As the popularity of Ash's videos intensified.

At this moment, the Elf Alliance suddenly issued an announcement!

First congratulations to Ash, and then he was invited to become a guest secretary of the Elf Alliance!

Enjoy high-level treatment, but do not bear its responsibilities!

And there are also various benefits listed....

Pick any Pokémon eggs with Curry's quasi-king-level potential!

Be able to participate in the contest unconditionally!

As long as it is within the jurisdiction of the Elf Alliance, you can enjoy all kinds of conveniences!

There are also unlimited resources for cultivating Pokémon!

Ash, who loves Pokémon, is invited to join!

For a while, the heat completely exploded!

Online forums have completely exploded!

The alliance actually gave such treatment!

Equal to the resources obtained by those Heavenly King levels....

Enjoy equal rights, but don't pay anything!

"No, won't you? The Elf Alliance actually ended up in person this time, doesn't it prove that the video is real, not a malicious splicing? "

"Good guy, I call good guy, the gap between people and people is reflected at this moment!"

"My God, Ash's talent is actually so strong that even the Elf Alliance wants to invite him to join? Pinch the hemp droplets, who dares to say that the video is made with special effects in the future, I will be anxious with whom! "

"Hey, if I'm not mistaken, you seem to be the happiest person before!"

"It's not a special effect? Can anyone really have a tacit understanding with a Pokémon to that extent on the day they receive it? What a terrifying understanding and tacit understanding is required!! "

"I seem to see a new world champion, rising!!"


Team Rocket High Level Meeting Room.

Domino: What do you think of the announcement from the Elf Alliance? Actually invited Xiao Zhi to become a guest secretary high-level, this time is really bloody!

Nazi: Xiaoduo, this is obviously what they released to confuse us, it should be to create momentum through this incident to protect Ash!

Flindo: But why, there are so many rewards given, enough to give a heavenly king-level resource, and even an unlimited amount! Don't have any requirements yet? Are they crazy! This is completely trading at a loss!!

Dr. Nanbo: No, on the contrary, they are smart! The talent shown by Ash now is enough to pay such a big price!

Dr. Nanba: What's more, Ash and Dr. Ohki also have such a deep relationship, and we don't know how many mythical beasts stand behind him, and may even promote the development of the relationship between humans and Pokémon, so this deal is worth it!

Nazi: That's right! If Ash is willing to join Team Rocket, I'm afraid that Boss Sakaki will also give good conditions, and it will not even be inferior to what the Elf Alliance gives!! It's just that the teenager can't join....

Domino: It's so terrifying? It seems that I still underestimated that teenager!!

FLINDO: This... Shouldn't the video that will be inventoried later or Ash?

Nazi: Maybe!



Yulongdu and Dan Emperor are still on the way.

Emperor Dan looked at the Royal Dragon Du beside him, smiled, and then spoke:

"In terms of speed, I really can't catch up with you!"

Yulongdu was also a little embarrassed, took out his props, and then spoke:

"I also used props, if I didn't use props, we wouldn't be much different..."

Dan Di just smiled.

Then looked at the remaining fire-breathing dragons, saw that he was a little tired, pointed to the town below, and then said:

"I see that Charizard and Kuailong are a little tired, do you want them to take a break...?"

Yulongdu looked at his fast dragon.

His exhaustion was also perceived.

After thinking for a moment, he nodded:

"It's almost there anyway, and it's still half the way to get there!"

After deliberation.

The Pokémon piloted by the two landed towards the town below.

Soon, it fell outside town.

The town was unexpectedly prosperous, and the Dandi and Yulongdu kept a low profile as much as possible.


As they walked into the town, it made them feel a little strange.

At this point, people seem to be discussing something.

Yulongdu and Dan Di looked at each other and understood each other's thoughts.

Walk towards a crowded place.

At this time, two young trainers pointed to the screen.

It seems that because of what the debate is fierce.

Even, even the Dan Emperor Imperial Dragon Du came behind them, they didn't notice it.

"My God, just stepped into the journey, Ash and Pikachu's tacit understanding has actually reached such a point, that combination skill is really too handsome, I'm afraid even the championship is just around the corner!"

"No, I've also seen this video you watched, but I think it's fake, although I also like Ash, but this one is synthesized by some people with special effects!"

At this moment, a young trainer in front said with some disdain:

"You're too ill-informed, aren't you?"

The other trainer was visibly confused.

The young trainer smiled and shook his head and said

"Those who don't know the news now are just like wild people who came out of nowhere!"

The words fell, and the other trainer was stunned.

As for the Dan Emperor and Yulongdu, who were eavesdropping behind, they suddenly felt their faces stiffened.

How do you feel a little like talking about them now?

The young trainer saw that his companion's appetite was satisfied, and then he opened his mouth to explain:

"Because the Elf Alliance has issued an announcement, inviting him to become a high-level and enjoy the resources of the Heavenly King! It's because of the talent of Ash and Pikachu!! "

"And to be honest, I feel that the next inventory will still be Ash! Maybe he really has the potential to become a Pokémon Master!! "

When the words fell, the other trainer was immediately dumbfounded.

Likewise, included in the side of the Dandi and Imperial Dragon Du.

At this moment, the two looked at each other, and their faces were full of confusion.

What the hell, Ash and Pikachu really have a tacit understanding together, and the combination skills are too handsome?

What alliance invited Ash to become a high-level and enjoy the resources of the Heavenly King because of Ash's talent?

The two were completely disheveled in the wind.

Isn't it just a little later?

How does it feel like you're derailed with the world?

The two were silent.

No matter where you go in town.

They can be heard discussing Ash and Pikachu.

"I am also a rookie trainer, and I have decided that from today onwards, Ash will be my idol, and don't follow his example!!"

"Not only do we know so many divine beasts, they have strong talents, but they also work so hard, how can we live?"

"After all, he is on the World God List, and the God List is the proud son of heaven in the past and modern future eras!"

"Then you said that the next inventory will still be Ash?"

"This is not necessarily, divine beast, after all, it is not something you can meet if you want to meet, as strong as the Dan Emperor Royal Dragon Du, and I have never met anything..."

The two were completely silent....

After talking to Daigo, I also understood the beginning and end of the matter!

Yulongdu and Dan Emperor looked at each other, both of them were a little shocked.

Yulongdu muttered and sighed:

"I didn't expect that Ash's Pikachu actually has such a terrifying talent, and in such a short time, he has comprehended several skills!"

The Dan Emperor slowly exhaled a turbid breath, and his eyes were extremely bright at the moment:

"That's right, but what shocks me even more is Ash's terrifying combat talent!"

"There is no experience, some just rely on the speed of the body's reaction, and the mutual trust between them..."

"It's really scary!!"

In the end, a surging fighting intent appeared on the Dan Emperor.

He is already looking forward to meeting Ash more and more!

What kind of surprise will that teenager bring him?

Yulongdu glanced at the Dan Emperor and looked up at the sky.

Ash... Will there be any surprises?

Then he shook his head inwardly.

The expectations of the Dan Emperor are too high!

Although he also recognized Ash and thought that the boy had infinite possibilities!

But it was not easy to meet two divine beasts

How could you meet others?

While thinking, Yulongdu looked up at the God List, and couldn't help but shake his head slightly in his heart.

Although Ash brought a lot of surprises.

Whether it is his terrifying talent, Pikachu's understanding, and luck against the sky.

But this time....

At this moment, the World God List in the air violently began to vibrate again.

Under the expectant gaze, the light curtain appeared Dao text.

[Divine Beast Relationship Household Xiaozhi, Phoenix King Chapter! ] 】

[The chosen Rainbow Warrior will eventually step on the top of the world! ] 】

[I want to become the world's number one Pokémon master, how can I lose to you!!] 】

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