True New Town.

While people are still talking about it.

At this moment, the reward is successfully issued!

A ball of light suddenly appeared in front of Ron.

Suddenly, the light burst out, and as the light dissipated.

The rewards are in your hands!

[Heavenly King-level Kabi Beast]: A Kabi beast with Heavenly King-level strength can unlock subsequent battle form evolution after reaching a certain level of bonding!

A red and white poké ball, lying quietly in his hand.

Ron after seeing the reward in his hand.

At this moment, there was a look of stunned in his eyes.

Know that he is Dr. Pokémon.

And not a Pokémon trainer!

For rewarding himself with a king-level Kabi beast, Ron was even more confused at the moment, and he was confused for a while.

Dr. Ohki started laughing next to him and said

"Yes, Heavenly King-level Kabi Beast, this reward is very rich!"

"But you still have to learn how to command him in order to maximize the strength of Pokémon!"

Ron's face was still full of stunned, and he asked a little puzzled

"This reward is indeed rich, well..."

When Dr. Ohki saw Ron's appearance, he couldn't help laughing for a while:

"It seems that you really have a headache!"

Ron's eyes couldn't help but show a hint of helplessness.

Finally spread out the hands:

"The point is that I haven't seriously cultivated Pokémon before..."

"It's all researched about genetics, and the experience in cultivating Pokémon is really not accumulated!"

Dr. Ohki smiled and patted Ron on the shoulder:

"Then it's not too late to learn from now on!"

Dr. Ron nodded.

The Kabi Beast from the Pokéball is then released.

The huge figure suddenly appeared in front of everyone!

It also attracted the attention of people not far away.

Ash also saw it!

There was an exclamation from the crowd.

"Oh my God, it's actually a Kabi beast, this time actually rewarded a living elf, not a prop?"

"It seems that the rewards of the World God List are not only props, it seems that there are also various elves!"

"Hey, I'm starting to get moved when I say it, I hope that the next Q&A session can select me and bring me a powerful divine beast!"

"Hahaha, don't daydream here, but then again, Ash may really be able to get it!!"


The crowd was still talking, but Ash's gaze was focused on the Kabi beast.

A touch of excitement could not help but appear in my eyes!

Just by glancing at that huge size, you can know that that Kabi beast is definitely not simple!

Ron looked at the Kabi Beast in front of him and opened his mouth.

It was also a bit shocking.

After a moment, after regaining his composure, looking at Dr. Ohki in front of him, he couldn't help but have some doubts:

"Ogi, why is that?"

"Although this Kabi beast is very big, and the momentum on its body is also terrifying, how can I have an illusion..."

"That fast dragon in your yard seems to be more powerful than my Kabi beast?"

At the end, Ron was still a little incredulous.

I even suspect that it is my own delusion.

Dr. Ohki just snorted.

Just then, the video starts playing again!

Dr. Ron's attention was drawn.

Compared to this, at the moment, he is more interested in the subsequent content of the video!

Even the idea just appeared in his mind, wanting to give this Kabi beast to Ash!


According to his stubborn character.

Surely I won't accept it!

And he wants to see Ash and Pikachu more, in the future, where will they go?


He looked down on Ash from the beginning, at this moment.

He has long become an avid Ash fan!

Ash's personality is too charismatic!


[Countless Pokémon came out of the forest and surrounded Bishas to form an encirclement].

[Bishas unleashes the evil Sherabi and gives the order to solve the surrounding Pokémon! ] 】

[Under the terrifying power of Sherabi, the surrounding trees were uprooted inch by inch, and the Pokémon couldn't resist it! ] 】

[Sherabi controlled those trees to form giants under the orders of Bishas, and began to show their power to destroy the forest and destroy the Pokémon in it].

[When Ash wakes up, the group prepares to stop Bishas from destroying the forest and awakening Sherabi! ] 】

[Ash and Bishas start fighting, and Bishas makes Sherabi deliver the strongest blow! ] 】

[Under the power of Sherabi, Pikachu is unable to resist, and at the moment of crisis, the Water Lord appears and saves Ash and Pikachu! ] 】

[A huge explosion occurred in a corner of the forest, and Shui Jun took Ash and Xuecheng rushed out of the explosion range! ] 】


With the video broadcasting.

The terrifying power of Sherabi is unfolded!

It immediately caused heated discussions.

"Oh my God, Sherabi's strength is actually so strong? I thought Sherabi didn't have much combat ability and could only travel through time and space..."

"Yes, this forest giant that is hundreds of meters high is really terrifying, and a single blow can cause such a big explosion!"

"So, Sherabi used the vine whip on Ash before, so she didn't use her full strength?"

"Shhh, in the extreme panic, I didn't make a move on humans, Sherabi is really too kind, I really feel sorry for him..."

"Damn Team Rocket, damn Bishas, he not only bullies the cute Sherabi, he actually wants to rule the world?"

"I originally thought that Team Rocket had nothing to be afraid of, after all, Musashi Kojiro looks humble, not scary at all, it seems that Team Rocket is still underestimated!"

"The organization of Team Rocket is very evil in itself, but that Bishas is really bad, he actually wants to rule the world!"


Musashi Kojiro, who had just obtained a Pokémon, and the two couldn't help but sneeze.

Touched his nose.

It always feels like someone is thinking about them!

Musashi: "Why do you keep sneezing?" "

Kojiro: "It should be that the weather has become cooler recently, so you have to keep warm!" "


League of Elves.

With the broadcast of this scene.

The expressions of the Heavenly King-level trainers became solemn at this moment.

Especially the Royal Dragon Ferry at this moment!

At this moment, he became very angry.

In itself, his character is a big grin, jealous as hatred.

Some time ago, I also went undercover to Team Rocket.

If it weren't for the sudden appearance of the World God List, it might still be undercover.

Yulongdu's eyes were even more murderous:

"That guy named Bishas actually wants to rule the world?"

"There is one more reason why he must be captured!!"

Dan Emperor also frowned at this moment.

Domination of the world?

He didn't think Bishas had this strength.

It's just that he just controlled Sherabi to make a move against Ash, if it weren't for Shuijun's timely attack.

Maybe Ash is in danger!

After all, no mortal fetus in the flesh could withstand the attack of the divine beast!

Therefore, the Dan Emperor at this moment was also very angry.

If you see that person, then don't blame your subordinates for being merciless!

During the competition, many times the theme is competition.

The Dan Emperor was all up to the point, and did not exert his full strength.

But that guy completely disregards human life!!

There was also a nameless anger in his chest.

Daigo dragged his chin, and at this moment, information about Bishas also appeared on the table.

A chill appeared in Daigo's eyes, and he said coldly

"This man..."

"Can't let him do evil anymore!!"

Mother-in-law Juzi's eyes were also full of anger.

But in the end it was just a slight sigh:

"But it's not the time yet, now due to the emergence of the World God List, most of the power still has to be used to maintain order and respond to emergencies!"

Hirona said coldly

"Then let him live for a while, if I meet him, the fierce bite land shark will not show mercy!!"

The faces of the heavenly kings were also full of anger!

Bishas... Already on the focus list!

Even, higher priority than the mysterious boss of Team Rocket!!

Once the trace is found, it will be hunted down endlessly!

At this time, the Rocket Team Cadres Conference Room.

As the video aired, Bishas' ambitions were on display.

The cadres of the rocket team could not sit still, and they all exploded!

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