Sherabi, saved!!

After people saw this scene, their emotions also completely exploded!

"Oh my God, that scene is so shocking, I see that I haven't even slowed down yet..."

"Who understands, when I just watched it, I didn't dare to breathe!"

"The friendship between Sherabi and Ash really made me cry!"

"Yes, Ash rushed in for Sherabi regardless of the danger, and Sherabi is also desperately struggling to break free from the control of that evil force, for fear of hurting Ash and Yukisei!"

"Seeing this, I really can't help but sigh that the friendship between Pokémon and humans is really much purer than the friendship between most people!"

For a while, the crowd couldn't help but sigh.

Especially after seeing Ash's appearance of being heedless.

It's still a great shock!

Without the slightest hesitation!

There was no fear in his eyes.

On the contrary, under the washing of that power, even the surrounding vines, because they could not withstand this terrifying power, began to crack inch by inch!

But Ash still didn't retreat!

There was not the slightest fear in his eyes, only endless firmness.

And that kind of firmness.

But it deeply shocked everyone!

There was no hesitation, no calculation, just clean and pure.

It's a friendship between them!

Also knowing this moment, people understand.

There will really be friendship between humans and Pokémon.

There really is a friendship that protects each other even if you abandon your life!

At this moment, the picture of that scene.

It also evokes the memories of many people!

"I suddenly remembered that there was once a coyote dog in my house, which looked very inconspicuous and could even be seen everywhere, but I liked it very much, until after that earthquake, he was gone forever!"

"Because during that earthquake, he did not go to save his own child, but took me out while still in infancy, and finally died while saving his own child, and since then, he will worship Tuye every year, he is my lifesaver!!"

"Yes, my circle bear was also once in a snowy mountain, lost in the road, at this time he was still living in the wild, he came over, I thought he was going to eat me, but the result was to take me to a safe cave to survive the snowstorm, and then I was rescued, and now it is in my house!"

"Alas, seeing so many examples really makes me feel a little emotional, how many trainers treat their Pokémon as slaves, but Ash is really different..."

"He really considers Pokémon his friend!!"

"The friendship between humans and Pokémon? No, the friendship between Ash and the Divine Beast!! "

This is the moment.

On the forums of the web.

Countless posts about Ash, the following message is also a complete explosion!

People are sharing their experiences.

It made many people cry.

Pokémon are far purer than humans!

At the same time, calls for legislation for Pokémon began!

Pokémon, as the heroes of human construction, now there are many Pokémon that suffer inhuman treatment.

Because of the performance in Ash's picture.

Suddenly, it also resonated with many people!

Pokémon and humans, there is friendship!

Can be very good friends!

At this moment, a joint request began!

As for Ash in the video, he was once regarded as a representative of human-Pokémon friendship!!


League of Elves.

As this scene was broadcast, all the Heavenly King-level trainers present were silent.

They looked at Ash in the video, the kind that did not hesitate.

In the face of the power of the rampage, there is not the slightest fear, some are just incomparably firm.

Determination to save Sherabi!

Mother-in-law Kikuko looked at Ash above, and Xuecheng next to her, and seemed to suddenly understand at this moment.

At this time, a leisurely sigh:

"Xuecheng, it seems that you didn't choose that teenager..."

"It's your mutual achievements!"

This is her heartfelt emotion.

She used to think that Dr. Ohki chose Ash.

Give him that Pikachu and take him on the path of trainer!

But until this moment, Mother-in-law Juzi looked at the two above

Suddenly understood.

It turns out that it was not he who made Ash.

It's that they make each other better!

At this moment, Mother-in-law Juzi suddenly understood.

Pokémon were never tools, the relationship between Pokémon and trainers.

More similar to that model of mutual achievement!

As a good trainer, be able to bring out excellent Pokémon,

But it's also undeniable.

That Pokémon itself is excellent!

Yulongdu was completely shocked at the moment, looking at the broadcast of the picture, but he was also a little dumbfounded:

"That boy..."

He admitted, although he thought Ash was very powerful.

But from the bottom of my heart, I don't deserve the attention of the Dan Emperor.

After all, just a rookie trainer who has just embarked on a journey!

Even if he grows up, I don't know how many years it will be.

You know, the more the trainer grows to the back, the slower the rate of progress.

Not only the accumulation of skills, but also the precipitation of experience!

Until this moment, I really saw this behind-the-scenes.

Yulongdu seemed to understand.

He muttered, but didn't say what was behind.

Just stunned look....

Dawu's sky-blue eyes also revealed surprise and curiosity.

In order to save the Pokémon, he fought hard without the slightest hesitation.

Become friends with Pokémon....

Zhulan watched quietly, looking at the one above.

At this time, there was also some emotion:

"This is not a simple teenager!"

Hiba is even more excited at the moment:

"Unexpected, really unexpected!"

"Ash, what a strange person!"

As for the Dan Emperor not far away, watch quietly.

There was no expression on the surface.

But the slightly heaving chest already indicated that his heart was not calm at the moment!

Dan Di's heart fell into endless shock at this moment.

There is also a strong fighting spirit!

The shock comes from Ash's love for Pokémon.

It came from the fact that he did not have the slightest hesitation and desperately went to save Sherabi.

Dan Di thought for a moment.

If he had been in that environment, that situation, he would have also gone to save Sherabi.


Far from Ash's state.

Without the slightest hesitation!

There is no fear in the eyes!

This scene, Ash's amazing actions again and again, all made the Dan Emperor extremely excited.


I don't know how many surprises you will bring me in the future.

Dan Di is more and more looking forward to the encounter with Xiaozhi later.


Team Rocket Conference Room.

With this fragment.

It's also a complete explosion!

Dominor: No, the boy didn't have the slightest hesitation, I didn't see any fear in his eyes, he just wanted to save Sherabi's determination....

FLINDO: What a strange teenager, what a ridiculous idea to be friends with Pokémon, but why did I get a little excited?

Nazi: Ash, that teenager has brought me more and more surprises, and I am looking forward to meeting him more and more, you know, if you want to participate in the league competition, you must pass me!

Dr. Nanbo: What a terrifying opponent....

Dr. Fuji: Are you really friends with Pokémon? This idea is so absurd, but even if it is so absurd, as his enemy, he still can't help but marvel! ! !

Rocket Team Headquarters.

Sakaki quietly watched the picture played in the video.

At this time, his expression still did not change, but his heart set off terrifying waves.

At the same time, the heart of love rose up.

He wants to recruit Ash to his men!

But after a moment, he shook his head and dismissed the idea.

No way.

Ash's personality is very similar to his former self.

Sakaki knew very well that if he invited him now, I am afraid that he would refuse himself without hesitation!

What an amazing kid....

At this time, he shook his head and stood up, with a hint of gloom and firmness in his eyes.

Sherabi herself must catch!

No one can change it!

Without hesitation, he soon stepped onto the helicopter that Matori had already prepared.

Only a cold back remained.

Head to the island of the artificial mythical beast laboratory.

The plan is still ongoing!!

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