Everything Is Too Easy After Maxing My Talents

Chapter 347: Repair the spaceship and advance to the intermediate mechanic!

  Chapter 347 Repair spaceship, advanced intermediate mechanic!

Although he had the idea of ​​accepting closed-door disciples, considering his skills... and the inheritance of that special item, Sulaman felt that it was necessary to keep his eyes open and take a good look at Li Yueming's character and talent, and whether he was really suitable for him. requirements for heirs.

   Li Yueming naturally knew nothing about his thoughts.

Although the old man's routine is a bit deep, in the final analysis, the purpose of what he does is still for his own good. Although repairing and maintaining the spaceship is a hard and tiring job, it is better than staying in the factory holding this pile of broken parts and delving into it. More fun isn't it?

The most important thing is that if he can complete the repair and maintenance of the spaceship, he may also be able to get an official position in the logistics department like the old man. As long as he officially enters the bureaucratic system of Diyang Star, with Li Yueming's talent and ability, it is only time to get ahead. It's just a problem.

   A week later.

   Hans, who originally delivered resources to Li Yueming, went and returned.

  When he sent twelve military starships C01 into the maintenance dock, Hans didn't realize there was any problem, but when he saw Li Yueming was about to board the ship for inspection, he was a little dumbfounded.

   Grabbing Li Yueming's shoulder, Hans asked with a puzzled face, "General Sulaman won't arrange for you to repair and maintain these spaceships, will he?"

   Stared at by his suspicious eyes, Li Yueming felt a little unsteady, twitched the corner of his mouth and asked, "Is there any problem?"

Hans glanced at the spaceship, then at Li Yueming, and remained silent for a long time before he said, "Of course there is a problem, and it's a serious problem... Although these spaceships are not very classified and belong to the public, they are serious Starfield-class warships, at least level 3 mechanics are eligible for maintenance..."

   Speaking of this, Hans' voice paused, and after a while, he closed his eyes and said: "If I remember correctly, you only started to contact the mechanical department half a month ago, right?"

  Even if Li Yueming has only studied for two and a half years, Hans will not talk too much at the moment.

   But judging from the information he got, the young man in front of him was only admitted to the ultimate martial arts school last month, and he hasn't even been in contact with machinery for a month and a half.

   Such a guy who may not even understand mechanical parts, how could Hans dare to ask him to repair star field-class spacecraft worth hundreds of millions or even billions?

  If this is repaired and scrapped, Sulaman may be fine, but he is afraid that it will be a black hat.

  Li Yueming didn't know how to answer his question for a while, after all, even he himself was a little bit embarrassed about Sulaman's operation.

Just when the two of them stared at each other and were speechless for a while, Sulaman's voice sounded behind him in time, and said lightly: "Hans, it has nothing to do with you when these spaceships are delivered to the dock. Months, you just need to come and drive away, all the responsibilities that may arise during this period have nothing to do with you, I will report to the military committee separately!"

  Hearing Sulaman's voice, Hanston, who was still somewhat teased in his eyes, suddenly became solemn, turned his head to look at Sulaman, and said after a respectful military salute: "Yes!"

   Li Yueming was taken aback by his two faces, and at the same time, he couldn't help but become more curious about Sulaman's identity.

   After all, wanting a senior military officer of a military committee to be so respectful is not just something that simple logistics personnel can do.

  Suraman must have an unknown side.

  After agreeing, Hans hesitated for a moment and said hesitantly: "General Sulaman...do you really want to give him a trainee mechanic to repair all these spaceships?"

  Suraman nodded.

  Hans turned his head and glanced at Li Yueming, then at Sulaman, nodded after a long time and said: "Okay, I understand, then I will wait for your good news!"

  Star domain-class spacecraft, even with a regular serial number, costs billions of dollars for one ship, and nearly two to three billion for twelve ships.

  Even if Sulaman said that he would take full responsibility, if there is an accident with so many billions of spaceships, even if only a little storm affects him, it will prevent him from ascending in the next life.

   But despite this, Hans didn't say anything, turned around and left.

  He doesn't trust Li Yueming, but he obviously trusts Sulaman very much.



  After he left, Sulaman glanced at Li Yueming and said, "Boy, don't embarrass me!"

Then, he took out a blueprint from his pocket, handed it to Li Yueming, and continued: "Here, this is the design drawing of C01, which shows the various functions and locations of C01 in detail. All you have to do is In the next three months, these twelve spaceships will be repaired and perfected, and after they are repaired, they will also be given a basic maintenance!"

   took the fluffy blueprint from his hand.

  At the beginning, Li Yueming thought that the structure of the spaceship was relatively simple, so a few drawings could be recorded.

But after a closer look, he realized that it was too hasty. What Sulaman gave him now was just a rough map, which only marked the main functional areas of the spacecraft, and the detailed drawings of many internal components were all in the specially-made encrypted hard disk.

   Feeling a bit delicate, Li Yueming took a look at the hard drive and plugged it into the computer, only to find that there were more than 3,000 pages in it.

   This Nima is not comprehensible at all with basic mechanical knowledge?

   Mechanics are divided into six ranks.

   are: Mechanic Apprentice, Junior Mechanic, Intermediate Mechanic, Senior Mechanic, Battle Mechanic, Supreme Mechanic.

  Mechanics and warriors have similar level concepts. Before being promoted to the sixth level, warriors are actually within the scope of ordinary humans. Except that they are physically and mentally stronger than ordinary people, other aspects are basically not much different from ordinary people.

   Only after mastering the mysterious factors in the body proficiently and being promoted to the sixth-level warrior, can the warrior burst out with huge power like a landslide and tsunami.

  The same is true for a mechanic. Before comprehending the mysterious power in the machine and becoming a combat mechanic, the mechanic itself does not have any extraordinary combat power, and can only make up for this deficiency through other means such as mechanical implants.

  And Li Yueming's level among mechanics is junior now, but the knowledge involved in the spaceship maintenance materials that Suraman gave him is only involved by intermediate mechanics.

   In other words, if he wants to complete this work, Li Yueming not only has to master the knowledge of an intermediate mechanic within three months, but also has to repair all twelve spaceships!

   This is trying to squeeze him dry!

Sulaman was obviously in a good mood. Seeing Li Yueming's gloomy gaze, he hurriedly laughed and said, "Don't look at me, although there are a lot of these blueprints, it's not for you to read them all. You just need to find out where these spaceships are. If something goes wrong, then it will be fine to carry out targeted learning and repair according to the place where the problem occurred!"

   It was easy to say, but this time is too tense.

   Forget it, Li Yueming is too lazy to say anything, if he wants to get attention, he has to show his strength, and everything right now is both a challenge and an opportunity for him.

   Brutally waved away Sulaman, who watched the excitement and didn't think it was a big deal. Li Yueming closed the factory door and began to study hard.

  If you only have the talent of the God of Mechanics, it may be more cramped to learn and practice at the same time, but don't forget that Li Yueming also has the talent of infinite deduction.

  Before, he didn’t forget to continue to improve martial arts while learning mechanics, relying on the talent of infinite deduction to avoid wasting all meaningless time.

   Now what Li Yueming has to do is to transfer all the computing power of the infinite deduction to the repair of the spacecraft.

  In the next month, Li Yueming began to work overtime and do research in the factory.

  In order to save energy, he didn't even go back to the dormitory.

   Sleep in the cabin every day when you are sleepy, and go to the cafeteria to have a light meal or simply eat nutrient solution as a meal when you are tired.

  He did not rashly disassemble the spacecraft engine and other parts for research. After all, this thing is really extremely complicated and precise.

   After he had researched almost all the parts of the entire spaceship, a month and a half had passed.

  First determine where the spaceship sent over is faulty, and then compare the damaged parts with the design drawings to find out the cause before proceeding to solve it.

  The entire process sounds easy, but it is full of tests of the mechanic's patience and knowledge.

   During this period, Liang Run went to the dormitory to look for Li Yueming several times, but he was never found.

  Finally feeling something was wrong, Liang Run rushed to the teaching building of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and searched around, but found no one.

   Searched around, and finally arrived at Li Yueming, only to find that Li Yueming had already got into the hood of the spaceship.

  Looking at Li Yueming, who was covered in oil and working hard, Liang Run was numb, and he couldn't believe it: "No, are you really playing with mecha?"

  Hearing his voice, Li Yueming poked his head out of his busy schedule to take a look and replied: "Mr. Liang...I'm repairing a spaceship!"

  If the voice and appearance were not correct, Liang Run would have thought that he had misunderstood the wrong person at this moment. After a long silence, he said dryly: "Spaceship repair? This is not something apprentices do!"

  Although it is true that he is a warrior, and he does not know much about machinery, he has never eaten pork, but he has always seen pigs running.

  The star field spaceships placed in front of you look like military spaceships, at least you need an intermediate or advanced mechanic to get started, right? What does Li Yueming have to do as an apprentice who has just started?

   But at this moment Li Yueming had climbed out of the spaceship proficiently, and turned around to fix the engine of the spaceship.

   Without waiting for Liang Run to say anything, Li Yueming climbed directly into the cockpit of the spacecraft, and said to the shipboard artificial intelligence: "Start the self-inspection program!"

  Next, something that shocked Liang Run even more happened, but the military artificial intelligence in the spaceship responded: "Ding, your operation authority is being confirmed. The authority confirmation is successful, and the self-inspection program is starting!"

   "Propeller, engine, and drive module testing, current progress: 5%...10%... Power module testing completed, no faults found!"

   "Fluid protection, ship load, and carrying compartment inspection, current progress: 5%...20%...Comprehensive template inspection completed, no faults found!"

   "The shipboard weapon template is being tested... The test is complete and no faults have been found!"

   "All the failures of the spaceship have been repaired to normal. Do you want to start the engine immediately?!"

  After hearing that the artificial intelligence detected the overall function of the spacecraft as 'everything is normal', Li Yueming couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

   This is the first spaceship he has repaired after studying for a month and a half.

   Finally, nothing unexpected happened.

   While he was checking the various functions of the spaceship, Liang Run under his feet had opened his mouth wide at the moment, completely dumbfounded by everything in front of him.

  What the hell, if he is not mistaken, Li Yueming just joined the Mechanical Department three months ago, right?

  If you can repair star field-class spaceships right now...doesn't it mean that you have become an intermediate mechanic?

  It doesn’t matter if the talent in the martial arts department is so terrifying that it explodes, but if you change your career to study machinery, you can also be handy?

   Is this the destined person?

  If the head coach hadn’t personally confirmed with him before, Liang Run might have treated Li Yueming as a monster right now. After all, martial arts and mechanics are two completely incompatible professions, and even their respective talents seem to conflict with each other.

   Not to mention that no one has ever possessed the talents of these two professions at the same time, even if there is, it is absolutely impossible for Li Yueming to be equally top-notch in both.

  Liang Run only now knew why Li Yueming didn't study the martial arts department, and came to the mechanical department to seek guilt.

   This Nima family doesn't play cards according to common sense at all!

  Looking at Li Yueming who had started to repair the next spaceship, Liang Run couldn't help but sighed deeply.

   Well, it seems that he is too short-sighted.

  If the so-called destined person cannot break all the established destiny, how can he take on the unprecedented responsibilities?

  Thinking of this, Liang Run immediately came to his senses. Originally, he wanted to wait for Li Yueming to return to the Martial Arts Department before fulfilling the promised resources, but now it seems that Li Yueming will not return to the Martial Arts Department for the time being.

  Resources must be arranged for him as soon as possible!

   Without further disturbing, Liang Run silently turned his head and left the workshop.

  Li Yueming didn't pay much attention to his arrival.

  With the resources Sulaman applied for from the Military Council, it is basically enough to meet Li Yueming's daily needs at this stage.

   Although the resources promised by Liang Run are quite a lot, they can only be regarded as icing on the cake for Li Yueming today.

  If he can learn the knowledge of the Mechanical Department in place, he doesn't even need to rely on the school's resources in the future, and he can also get what he needs through the military committee.

  Of course, adhering to the mentality of whoring for nothing, Li Yueming will definitely try to get things, but he really doesn't have so much time to think about these things now.

  After having a successful first time, the next thing is relatively simple, Li Yueming began to repair the remaining eleven spaceships one by one.


  (end of this chapter)

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