Team Rocket Conference Room.

Dominor: @比夏斯??? Have you forgotten the rules set by Boss Sakaki? You can't destroy it at will, you must keep a low profile as much as possible, and don't attract the attention of the Elf Alliance!!

Dr. Nanba: It's crazy, and you actually want to overthrow Boss Sakaki? Real cow!!

Dr. Fuji: Although that Sherabi is very powerful, in front of Boss Sakaki, it is still not enough to see, it is still too young... Our rocket team is about to have the most powerful artificial beast!

Flindo: Bishas, you guy is simply looking for death, not only for death, but also for us to get in trouble.

Frindo: The guys in the Elf League must have started working on Team Rocket now, you guys are damn good!!

Suddenly, in the conference room of Team Rocket, everyone was denouncing Bishas for a while!

Rocket Team Headquarters.

Sakaki looked at the video that played.

A gloomy mood couldn't help but change.

Rubbed his temples, some headache.

Originally, because of the appearance of Musashi Kojiro, that funny and humble appearance brought only joy.

And did not notice the rocket team behind him!

It can be exposed with the picture of Bishas.

At this moment, it's hard not to notice Team Rocket!

Sakaki had a headache for a while, and rubbed his eyebrows.

If you want to capture Sherabi, you also have to snatch the reward that is about to be distributed.

It added a difficult thing to him!

Team Rocket's every move will attract the attention of the Elf League.


The plan for the artificial divine beast succeeded.

That Pokémon... No, artificial beasts.

Also about to wake up!

After that divine beast appears, all these problems can be solved!

A powerful force that can solve any problem.

As for Bishas wanting to betray himself?

Sakaki didn't care at all and didn't care.

It's just a jumping beam clown, and.

As things stand, try not to make a difference!

Wait until everything settles down, and then free your hands to solve it!

Rocket Team Cadre Conference Room.

Bishas watched as a lot of news appeared on it.

are waiting for his response.

After a long silence, a message was finally sent.

Bishas: Not me, don't be ridiculous, I didn't!

Domino: ???

Fulindo: Hahahaha, Bishas, sure enough, the dog can't spit out ivory in its mouth, and directly gave the master a smile!

Nazi: This...?

Dr. Nanbo: Alas, but now the group of people in the Elf Alliance definitely noticed Team Rocket, Bishas, I'm afraid you are the focus of attention!!

Dr. Fuji: That's right, the two little guys before, although they seem to have lost the face of Team Rocket, but at the same time, they have also reduced the sense of existence of Team Rocket!

Watch the crowd of messages that appear above.

Bishas was completely silent.

He also understands that whether it is the Elf League or the current Rockets.

Come to yourself, it's all a matter of time!

In the picture, he has caused so much damage, and the Elf Alliance must be in time before it happens

Catch yourself!

As for Team Rocket, if he wants to reverse Sakaki, won't he still care?

I'm afraid, I won't let it go!

Thinking of this, Bi Shaston felt a little numb in his scalp.

Also understand.

You have to start doing it!

Soon, Bishas's avatar went gray!

Everyone in the conference room was a little confused.

Dominau: Why is his avatar gray?

Frindo: It must be because he is afraid of the punishment of Boss Sakaki, and he is running away with a bucket now! Damn guy, he got into trouble, and he had to get into the rocket team!!

Nazi: That's right, I have now received a notice from the Elf Alliance above that the dojo trainers should pay attention to the activities of the surrounding forces, it seems that they are guarding against Team Rocket!

Dr. Nanbo: This... Wouldn't it be future research, those material experiment sites, etc., will become much more difficult!

Frindo: It's all that damn Bishas!!

Sakaki looked at the message from the conference room.

Skimmed slightly, did not pay attention to it.

As for that Bishas?

And what a wave can it turn up!

At present, the Elf Alliance has begun to gather strength, and Team Rocket has also begun to prepare.

And that artificial beast....

It's time to head to the island yourself!!


True New Town.

At this moment, people are even more indignant!

"That rocket team cadre Bishas is so hateful that he wantonly destroyed the forest and slaughtered the Pokémon inside!!"

"He really damned, if it weren't for Shuijun's move, I'm afraid Ash would have been in danger just now..."

"I don't know how Ash solved this crisis in the end, I'm really curious!"

At this moment, the light curtain in the air began to flicker.

The screen appears, and the World God List starts playing!

[The Water Lord attacked in the direction where Bishas was, and was finally dodged by him].

[Bishas released Bangira to stop the actions of Ash and the others].

[Xiao Gang released his big rock snake and collided with Bangira, and Ash took the opportunity to check on Sherabi].

[Sherabi is located inside the wooden giant, and when Ash and others call, Sherabi's eyes fluctuate].

[Under the cover of the big rock snake, Xiaozhi Mizu-kun easily solved Bangira! ] 】

[In the continuous dodge, restrained by the vine, the water lord was controlled in place and could not move].

[Ash Yuki became the one who saved Mizukun and Sherabi and went inside the wooden giant! ] 】

[The dense vines, all carrying the power of darkness, under the call of the two, Sherabi's consciousness began to struggle].

[Ash took the opportunity to come to Sherabi's side, and the power of darkness eroded the bodies of the two].

[The two came to Sherabi, just like when they first met in the tree hole].

[Ash and Xuecheng's eyes are full of tenderness and worry, under the call of the two].

[All kinds of good memories gradually surfaced in Sherabi's heart, and the power began to riot at this moment].

[Ash endured the erosion of the forces of darkness despite the danger, and hugged Sherabi tightly].

[Memories all emerged, Sherabi completely rioted in order to recover, and good memories of Ash and others emerged...].

[The call of countless Pokémon, the call of Ash Yukinari, awakened Sherabi].

[The dark Pokémon ball exploded uncontrollably without being paid by Sherabi! ] 】

[Sherabi successfully awakened! ] 】


As the video airs.

Looking at the picture above, people are completely boiling!

Ash in order to save Sherabi.

Subjected to washout over and over again.

Although because of the pain, the expression is hideous.

But the eyes are getting brighter!

Although painful, the eyes are still gentle.

Just like when they first met.

Scenes of memories wash over Sherabi, and the struggle becomes more and more intense!

When he met Ash, Ash gently comforted Sherabi.

Soar in the air with Ash Yukisei and float wantonly on the lake.

Sit in the tree with him and watch the sun rise.

Watch those big butterflies pupate into butterflies.

It's his best memory!

It's a memory that Sherabi can't forget!

The body began to tremble violently, and the strength was uncontrolled.

The force of the storm cut through all the surrounding vines.

But Ash hugged Sherabi tightly, with the moment he broke through the limit.

The wooden giant outside began to crumble.

Fall into a lake.

Scene after scene.

It's so shocking.

It's so impressive!

People are silent at the moment, silence!

The friendship between Ash Yukusei and Sherabi!

The friendship between humans and mythical beasts!

But it's also so strong, so solid.

Even... It is purer and closer than many human relationships!

Sherabi is simple-minded, but she also meets Ash.

In order to save Sherabi, he even risked his life.

In order to remember the memory, Sherabi would rather be eaten by the power than hurt Ash!

At this moment, Sherabi is no longer a Pokémon.

It's Ash's friend,

It is a partner who can give each other's lives for!

This scene is so pure.

But so shocking!

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