"Oh my God, what the hell is this?"

"Q&A session? The most important thing is that if you answer correctly, there will actually be a reward? "

"Shhh, I wish I was selected, and then guessed correctly, I don't know what the reward will be..."

"Choose me, you must choose me!"

Look at the World God List in the sky.

At this moment, the crowd below also began to stir.

After all.

Everyone saw the gods of the World God List.

In addition to the objects being counted to get rewards.

Right now... There is actually a Q&A session?

Just answer correctly.

Rewards are possible for everyone!

With the emergence of this news, at this moment, people are also completely crazy.

As long as you get it right, you can get the reward!

How can this not be crazy?

"But those four names, how do I seem to know the Dan Emperor, am I behind!"

"Yes, yes, who is that Oki Yukinari? Sounds a little familiar..."

"You may not know the name well, but when it comes to Dr. Ohki, you must be clear!!"

"Shhhh, Dr. Ohki? Is it the same Dr. Ohki who published many Pokémon research theories and revolutionized Pokémon research theories again and again? "

"That's right! He is the pride of our Kanto region, not only Doctor, but also the first Pokémon battle champion in the Kanto region before studying Pokémon!! "

"Doesn't that mean it's likely Dr. Ohki?"

"Not necessarily, I know on Godai, he is also very strong, he is the head of the battle pyramid, in charge of the symbol of valor, and there seem to be three divine beasts in his hand...!"

"Hey, it's all so terrifying, doesn't it mean that the one called Ash is also not simple?"

"But I really haven't heard the name Ash, is it some hidden boss?"

True New Town.

Ash looked up at the World God List in the air.

I saw my name appear on it.

I was also a little surprised for a while.

With a thick sense of disbelief.

How did your name appear on it?

Hanako, Ash's mother.

At this time, he was also incredulous, and he covered his mouth and exclaimed:


"Ash, it's really you!!"

In the end, I couldn't stop jumping up.

Pulling up Ash's arm, he was also sincerely happy for his son.

Ash pulled his hat and saw his mother so happy.

A wry smile also appeared on his face.

In the end, he just waved his hand helplessly:

"Mom, it's not necessarily me!"

"Maybe there are other people in the world called Ash?"

As Ash's voice fell.

Hanako, who had already been carried away by joy, also regained her calm and looked at Ash in front of her.

There was a little complexity in his eyes.

And the surrounding residents.

Originally, when he saw Ash's name, after a brief surprise.

They are all sincerely happy for him.

But listening to Ash say this, I didn't know what to say to comfort Ash.

Oh, yes.

There are many people called Ash in this world.

It doesn't have to be Ash they know!

Hanako looked at Ash, and a look of worry appeared on her face, and she was a little eager to speak:


Ash quietly looked at the World God List.

A moment later.

But suddenly he smiled.

Looking at Hanako in front of him, he said solemnly:

"I'm the one who wants to become a Pokémon Master!"

"I love Pokémon, love from the bottom of my heart, no matter what the future holds, as long as I can go in this direction, it is right!"

Ash said to the end.

Clenched fists tightly.

There was also an inexplicable meaning in his eyes.

That is never giving up, never admitting defeat!

This is Ash's dream to become a Pokémon Master!!

Become the world's number one Pokémon Master!

No matter what setbacks, he could not give up this dream.

This is Ash's insistence, never give up!

Dr. Ohki looked at Ash not far away.

and the sudden appearance of the God List Q&A session.

And those four options.

Watch Ash and his own name appear on it.

For a while, I couldn't help but be stunned.

But before he could speak, Ron beside him became extremely excited and laughed

"Xuecheng, it's stable, it's stable this time!"

"Few people know that the boy is you, as long as you are selected, you will be rewarded!!"

Ron's breathing became heavy, and it was Dr. Ohki who appeared in the video.

Although he was very shocked.

Who appeared in the video was actually Dr. Ohki?

He actually had an encounter with Sherabi?

This Dr. Ohki never revealed it.

But at the moment, it's more joy.

As long as it is selected.

Isn't the reward for the Q&A session within reach?

Dr. Ohki seemed a little calm about this.

Just wanted to explain, but at the moment, the world god list in the air.

The light curtain that emerged, bloomed with daoist brilliance.

The golden piece is so fascinating that people can't open their eyes.

At the next moment, a ball of light came to Dr. Ohki, a golden piece that looked beautiful.

Dr. Ohki looked at this scene, and for a while, his face couldn't help but show surprise.

In it... Felt the powerful energy fluctuations!

At the same time, all over the world.

There are quite a few people, and light groups appear in front of them.


League of Elves.

The sudden Q&A session also made the atmosphere of the audience fall into a dead silence.

At last.

Or Daigo was the first to break the silence!

Gently knocking on the table, watching the Q&A session that suddenly appeared, gently exhaling a turbid breath:

"Perhaps... This is an opportunity! "

"As long as one of us is selected for the Q&A, there is a chance to get rewarded!"

"And, according to the information we have so far, Oki Yuksei is the most likely...!"

The voice just fell.

The World God List bloomed with Dao brilliance.

In this huge conference room.

But two golden light clusters suddenly appeared!

Finally, he stopped in front of Yulongdu and Dan Di.

But only two!

This photophore came suddenly.

Even they haven't reacted yet.


Basically, the surrounding Heavenly King level powerhouses also had a touch of envy in their eyes at this moment.

To their such strength.

It is already difficult to improve strength.

But the emergence of the World God List just gave them hope!

Looking at the two people who appeared in front of them not far away.

Mother-in-law Juzi, Shiba and the others felt the sudden light mass.

For a while, I couldn't help but tremble.

The beautiful light mass, just by looking at it, makes people unable to take their eyes off.

It contains vast, yet mysterious power!

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