League of Elves.

The resurrection of Sherabi, Bishas was finally arrested.

The appearance of the Sherabi race, and finally the difference from Ash!

Scenes after scenes appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

Even if all those present were Heavenly King-level trainers.

But with the emergence of this shocking scene, the vibration still can't be stopped.

Konah couldn't help but lose his face: "How is it possible?" Sherabi is actually a race, and according to those ancient books, I have always thought that Sherabi is a mythical beast..."

Hirona (Zhulan) was also a little incredulous and muttered

"As a god of the forest, can you quickly restore your vitality as long as you have nutrients to absorb? What a perverted ability! "

"If Pokémon had such a recovery ability, what a terrifying boost it would have won!!"

Hiba looked at Ash in the picture, but his eyes were full of appreciation:

"I admire that teenager!"

"Being able to fight hard to save Pokémon, in his body, there are too many conditions and qualities that we don't have!"

Mother-in-law Kikuko had a touch of embarrassment in her eyes, looked at Ash and Xuecheng in the picture, and muttered:

"Is it destined to meet!"

The magnificent figure in my mind.

Gradually, he and Ash began to coincide.

They all love Pokémon so much.

Always scrappy, always upward.

Mother-in-law Kikuko looked at Xuecheng, and finally her gaze fell on Xiaozhi next to her, and her cloudy eyes were also full of tears at the moment.

She at this time.

It was an incomparable expectation, the boy who had just stepped into the journey, until he really grew up

What kind of brilliance will it bloom!

Maybe... Compared to Xuecheng, it will be more dazzling!

Yuryu Du looked at Ash and Xuecheng in the picture, and there was also a touch of excitement in his eyes at this time, and finally


"Unexpectedly, there is actually a friendship that travels through time and space, and has traveled through 40 years of friendship!"

Dan Di also nodded at this moment, with a touch of shock in his eyes, and some emotion:

"Unexpectedly, it was actually Dr. Ohki, who traveled through the past!"

Just quietly looked at Ash in the picture.

It even affected Dr. Ohki!

What a shocking and expectant teenager!

All the Heavenly King trainers were a little emotional.

In Ash's body, there are so many points to learn!

At this moment, Daigo, who had been silent, suddenly spoke:

"After the video is played, the reward will be distributed soon, I'm afraid some forces will take action!!"

The voice fell.

People who were originally a little excited suddenly calmed down at this moment.

Daigo's words are very correct.

As the video finishes playing.

The reward is about to be issued, and that means that.

Those evil forces will probably make a move!

Yulong Du clenched his fists tightly, and his expression became a little indignant:

"If they dare to move Ash, my fast dragon will definitely not let them go!!"

Dan Di didn't say much, but at the moment, he looked bright, and also stood up to express his position.

Mother-in-law Kikuko nodded, after some deliberation.

Yulongdu and Dan Emperor officially set off at this moment.

Head to True New Town to protect Ash and the others!

Ryu Du looked at Daigo's somewhat worried expression, couldn't help laughing, and finally patted him on the shoulder, full of pride:

"Don't worry, I'm the strongest flying chess king, blah, blah,

A word fell.

Everyone present couldn't help but laugh.

The atmosphere that was still a little serious has become active again.

Daigo nodded, his azure eyes flickering several times.

According to common sense, the strength of Adu and Dan Emperor is enough to protect Zhenxin Town!


Just hold on for a while.

The Alliance will once again draw up its manpower to support!

And their mission is to quickly reach True New Town and prevent the actions of evil forces.

I don't know why.

Daigo always felt a little uneasy.

Dan Di saw his doubts, but at the moment he just smiled, and then spoke:

"Don't worry, with me and Wataru here, we can definitely protect it!"

Daigo nodded at this.

The two walked in a hurry, and Mother-in-law Juzi suddenly remembered something, and then spoke:

"Then you have to contact Zhenxin Town too!"

The words fell, which attracted many people to agree.

Soon, Kikuko's mother-in-law dialed the number to contact Dr. Ohki.

Toot toot!


United People's Area.

An influencer trainer who loses rewards due to a wrong choice.

Watch your backstage growing fans.

A little smile finally appeared on his face.

Watch the number of fans grow many times over, and the proposal of a barrage.

Suddenly made his eyes light up!

Want to see the current Ash and Dr. Ohki!

That's right.

Although he lost the God List reward, he found an incredible traffic... Ash!

For a while, a smile rose at the corner of his mouth.

Although he is an Internet celebrity trainer who specializes in matching and dismantling.

But because of the huge traffic brought by Ash's topic now, I plan to continue to rub the heat!

Head to True New Town and broadcast Ash live!

Thinking of this, his expression became even more excited.

Resolutely embarked on the plane to the Guandu area, Zhenxin Town!

Ash, I'm coming!!


Meanwhile, True New Town.

As the inventory finally ended, the people around were sighing with emotion.

Soon get excited again!

That's right, the video inventory is complete.

Doesn't that mean that rewards will be distributed immediately?

For a while, all eyes focused on Ash again.

Everyone was curious about what kind of reward Ash would get!

Under everyone's expectant gaze, a blazing white light suddenly enveloped the audience.

A light mass, which was larger than ever, slowly descended.

Finally stop in front of Ash!

For a while, the surrounding crowd did not dare to breathe, and they all became extremely nervous.

Ash looked at the light mass in front of him, but he just felt a little curious.

Subconsciously stretched out his hand and dragged the light mass in the palm of his hand.

Soon, after blooming with a dazzling light.

A few props appeared in Ash's hand!!

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