikachu and learn about it!"

Musashi Kojiro nodded with excitement in his heart.

Meeting the complicated gaze of the real bird, he took the Pokémon ball she handed over.

The two of them were even more excited!

Frog fun, the cliff is the hole card of Sakaki's boss!

The strongest hole card!!

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