Everyone can feel the sadness in the picture.

I can also feel Ash's sadness.

He didn't cry, but that doesn't mean he wasn't in pain.


The pain in his heart was deeper and more painful than anyone present!

But he just silently pulled the brim of his hat.

There was no sound, just silently holding Sherabi.

That suffocating sadness is conveyed to everyone's heart through the video!

But the ten-year-old kid.

The rookie trainer who had just stepped into the journey did not cry hard after suffering such a huge blow.

Just silently hugging Sherabi.

Very hard, very hard.

At the same time, there is a deep regret in my heart.

Although he didn't say a word, everyone could feel his sadness, and everyone could feel his anger!

After a long time, someone in the crowd muttered a sigh.

"Sherabi... Actually dead?! "

"How is it possible, Sherabi actually died, that Bishas is really too hateful, it was all caused by him, Ash is really pitiful, I really want to hug him..."

"It's all caused by that one called Bishas, Sherabi ended up hurting herself in order not to let herself hurt Ash, and when I saw this, I really couldn't hold back..."

"The relationship between humans and Pokémon is much purer than the relationship between humans and humans!"

"The memories of Sherabi really poked my heart too much!"

"Who understands, Ash's trembling voice, that trembling hand, saw that my heart was sour, and tears couldn't stop coming out..."


Hualan Taokan.

Xiaoxia looked at Ash in the picture.

When I saw that scene, I saw Ash's silent appearance, as if his heart was pinched by something, which was also very uncomfortable.

But nothing can be done.

Look at Ash's silent appearance.

I even hope that he can cry and shout out, maybe this will make him feel better.

The three sisters couldn't help but sigh at the moment:

"I didn't expect Xiao Zhengtai to look big and reckless before, but he was so gentle..."

"That Bishas is really too hateful, Miss Junsha must arrest him!!"

"Is this the companion Xiaoxia chooses in the future? It's really not bad, and I don't know what will happen to Xiaoxia in the future? Will it drag people back! "

As the words fell, Xiaoxia did not start to fight as usual.

Just quietly look up and look at the picture in the air.

Looking at Ash so sad, he could only stand by the side.

Listen to the discussion of the sisters.

I couldn't help but become a little worried for a while.

In the future, will he really not drag Ash's hind legs?


In my heart, I made up my mind to become stronger.

Be sure to get stronger!

At least, in the later trips, not dragging Ash's hind legs, and even being able to help him!

Several sisters looked at the changes in Xiaoxia not far away, and looked at Xiaozhi in the picture, and they couldn't help but feel a little emotion in their hearts.

In their opinion, Xiaoxia and Xiaozhi are actually a little so-so, but they are very kind-hearted.

Although they have been teasing Xiaoxia, from the bottom of their hearts, they have been worried about this sister.

Kind-hearted, usually always silly.

Or the youngest of them!

But it wasn't until I saw this scene that I finally let go of my heart.

In the future, there will be a very reliable companion!


Asaka Town.

Watch as Ash stuffs red fruits into Sherabi's mouth.

In the end, they rolled into the water one by one.

Sherabi loses his life, and Ash pulls the brim of his hat.

It is impossible to see his expression.

Serena looked at Ash in the picture.

Look at his silent appearance....

Her eyes were also full of tears at the moment, but her beautiful face was also full of worry, and her voice was a little trembling:


Serena prayed silently in her heart at the moment.

Ash, you must cheer up!

Saqi looked at Ash in the picture, the ten-year-old boy.

Finally, he glanced at his daughter beside him.

At the moment, my heart is also a little mixed.

For a while, I didn't know what to say.

But if Serena and Ash are together, it is also a good choice.


True New Town.

When Ron saw this scene again, his expression changed and changed.

He really didn't expect it.

Such a turn suddenly happened!

Sherabi actually died.

Forests are destroyed, lakes of life are polluted, and Sherabi is also lifeless.

They defeated Bishas?

That's right, but the same loss of the Sherrabi!

Pokémon in the forest appeared one by one.

Without making any sound or fighting, he silently stood behind Ash and appeared in the mountains

The scene of that scene.

But it's so shocking!

Including all those who insist that Pokémon are just tools, behind the scenes at this moment

I was greatly shocked inside!

If Pokémon are just tools, then where do they say emotionally?

But the emotions shown in the picture are no different from human beings!

Even more pure!

Ron was suddenly in a trance, looking at Ash's figure, looking at the group behind him and the countless Pokémon that showed sadness all over the mountains.

Suddenly it seemed to understand.

Rely on science to tap the direction of power in Pokémon genes

Wrong, really wrong....

After a long silence, he looked at Ash not far away.

At this moment, Ash just watched quietly after seeing the picture played in the video.

Reflected in the eyes is the dry body of Sherabi.

At this time, just watch quietly.

After seeing this scene, Ron only sighed slightly in his heart.

Only then did he realize it.

Humans should not hurt Pokémon for the sake of power.

Only then did I realize that Dr. Ohki has been studying intelligence all his life.

[Discussion about the harmonious survival and development of humans and Pokémon].

Perhaps, Dr. Ohki is right!

Ron looked at Dr. Ohki not far away and muttered

"You already knew... All this will happen. "

Dr. Ohki just snorted softly and nodded.

Then looked at Xiao Zhi not far away, with a little embarrassment and emotion in his eyes.

The content of the picture seems to have happened yesterday....

The encounter between himself and Ash also seems to have happened yesterday.

At this moment, the screen starts playing again!

[One by one, Pokémon walked out of the forest, and they stood silently behind Ash].

[Without any words, at a certain moment, but began to wail again].

[Xiaogang Xiaoxia and the others, silently looking at Xiaozhi not far away, this battle is their victory].

[But it also paid a great price!] 】

[Everyone, Pokémon don't want Sherabi to die, I hope it can all start again].

[At this moment, a dazzling light bloomed in the lake, sweeping the entire forest].

[Layers of space-time ripples began to bloom and ripple in the air].

[This is the power of traveling through time and space! ] 】

[In the eyes released by everyone, a huge light curtain appeared in the lake].

[From that light curtain, one after another Sherabi appeared, flying in the direction of Ash].

[They ride the light, flying wantonly in the air, with a calming breath, hovering in the air].

[Finally slowly landed beside Ash, Sherabi, who had long withered, was nourished by the power, and his shriveled body began to recover].

[Sherabi successfully resurrected! ] 】

[It's time to separate].

[Yukusei is about to be sent back to his own time].

["No matter where we are, no matter what era we are, we will always be friends..."

[The snow shape begins to gradually dissipate].

["Thank you, Ash, thank you too, we will always and always..."


[Looking at the disappearing Yukusei, Ash stopped waving his arms, his eyes were a little lonely, and muttered, "Goodbye, Yukisei..."


[The video inventory is over, and the reward is being distributed...].

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