There was silence in the room.

People quietly looked at the Dan Emperor and the Royal Dragon Du.

The brilliant light mass stayed in front of them!

Especially after feeling its terrifying power.

Even though there are all champion-level trainers around, they are still trembling!

Daigo after seeing the brilliant light mass.

Feel the power that contains horror to the extreme.

He was originally extremely calm, but at this moment, his face showed a deep shock!

Even if you are already mentally prepared.

But in front of this light with vast power, he still couldn't control his expression.

Even the champion-level Pokémon are so inferior!


I don't even have the qualifications to carry shoes!

The world's number one trainer, Dan Di.

Looking at the brilliant light mass in front of him, he also felt a little dry mouth at this time.

With a deep shock in his eyes, he seemed to be guided by some kind.

Gently hold the photophore and make your choice!

"Oki Yuksei!"

The same is true of the Royal Dragon Ferry beside him.

Glancing at the Dan Emperor beside him, he finally suddenly clenched the light mass!

"Dan Emperor!"

This is the moment.

Images like this keep happening all over the world!

Sakaki looked at the light mass that suddenly appeared in front of him.

A drop of cold sweat slipped across his face.

With that, endless excitement!

Looking at the extremely strange light mass that suddenly appeared in front of him, the brilliant brilliance was reflected on his face.


Sakaki quickly calmed down after extreme excitement.

Must be calm!

Carefully analyzing the situation in front of him, his eyes flickered.

Then look at the four options on the screen.

Speechless for a long time.



Hualan Taokan.

In a blue dojo.

Pokémon frolic in the water.

The girls also sat by the pool, their feet constantly splashing.

Looking up, it was the World God List that suddenly appeared in the sky not long ago.

For a while, it was even more chattering!

The blue-haired, red-eyed girl Calamus looked at the four options that suddenly appeared, tilted her head and asked:

"Hey, who do you think it will be?"

The pink-haired girl Peony was holding her hands by the pool, pouting, a little bored:

"What, I don't know any of the above, in contrast, I prefer that legendary divine beast, it's really beautiful!"

"If you can come to our performance, it will definitely make Hualan Taoist Hall the most dazzling existence!"

Xiaoxia looked at her sisters.

For a while, I couldn't help but cover my forehead, and my head was full of black lines.

His three sisters, as the owners of the Hualan Taoist Hall, don't want to improve their strength, just thinking about how to perform?

In this regard, Xiaoxia was also very speechless.

Finally said helplessly:

"Please, now we're talking about who it is, not whether it's good or not!"

Heard Xiaoxia's voice.

Several older sisters turned around, and the eldest sister Sakura smiled even more and shook her head.

The wavy blonde hair was even more shaky.

Looking at Xiaoxia, he said with a smile:

"Only the selected people have the opportunity to answer, and even if the answer is discussed, it is not necessarily us!"

The two sisters around them echoed one after another.

"It is, it is!"

"Xiaoxia always likes to worry so much!"

Looking at his three sisters who have no cure.

Xiaoxia's head is full of black lines, and her heart is even more secretly determined that she must become stronger!


This inherited Hualan Taoist Hall is really going to be defeated by them!

In an instant.

Above the swimming pool, a dazzling light mass suddenly appeared!

Exudes terrifying coercion.

The Pokémon, who were still playing in the pool, are even more enemies at this moment.

Hide at the bottom of the pool and shiver!

The four were taken aback by this sudden picture.


The light group came to Xiaoxia's side.

Quickly understood that this was Xiaoxia!!

Xiao Xia's face was a little stunned, looking at the light mass in front of her, she was a little at a loss for a while.

After the three sisters saw this scene, they opened their mouths even wider, and their faces were full of incredulity!

Xiaoxia was actually chosen!

This is something that no one expected.

With such a low probability, she was actually chosen?

Xiaoxia suddenly became a little anxious:

"Who do you want to choose?!"

For a while, the three sisters looked at each other.

You look at me, I look at you.

The entire hall fell silent.

Xiaoxia suddenly became more anxious.

The eldest sister Sakura saw Xiaoxia so anxious, looked up at the options above, and finally spoke:

"I think it's better to choose Oki Yukinari, he is Dr. Ohki and a former champion of the Kanto region, so let's choose him!"

As soon as the words fell, the second sister Calamus immediately spoke:

"I think, it's better to choose the Dan Emperor!"

"He's the world's number one Pokémon trainer, no matter how you look at it, it's probably him!"

The third sister Peony shook her head, and her delicate little face was full of seriousness:

"I think it's still a god!"

"I accidentally saw a news before, the head of the battle pyramid, there is still a divine beast in his hand, in my opinion, the most likely is him!"

Looking at his three older sisters.

Everyone says a different answer.

Xiaoxia was almost crying!

Watch as they continue to argue.

Xiaoxia immediately understood that what she had were three unreliable sisters!

You have to make your own choice....

Silence for a moment, finally biting her lip and choosing the last option they didn't choose, Ash!

After Xiaoxia's choice, the light mass also dissipated in an instant!

Meanwhile, the Carlos area.

Asaka Town.

With short flaxen hair, she wore a pure white dress, and her beautiful eyes rippled.

The breeze hit, and the skirt swayed.

The scene is picturesque.

It's like a beauty in a painting, but she just looks at the sky blankly.

Looking at the light curtain in the air, and... One of the names!


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