The real world.

People saw Sherabi resurrected the moment.

The emotions exploded completely!

"My God, Sherabi, who has completely lost her vitality, can actually regain her life under the healing of her companions!"

"Is this a reversal of time? And why are there so many Sherabi ah, I have never heard of it!! "

"It shouldn't be Sherabi who reversed time, it didn't mean that the forest was destroyed and the lake of life was polluted, so Sherabi couldn't recover, and now it has been nourished by pure power and rejuvenated!"

"So that's the case, Sherabi is the god of the forest, how can it disappear so easily, as long as it is nourished by power, it can be rejuvenated!!"

"It's amazing, this power is really incredible, and Sherabi is actually a race, subverting my imagination!!"

"Why not subvert your imagination? I'm afraid it subverts everyone's imagination! Who would have thought that Sherabi actually had a group! "

"That big bad guy Bishas has finally been caught, it's really a great joy, and after seeing him caught, my heart is finally comfortable!"

"Are Ash and Snow Achievement going to separate? Suddenly there is a little sadness, just looking at Sherabi before, the friendship between them is really touching! "

"Yes, no matter what Ash does, Xuecheng will always stand behind Ash and follow him!"

"Always and always friends!"

"You guys noticed a little, Ohki Yukinari, that's Dr. Ohki!!"

"Hey, I just reacted now, doesn't that mean that today, 40 years later, Xuecheng is the current Dr. Ohki!!"

"Zhenxin Town, I'm really curious, now Ash and Dr. Ohki, they should still be in the village now!"

"Heavy money begs the god live broadcast, I just want to see Xiaozhi and the current Xuecheng!"

"Is Yukisei your name? It's going to be Dr. Ohki!! "


Team Rocket Conference Room.

Dominau: Ah, I didn't expect ah, Sherabi is actually a race? The Sherabi we are searching for actually exists such a large race, but it has never been caught....

Nazi: After all, Sherabi travels through various times and spaces, and it is still a forest that is rare among people, where is it so easy to meet?

Flindo: Hahaha, that guy from Bishas was actually arrested, and I wanted to laugh when I saw his scared look, but unfortunately he actually left the conference room.

Dr. Nanbo: It's really an incredible practice, if the race that travels through time and space can master the power in it, how powerful should it be?

Dr. Fuji: But I have to say that the friendship between that boy named Ash and Yukinari is really amazing, and it seems that their meeting today 40 years later is an inevitable result!

Real Bird: Sherabi actually resurrected? And there are so many Sherabi? Then the plan to capture Sherabi can go ahead normally!!

Dominau: Hey? Real birds? Aren't you around Boss Sakaki?

Matori: The boss has something to do now, so he left the base, and I will stay at the base for now to deal with the Rocket Team thing!

Frindo: So it is, maybe now it's time to arrest that bastard of Bishas!!

At the same time, on an island.

An isolated island in the middle of the sea.

The sound of waves is all around, and even the Pokémon on the bottom of the sea are isolated by the power grid!

Sakaki was excited.

Finally step out of the helicopter.

Dr. Fuji stood not far away, bringing a large number of researchers early to welcome the arrival of Boss Sakaki.

After all, it was Sakaki who provided the money and resources.

So that the experiment can continue!

"Hello Boss Sakaki!"

The researchers shouted in unison.

Sakaki nodded, and then looked at Dr. Fuji, who was leading not far away, with a little excitement:

"That Pokémon, how's it going?"

Dr. Fuji brought Sakaki to the laboratory.

In the dark laboratory, there are all kinds of bottles and jars, among which there are many nutrient solutions.

In a transparent jar, there is a Pokémon with various tubes inserted into it.

The surrounding instruments are also dripping.

Monitor the changes in the strength in his body at all times.

Dr. Fuji looked at this Pokémon, a flash of fanaticism in his eyes, and then began to introduce:

"This is our result, a real artificial divine beast, named Mewtwo!!"

Sakaki nodded, and a flash of fanaticism also flashed in his eyes, looking at Mewtwo in it, and finally with a touch of doubt:

"Why, haven't woken up yet?"

Dr. Fuji nodded and finally spoke

"It really hasn't woken up yet, originally according to our observation data, it will take about half a month to wake up!"

When the words fell, Sakaki couldn't help frowning slightly.

Just glanced at Dr. Fuji, did not say anything to stop it, or continued to listen.

Dr. Fuji sighed slightly, looked up at the World God List in the air, and muttered:

"Perhaps because of the appearance of this World God List, Mewtwo has undergone some changes, and according to our observations, it will be born in advance!"

"And today... It was the day he was truly born!! "

At the end, the expression brings a touch of fanaticism!

It is also today that he is about to complete a cross-century move, an artificial divine beast!

The entire human civilization will enter a new era because of itself!!

Hearing this, Sakaki nodded in understanding.

I was going to visit the lab to see the approximate test records, as well as the machine that copied Pokémon.

Before I could visit, the glass jar in the most conspicuous place began to crack at this moment.

The subtle sound immediately attracted Sakaki!

Click, click!

The sound began to get louder.

It's Mewtwo's nutrition tank!

The instrument began to sound non-stop at this moment.

After several clicks, the petri dish finally could not withstand the pressure and suddenly burst!

One of them Mewtwo suddenly opened his eyes and tore open the catheter on his body.

In an instant, a terrifying coercion suddenly swept the audience!

Mewtwo is born!!

Sakaki felt this terrifying power, his eyes full of fanaticism...

This kind of power even made his soul begin to tremble constantly!

You know, the willpower of a Heavenly King level trainer is very strong, and it is impossible to be easily shaken.

But now, in front of Mewtwo.

But I still couldn't stop shaking!

But at the moment, Sakaki is excited!!


True New Town.

With the resurrection of Sherabi.

People who were originally a little decadent suddenly began to cheer as the picture was broadcast!

"Oh my God, Sherabi is actually resurrected!"

"Ah, there are so many Sherabis, I really want to own one!"

"I'm afraid you're not thinking about farting and eating, Sherabi is very timid, and it seems that he prefers to contact people with good intentions, how can the color of your head be full!"

"Ahem, if you don't poke, we are still good brothers!"

As the picture aired, people around were discussing.

At this moment, Ash's eyes were full of excitement.

Looking at Sherabi, who is resurrected in the picture and becomes alive again, I am happy in my heart...

Sherabi is okay!

It's really great.

Xiao Mao looked at Xiao Zhi next to him, and a touch of embarrassment flashed in his eyes, and finally there was a touch of firmness.

I definitely can't be thrown off too much by him!

Not far away, Ron took in all of Ash's expressions, but his heart was full of emotion at the moment


"It is precisely because of that pure love of Pokémon that he is so powerful!"

Dr. Ohki looked at the broadcast and then at Ash not far away.

A touch of complexity flashed in his eyes, and he whispered softly

"No matter where you are, you will always be friends..."

Ron was close, heard clearly, and finally said with a smile

"Almost forgot, the agreement between you and him!"

When the words fell, Ash seemed to sense it too.

Subconsciously looking in the direction where Dr. Ohki was, the two eyes collided.

Dr. Ohki smiled and only nodded slightly.

Ash was stunned for a moment, and finally focused his head!

It's all in the middle of nowhere.

Ron's heart became extremely expectant at this moment, looking at the World God List in the air, and muttered:

"The pressure of the answer session is so rich!"

"I don't know what reward Xiao Zhi, as the protagonist of being inventoried, should be worthy of him!"

"Could it be... Will it be a reward for resurrection, which can reverse the rules? "

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