The voice of the Phoenix King resounded throughout the mountain range.

Countless Pokémon fell to their knees one after another.

Including the three holy beasts at the moment, after hearing the cry of the Phoenix King, they all rushed to come!

As several divine beasts came to the Phoenix King.

They all stood under the trees, waiting quietly.

King Feng looked at Xiaozhi in the video, but his eyes were constantly flickering.

That kid was only ten years old....

But his heart is the purest person he has never seen before!

King Feng couldn't help but become curious for a while.

Curiosity about Ash!

He didn't know exactly how far the boy could go.

Can he stick to his original intention and keep going firmly.

He didn't understand all this.

However, King Feng had a premonition.

That boy named Ash, he can really keep walking firmly!

His eyes flickered several times, and a touch of firmness finally appeared in King Feng's eyes!

Ash... There is absolutely no room for error!

Phoenix King!

Adored by countless Pokémon and humans.

But since that incident, three Pokémon have been revived with the light of the rainbow and given great power.

After that.

Those who worship the Phoenix King change.

They are afraid of this power, afraid of this uncontrolled force!

Finally, King Feng left the place.

It didn't hurt those humans, but since then, I have seen the human beings clearly!

So selfish, so greedy, but afraid of uncontrolled power!

King Feng was a little frustrated.

Finally, start looking for those Pokémon trainers with pure hearts.

Attempt to promote the harmonious development between humans and Pokémon!

And exactly.

The boy named Ash shown in the video.

Purity of heart, love for Pokémon.

It was King Feng who had seen the most amazing human beings for him for so many years!

As the idea of the Phoenix King was conveyed.

Ask them to go to True New Town and protect Ash!

The three holy beasts couldn't help but look at each other for a while.

The eyes are full of endless shock!

That young man was actually able to attract such attention and protection from the Phoenix King!

It was also the first time they had seen this situation after following King Feng for so many years!

They all looked up and looked at Ash playing in the air.

Deeply ingraine that immature appearance into my mind!


Rocket Team Cadre Conference Room.

As the video plays.

Ash is trampled under the feet of Bishas, desperately trying to protect Sherabi's appearance.

But let the cadres of the rocket team in the conference room fall silent!

There was silence!

But at this moment, Bishas took the lead in breaking the silence.

Bishas: See? See? That little ghost was easily trampled under my feet, what a weak wind!

Bishas: @富林多这就是你说的会战胜我? Hehe, I'm the strongest, how can I be defeated by that little ghost!!

Bishas looked at the picture that was played.

Finally raised my eyebrows and exhaled once!

And in his opinion, that little ghost is simply stupid!

You still believe in the so-called bonds?

Pokémon should be controlled!

Pokémon should be a tool in your hands!

In the conference room, with Bishas speaking.

The conference room was originally silent.

At this moment, it has become lively again!

Dr. Nanbo: That teenager... It's really impressive! Even if he is the enemy of our rocket team, I am still an admirable enemy!

Dr. Fuji: Yes, although he is not old now, he can be regarded as... Enemy of Team Rocket, a respectable enemy !!

Domino: I didn't expect it, I thought it should be B or D, but I didn't expect that this is the answer... However, what an admirable little ghost!

Nazi: Ash... If you want to participate in the competition and become a Pokémon Master, you will definitely come to my dojo to challenge in the future, which is really exciting!

Flindo: @比夏斯呵呵, although we on Team Rocket do everything evil, I have to say that you are indeed a bit despicable....

Flindo: A ten-year-old kid actually wants to sneak attack? Also directly attack the trainer? Are you so happy to win the sneak attack? Bishas, Team Rocket's face is simply lost by you!!

Bishas: You!!

Bishas was stunned.

He easily stepped on the boy named Ash.

Originally, I thought that there would be a burst of exclamations in the group, as well as praise for myself.

But how does this not seem to be right?

It's not what I thought!

Why are you all lamenting that teenager?

Also, how did he become a scumbag?

For a while, Bishas's face was even more blue and purple.

But I don't know how to refute it.

Rocket Team Headquarters.

Sakaki looked at the video played, and his eyes couldn't help but flicker slightly.

Team Rocket, do all the evil.

In order to achieve the goal, it will be unscrupulous!

But for their own Pokémon, they will still take good care of and cultivate carefully!

Ash's action couldn't help but make Sakaki a little impressed.

The trainer's path.

Perhaps in front, talent, luck have a great influence.

At a very young age, because of talent and luck, you may have great strength

That's a very rare existence!

But it's really one in a million.

Thoughts spent on Pokémon!

That kind of perseverance mentality is the most difficult to adhere to

Love for Pokémon....

Why is Sakaki called the Sakaki of the earth?

And most of the ace Pokémon in his hand are some ordinary races.

They all used to walk up with him!

Watch Ash play out of the video.

Sakaki couldn't help but be a little stunned for a while.

It was as if I saw myself who had just embarked on a journey.

The same anticipation, the same great enthusiasm!

If Ash doesn't have an accident, in the future, he will definitely grow into an extremely terrifying existence!

For a while, Sakaki also had to be cautious.

Moreover, how many forces are involved behind Ash is not known for the time being.

After a long silence, he spoke in the group!

Sakaki: Don't act rashly before the results of the investigation are fully available!

Dominor: Received!

Dr. Nanbo: Received!

Fulindo: Received!


Bishas looked at the message in the conference room.

Looking at Sakaki's message box, he was even more disdainful for a while!

Just shake your head, full of disdain :

"Sakaki, Sakaki..."

"I didn't expect you to have actually fallen to such a point, a ten-year-old child, a rookie trainer who has just stepped into the journey, to make you so jealous?"

"Sure enough, it's better for me to control Team Rocket!"

A flash of excitement flashed in Bishas's eyes.

Tokiwa Forest....

On his side, there is still some distance.

But the video still has some time to end, enough to rush over by yourself!

After the inventory, Ash will definitely get a lot of rewards, and it is a waste to give that little brat!


League of Elves.

Looking at the broadcast screen, Ash desperately protects Sherabi's appearance.

Scene after scene, wash the hearts of all the Heavenly King trainers present!

Every Heavenly King trainer.

All the best in a region!

Not only talent, but also great luck....

To be able to get to this point, all of them have deep feelings and love for Pokémon!

It can be called the pride of every region!

But after they saw Ash's performance.

But I was still greatly shocked!

Mother-in-law Kikuko muttered:

"And Pokémon... Do you really become friends, partners? "

Daigo watched quietly at the moment, without any words.

The light blue eyes reveal a deep shock!


Shiba's face was even more incredulous: "That boy..."

"Actually for the Pokémon that I just met, can you do this?"

Hirona looked at Ash, and she was also extremely curious about that teenager!

Imperial Dragon Du began to be indignant for Ash at this moment:

"That Bishas is so hateful that he actually directly attacked the trainer and engaged in a sneak attack..."

"If I meet him, I must teach him a good lesson!"

As for the Dan Emperor next to him, look at the picture above.

He opened his mouth and rolled his throat, but he didn't make any sound.

In the end, it only turned into a faint smile.

Quietly looked at the teenager in the picture.

Ash... I'm looking forward to meeting you more and more!

How far will you grow in the future?

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