"My God, is it so exciting? That's a Sherabi!! "

"Good fellow, most people can't touch divine beasts in their lives, even for an era, Sherabi will not appear, and now the first one to appear is him? Now I'm starting to get curious! "

"Yes, no one knows what Sherabi really looks like, but I heard that it is a green, elf-like creature!"

"Where Sherabi appears, that place will have a bright future, ah, who is so attractive, I am already curious!"

"I don't know what kind of luck it is to meet Sherabi's kind of existence?"

At this moment, not only the high-level of the Elf Alliance was shocked.

After people saw what appeared, they talked about it and started to discuss it!

Sherabi, although it may not be extremely powerful among divine beasts.

But it is an incomparably mysterious existence!

This is also the reason why everyone is curious!


Inside the gloomy room.

Sakaki sitting high on the throne.

After hearing this news, his eyes suddenly froze, full of incredulity.

His hands directly grasped the armchair and stood up incredulously!

At this time, it is even more silent:


"It's actually Sherabi!!"

You know, he Sakaki, looking for this elf, but he has been looking for many years!

That's right.

He's just always looking for Sherabi!

But Sherabi is too mysterious, no matter how he inquires about the news, he can't get the slightest clue.

Or maybe the slightest gene!

What if you make Mewtwo?

What he needs more is Sherabi!

To be exact, the ability to travel through time and space!

He wants to save his dead son!

This is also the pain of Sakaki's life.

It is also the trigger for him to become so extreme in the future and want to conquer the world!

Clutching the armchair tightly, he was silent for a long time before slowly sitting down.

Oh, yes.

Even if Sherabi appears?

If it appears in the past.

Then you can't change anything at all!

Or if it appears in the next hundred years, it is impossible.

Thinking of this, Sakaki became a little calmer.

But at this moment, the attention to this world god list has also increased a lot!

As long as there is a glimmer of hope, he will not give up.


Shinshin Town, in front of the Oki Research Institute.

When Dr. Ohki saw the above again, he saw the familiar keyword.

At this time, my heart couldn't help but jump.

Missed half a beat.

A thought could not help but appear in my heart.

Emerges when he first met Ash...

Isn't that exactly what Sherabi brought herself to this era!

Ron didn't look up at the World God List in the air.

Seeing the title above, my heart was also excited, and finally with a little


"It's actually Sherabi!"

"How nice it would be if we could get his genes..."

"It's just that even in our time, I'm afraid that Sherabi appeared for a short period of time!"

"Maybe it's still in the deep mountains and old forests..."

"Alas, it seems impossible"

In the end, Ron looked at Dr. Ohki not far away, looking at his appearance, a little curious:

"What's wrong? Ohki. "

Dr. Ohki quickly sobered up from his memories.

Just shook his head slightly, looked at Ron in front of him, and spoke gently:

"Just remembering a little bit of what happened..."

Ron nodded, glanced at Dr. Ohki, and didn't say more.

But the heart can only sigh:

Perhaps only someone who meets a Sherabi existence is qualified to control that Pikachu!

So that his talent will not be buried!

It's just a pity....

Actually handed over to such a teenager?


Ash looked at what appeared above.

Listen to the exclamations in my ears.

Clenched my fists for a while, and couldn't help but feel excited!


As a Pokémon fanatic.

Xiao Zhi has also heard of this unpopular divine beast.


Even, there are even fewer records about that divine beast!

I have always lived in the deep mountains and old forests, and I have repeatedly jumped from era to era.

Among the divine beasts, they all belong to extremely mysterious existences!

Ash couldn't help but become agitated in his heart, looked at Pikachu in front of him, and gently spoke:

"Pikachu, we will definitely meet in the future, we will meet those divine beasts!"

Pikachu heard the words coming out of the boy's mouth.

Although unlikely, it even sounds a bit of crap.

It can be said from Ash's mouth.

But with an inexplicable magic.

This teenager.

It has an inexplicable charm!

That's incomparably firm!

For a while, Pikachu couldn't help but be a little stunned.

Soon, the video finally began to play at this moment!!

The World God List in the air bloomed with Dao brilliance.

Paragraphs of text emerge and reflect each other.

In the end, it came together to form a fragment of pictures!

[In a lush forest, green is like an elf's Pokémon, quickly shuttling through it, but... It seems that someone behind him is chasing! 】

As this scene played, people immediately exploded!

Green, elf-like figure, and most importantly, no one has ever seen this strange Pokémon!

Plus the description of this list of world gods.

Let people be sure at once.

Is that... Sherabi!!

At this moment, the crowd also completely exploded!


Sherabi actually exists!!

And appeared in the list of world gods.

All kinds of descriptions, and those characteristics of the legend, but also perfectly matched!

That's Sherabi!

At this moment, people's emotions also completely exploded!

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