Inside the Hualan Road Hall.

As the video finishes playing.

The second sister and the third sister couldn't help but cover their mouths and exclaimed:

"Oh my God? On the first day he became a partner with Pokémon, he comprehended so many skills, and the cooperation was still so tacit, was he really a newcomer? "

"This is a rookie trainer? Oh my God, Ash is really too strong, especially the last skill 'power grid', you know, even I didn't react, it's too strong! "

Xiaoxia looked at it so stunned.

Looking at Ash in the picture, he clutched the gem [Child of the Ocean] in his hand.

Ash is so strong, he definitely can't lag too far behind!

At this moment, Calamus suddenly laughed and joked:

"It is worthy of being the man chosen by Xiaoxia, although he has just entered the journey, he has already shown extraordinary talent!!"

For a while, Sakura and Peony were all smiling and looking at Xiaoxia with ridicule.

Xiaoxia originally secretly vowed in her heart that she must redouble her efforts.

Has the ability to become Ash's companion!

But several unorthodox sisters suddenly disrupted her thoughts, as if her careful thoughts had been punctured.

Suddenly a little embarrassed!

Xiao Xia's cheeks were slightly red, and she couldn't help but hum softly:

"Having said that... Just companions!! "

Xiaoxia's appearance made several sisters around laugh.

Although Xiaoxia was a little ashamed, her eyes stayed on Ash on the communicator screen....

A faint emotion does arise in my heart.


Dark Grey Dojo.

Xiao Gang looked at the video playing, as well as Ash and Pikachu in the picture.

When it came to the last slap on the grid, he slapped his thighs even more, and his face was full of excitement:

"Well, that's great!!"

Xiao Gang always had a straight face, and a smile on the corner of his mouth.

Keep your image at all times.

But now, after seeing the last trick.

He can't even care about maintaining his image, which prides himself on being an elegant man.

The dark face was full of excitement.

Xiao Gang's father looked at Xiao Zhi in the picture, and when the playback was over, he also brought some emotion:

"That kid has infinite possibilities in the future!"

Xiao Gang nodded, looked at his father, and then looked at Ash in the picture.

He can't wait to leave the dojo and go looking for Ash!

It must be a wonderful thing to embark on a journey with him....


Asaka Town.

Serena put down the communicator.

But at the moment, her eyes are full of excitement, and there is a deep happiness!

Sincerely happy for Ash.

Ash he... It's so strong to step into the journey!

That's one step closer to fulfilling his dream!

Saqi looked at Serena who was so excited, and finally looked at Ash in the picture.

The corners of his mouth couldn't help but show a wry smile, and after thinking for a moment, he slowly spoke:

"I didn't expect that Ash's kid would be so strong just after stepping into the journey!"

Serena nodded excitedly, not noticing her mother's expression, and even more spoke

"Yes, Ash, he's the best!"

Saqi nodded, and then said gently

"What about you?"

When the words fell, Serena's eyes couldn't help but flash a trace of doubt.

Saqi continued

"If you want to be the wife of a good man, you must also be good!"

The words fell, and Serena fell into deep thought.

After a long time, he slowly raised his head, and his beautiful eyes revealed a firmness:

"I'm going to be the strongest Pokémon performer in the world, and then stand by Ash!!"

Saqi smiled and finally just nodded slightly.

She doesn't force her daughter to become an iron-armored rhinoceros performer, at least, sometimes

It needs to be crazy, doesn't it?


Guoye Town.

Miku and Grandma gathered around the town.

Gather around Miku's communicator and watch the video playing.

With the last boulder exploding.

Pikachu uses a last-ditch move to shoot down gravel.

People's emotions exploded equally!

"Oh my God, is that Ash? This is a very good boy! "

"But why does it look a little weak?"

"Yes, it doesn't seem to be as powerful as the World God List played before!"

Just then, White walked out.

Looking at Ash in the communicator, he then began to explain:

"Because today is the day to hand out Pokémon!"

"That is, it hasn't been long since Ash and Pikachu became partners!"

As White explained, the surrounding crowd completely exploded.

As the video plays again.

The shock in my heart is beyond words!

A rookie trainer who hasn't even embarked on the journey yet!

So many skills were used....

And the bond between them, and the final twist!

When people learned the situation, they all caused a burst of exclamation!

Mihisa looked at the boy in the picture and recalled what was played in the World God List.

Nothing has changed.

Still the same teenager!

Friend of Sherabi, the god of the forest!!

As the previous video played, the people of the whole village understood.

Sherabi is real!

The temple they have been worshipping has really reached Sherabina!

And as a friend of the god of the forest, the entire village has the highest respect for Ash!

White clutched the [Sherabi's Token] in his hand, looking forward to Ash's arrival!

For him, the most precious thing about this thing is not the ability itself, but the existence of Sherabi!

The stories that Grandpa used to tell himself, those stories about Sherabi

It's all real!

White was sincerely grateful to that teenager!


Meanwhile, the Elven League.

As the video about Ash went viral, the information was delivered to the office in the first place!

Everyone has a document in front of them!

Shiba looked a little shocked at the moment, and the shock in his eyes could not be hidden: "What? "

"Ash has learned so many skills, and can still command Pokémon to flexibly take contingency measures?"

"I'm afraid his strength has barely reached the level of an ordinary trainer!!"

Hirona's eyes changed slightly.

Looking at the fighting talent displayed by Ash, his beautiful eyes were full of color!

Muttered, "Did you start working with Pokémon in such a short time..."

Karuni couldn't stop being shocked, and finally exclaimed: "This..."

"Could it be the reason for obtaining the props? But doesn't that item mean that there is only a small chance of comprehending the skill? "

Dawu's eyes were also full of shock, and after a long silence, he slowly spoke:

"That's what the props really write..."

"Don't forget that Ash's [Divine Beast Body] has also undergone different changes in his body!"

"The change this time should be related to Pikachu's talent, and the comprehension skill should be related to understanding..."

Mother-in-law Juzi's eyes were a little shocked, and she muttered:

"It's just a Pikachu of an ordinary race, but he has such a terrifying understanding..."

Everyone was silent.

Yes, Pikachu everywhere.

Can... But he has such a terrifying talent!

For a while, I didn't know if I was shocking Ash's talent or Pikachu's understanding!

After a long time, Daigo frowned, dragged his chin, and suddenly said in a deep voice:

"But these reasons, those evil organizations, and some people with intentions, will they really believe it?"

"No, even with the protection of the Dan Emperor, Xiaozhi can't live under the umbrella all the time..."

"Therefore, you must not let people know the existence of the [Experience Gainer], there will be problems!!"

As Daigo's voice fell.

Everyone looked up at him and was touched for a moment.

That's right.

If he knew about the existence of the [Experience Gainer], Ash would really be in danger!

Mother-in-law Juzi pondered for a moment, and finally raised her head suddenly, and then said firmly:

"The alliance is ready to issue a notice, no matter what method is used, it must make people think that this is the talent of Ash and Pikachu, to divert people's attention, and before the second inventory appears, let people ignore the reward obtained by Ash as much as possible!!"

"When the inventory appears later, Ash will be in no danger..."

When everyone heard this, they couldn't help nodding.

This is indeed the best way to deal with it at the moment!

But at this moment, Daigo frowned, and finally with some doubts, he spoke:

"But if it's Ash who takes stock next, what will happen later?"

The words fell, and the audience fell silent.

Karuni spoke first:

"Although his talent is really good, meeting a divine beast depends largely on luck, so it is absolutely impossible!!"

Mother-in-law Kikuko did not respond, but just stood up.

Looking in the direction of Zhenxin Town, he muttered

"Now, hopefully not!"

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