In the urban area.

Just when people were talking about Ash.

A green-haired teenager wearing a short research suit.

With a little fanaticism in his eyes, he looked at the Phoenix King above.

Finally, his gaze fell to the picture again, the feather that Ash was pinching in his hand.

Iridescent feathers!

According to legend, only those who were chosen by the Phoenix King.

to get that feather!

Whoever obtains that feather is called the Rainbow Brave!

Soji, who targets Dr. Pokémon, has always admired Dr. Ohki!

There is also Ash in the video, and the scenes also deeply shocked his heart.


Those who are chosen by the Phoenix King and those who guide to see the Phoenix King will become the Rainbow Brave!

And according to the oldest legends.

Those who pass the trials of the brave will become the messengers of the Phoenix King!

But that's just legend.

Because of the goal of Dr. Pokémon, I have read many ancient books and know a lot about these legends and stories.

And the video played today made his heart tight!

The messenger of the Phoenix King!

Xiao Zhi will actually be the messenger of the Phoenix King in the future!


Soji's heart fell into a deep shock.

After a long silence.

Soji clenched his fists tightly, if he had the chance.

He also wanted to meet King Feng and witness it with his own eyes!

Even if the Phoenix King chose not himself, he wanted to accompany Xiaozhi's side just to see the Phoenix King!

That legendary Pokémon!

At this moment, his inner thoughts were racing.

The World God List starts playing at this moment!


In a small town.

A young girl looked at Ash in the picture like everyone else, but her blood was also boiling!

The girl's name is Makoto.

Looking at the scenes that Ash has experienced.

Makoto clenched her fists even more at the moment.

Listen to the exclamations of the people around you, and Ash's performance in the picture.

That's what Makoto yearns for!

That's right.

She wants to be a powerful Pokémon trainer like Ash!

Maybe in this way, my mother will be happy for herself!

Makoto clenched her fists tightly, the daughter of a well-known local trainer.

Makoto has been under extreme pressure since she was born.

Always wanted to make achievements and make my mom proud!

In exchange, it will always be suppression.

If she can achieve the same level as Ash, or meet the Phoenix King, she will definitely be proud of herself!

Makoto pursed her mouth and looked at Ash in the picture.

In my heart, I made a decision that I wanted to travel like Ash!!

Just when you secretly make up your mind.

The World God List in the air has started playing again! 980


[With the tacit cooperation of Ash and Pikachu, he defeated the owner of the Rainbow Dojo Hall and obtained the Rainbow Badge! ] 】

[This is the 3rd badge that Ash has obtained, after collecting 8 badges, go to challenge the Pokémon Alliance! ] 】

[While resting in the Pokémon Hospital, as the news of the Yan Emperor appeared, according to the news of a trainer, everyone went to the location of the Yan Emperor! ] 】

[After overhearing the news, the trio of Team Rocket also went to capture the Yan Emperor! ] 】

[Xiaozhi, Makoto, and Zongji discovered Emperor Yan at the same time, and the combined efforts of the three were still defeated, and Emperor Yan left last! ] 】

[Ash and Makoto finally go together, and the sudden heavy rain makes the two start looking for a place to hide from the rain]

[A small fire dragon was found on the road, sitting quietly on a boulder in the heavy rain! ] 】


【Q&A session is on! 】 】

[Question: What is the little fire dragon doing at this time? 】

[a, carry out a special cultivation to exercise water resistance]

[b, there is an unsolvable sorrow, take advantage of the rain to dispel]

[c, asked by his own trainer to stay where he is, waiting]

[dUnable to move due to physical injury, waiting for death to come]


The real world.

As a video finishes playing.

The Q&A session has suddenly arrived!

At this moment, the crowd began to boil again at this moment!

"Oh my God, is it so easy for Ash to challenge the dojo? How do you feel that you can defeat the master of the Taoist Hall in a few moves and get a badge..."

"It's really worthy of Ash, the cooperation with Pikachu is simply seamless, and their current strength has grown to such a point..."

"Frog fun? Xiao Zhi actually discovered the Yan Emperor! God, is this a physique that attracts divine beasts? Calculate carefully, how many divine beasts have Xiao Zhi met now! "

"Good guy, I call good guy, is this the charm of the Divine Beast Relationship? I have never met a divine beast in my life, he can meet a divine beast in two steps, this he meows, there is no harm without comparison..."

"This time actually opened the Q&A session, the little fire dragon was sitting in the rain, there was indeed such a picture just now, it was raining so heavily, Ash and they were all looking for a place to hide from the rain, what was the little fire dragon doing?"

"I think it should be a special cultivation, because fire Pokémon are naturally afraid of water, and I have heard of a cultivation method, that is, let fire Pokémon restrain and hate water!"

"Although it sounds reasonable, it is not realistic at all, I think it is more likely that the third one was abandoned by his own trainer..."

"Would anyone really abandon such a cute little fire dragon? I don't believe it very much, rather than believe this, I think the 2nd, 4th is more likely, either injured and unable to move, or unable to think! "


(BHCJ) Yulongdu and Dandi watch the video played.

There is also a Q&A session that appears.

For a while, I couldn't help but be a little stunned.

I didn't expect to be so soon, and I actually ushered in the Q&A session again...

You know, this prop obtained by Royal Dragon Du has also greatly improved his combat ability!

Yulongdu couldn't help but be a little excited for a while, looking at the above options, and subconsciously asked:

"Dan Emperor, which option do you think it will be?"

Dandi held his chin, carefully looked at the above several options, and finally gave the answer:

"I personally think that the first and third options are possible, or the third option is most likely and realistic!"

When Yulongdu heard the answer of the Dan Emperor, he couldn't help but be a little stunned.

Subconscious inquiry:

"You actually think the third most likely?"

"That's abandoning Pokémon, the most shameful act!!"

Dan Di nodded, and then began to explain the reason:

"If it's the first option, I think it's very likely, but one thing that puzzles me is that there are no trainers around..."

"That's right, although the rain can exercise the endurance of fire Pokémon, one thing is certain, fire Pokémon hate rain the most, and my fire-breathing dragon is the same..."

"So I know better, if it's an exercise, the trainer will definitely be by his side, instead of the little fire dragon alone, so that Pokémon will be anxious!"

When Yulongdu heard this, he was a little shocked for a while.

After a moment, he held out a sentence:

"Although you look quite rough, I didn't expect to observe things so carefully!!"

Dan Di was a little speechless for a while, crying and laughing:

"I don't know if you're praising me or hurting me..."

Yulongdu suddenly laughed:

"How so?"

"It's really moving!"

Dandi: ...

Yulongdu looked at the dan emperor's deflated appearance, and suddenly felt a little funny, and then quickly shifted his attention:

"I think the last one is more likely!"

The voice fell.

Dan Di was really attracted to attention.

Yulongdu then continued to speak:

"Because the little fire dragon is generally issued by the imperial three families in the Guandu area, in the wild, the probability of seeing it now is basically very low..."

"Especially the forest that Ash entered into, at least during the period when I joined Team Rocket, in the experience outside, the Mizo family was basically cultivated..."

"As for your choice to be abandoned, I have a bold guess that the body of the little fire dragon was crippled during the battle and was finally abandoned by the trainer..."

When Dan Di heard this, he nodded.

Finally, with a little emotion:

"Sure enough, not everyone is like Ash..."

Yulongdu smiled:

"But maybe because of the appearance of Ash, this situation will be greatly improved!"

"He's already brought a lot of surprises, and I think it's quite possible!"

Dan Di nodded, a little embarrassed:

"Maybe it's because of this that King Feng chose Xiao Zhi!"

When people are still talking.

A light mass has quietly arrived!


Rocket Team Cadre Conference Room.

Duo Minuo: My God, what kind of luck did he have to meet Emperor Yan again? Is the divine beast really so easy to meet? How does it feel a little rotten on the street...

Fulindo: That's right, I'm also numb, usually the divine beast doesn't seem to be so easy to meet, how come Ash will meet one by one, one by one?

Nazi: The three holy beasts all seem to belong to the Phoenix King, and just now Emperor Yan also paid extra attention to Xiaozhi, could it all be related to the Phoenix King?

Dr. Fuji: I don't think so, I know a lot about the legend of the Phoenix King, he will select Pokémon trainers with pure hearts around the world, and finally put them to the test...

Dr. Fuji: As for Ash, although he has obtained the Rainbow Feather, he will also become the Rainbow Warrior or even the Phoenix King's messenger later, but at least for now, it has not reached this point!

Dr. Nanba: I think Fuji is right! (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

Dominau: Then again, what do you think of the answer to this Q&A session? I choose A!

Nazi: I think it's C!

Dr. Fuji: I think d

Fulindo: I think b!



Dr. Fuji: ...

Dr. Nanbo: ...


A moment later.

FLINDO: What is it, a photophore that suddenly appears? Am I getting the right to choose?


Elf League Meeting Room.

Everyone was completely silent ...

Ash, actually met a divine beast again?

At this time, all the Heavenly King trainers present were numb.

Is the divine beast really so good to meet?

After a long silence, Konah looked at Karuni not far away, and suddenly asked:

"Luni, have you ever met a divine beast in the wild?"

When Karuni heard this, she was completely silent.

Just shake his head slightly.

Konah looked at Hiba not far away again, and asked again:

"Heba, have you ever met a divine beast in the wild?"

Hibba: ...

Konah looked at Daigo not far away.

Daigo didn't wait for Kona to speak, and directly blocked it:

"I haven't seen it in the wild, don't cue"

For a while, everyone fell silent again.

After a long time, Shirona took the lead in breaking the silence:

"So which answer do you think?"

Hiba spoke enthusiastically:

"I think it's still option A, this little fire dragon definitely wants to improve very much, so exercise your endurance in the rain, well, it must be like this!"

Karuni cleared her throat and then replied:

"I think that normal people should not exercise in this weather, and training the endurance of fire Pokémon does not have to be rainy, so the last option seems more reasonable..."

"Because my leg is broken, I can't hide from the rain!"

As for option B, naturally it was the first to be excluded!

Daigo held his chin in contemplation for a moment before he spoke:

"I still think choose C, if it is option A, there is no need to choose on rainy days, lakes and waterfalls, you can exercise! And there are no trainers around..."

"As for the last option, an ordinary imperial family with a broken leg in the forest, no matter how you think about it, it feels unreasonable, someone must have deliberately brought it in..."

"Then there is only choice C!"

When the words fell, Shirona also smiled and spoke:

"I think the same way!"

Just when everyone was discussing fiercely, the light group suddenly descended at this moment!


Soji looked up at the screen that was playing.

I actually appeared in the picture!

The most important thing is that he and Lucario actually fought with Yandi?

Soji and Lucario both looked at each other.

One person and one Pokémon all seem a little confused.

I never imagined that in the future, they would actually grow to the point of dealing with the Yan Emperor!

As the video plays.

The surrounding neighbors also noticed Soji.

I became extremely excited for a while!

A large crowd gathered around, as if looking at some rare treasure.

"Oh my God, it's actually Zongji, it's really out of the way, fighting side by side with Xiao Zhi, and the opponent is still Emperor Yan!!"

"Doesn't that mean you're going to see the Phoenix King soon? That's the Phoenix King!! "

Soji listened to the voice coming from his ears.

It can only be helplessly explained:

"Emperor Yan obviously didn't use his full strength..."

"As for the Phoenix King..."

In the end, a flash of hope flashed in Soji's eyes.

He also hoped that he could see the Phoenix King with his own eyes!

Even he didn't think of it.

Will you actually meet Ash in the future?

For a while, my heart couldn't help but become a little nervous.

Do you qualify to be Ash's partner?

He's friends with Dr. Ohki and Sherabi!

It is also the man chosen by the Phoenix King!

No, he doesn't seem to know that much about King Feng!

If you use this as a breakthrough point, maybe you can really become Ash's partner!

Thinking of this, my heart becomes more determined!

Learn as many elves as you can!


In the town.

As the video plays, Makoto actually sees herself.

Then came the battle with the Yan Emperor!

For a while, Makoto was smashed by this huge surprise.

After a while, I was convinced that it was really me!

For a while, Makoto was even more excited to the extreme...

Pick up Bogaman and happily start spinning in circles:

"Pogaman, are we actually going to be so strong in the future? Yayy "

Pogaman also seemed extremely excited at the moment:

"Boga, Boga!"

At this moment, a somewhat cold voice came.

"Don't be too proud yet, Makoto!"

Look in the direction where the sound is coming from.

It is Makoto's mother, a well-known local trainer!

Makoto, who was originally a little excited, lowered her head.

I thought I could get my mother's praise...

But at the next moment, Makoto's mother suddenly spoke:

"However, you and Pogaman have done a great job!"

"Walking with great people will also make you good in a sense!"

The words fell, and Makoto looked up in disbelief.

Looking at my mother not far away.

The expression ranges from astonishment at the beginning to ecstasy in the back...

Admitted by my mother!

This is Makoto's wish all along.

Now, that's it?

For a while, it was a little dreamy.

Makoto quickly recovers after a brief period of happiness.

That's right, you can't get carried away with a little achievement!

As for what the mother said in the end, walk with excellent people...

Makoto pursed her mouth and clenched her fists, but she secretly made up her mind in her heart!

Be sure to become someone as good as Ash!


Such a mother's mind.

It's going to be on you all the time!

Looking at her mother, who has been paying attention to the World God List, Makoto secretly made up her mind in her heart!

Then look at the Q&A session that follows.

After thinking for a moment in my heart, too, I have my own answer in my heart!

At this moment, in the exclamation of everyone.

A ball of light pierced the sky and descended towards Makoto's location!


Meanwhile, True New Town.

Also when people discuss Q&A sessions.

A light mass suddenly descended at this moment, falling into the crowd, causing a burst of exclamations!

Finally stopped in front of the confused Dane!

At this moment, the live broadcast room completely exploded! .

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