Su Diyue’s eyes showed a deep joy.

Her cultivation talent is actually very good, she can cultivate to the Tai Void Realm at the age of twenty, even in the Holy Land, she can become a true disciple.

If it weren’t for that wisp of Yin Poisonous Demon Qi, she would probably have broken through the Tai Void and achieved the Void Realm by now!

It will never be like now, cultivation does not advance but retreat, and falls into the Void Xuan Realm!

He was also bullied by a group of courtiers!

So she wants to regain her strength more than anyone!

But the reality is cruel, how rare is the seven-pin pill!

Even if it appears on the market, it is not something she can get.

I thought this would be the end of my life.

But Su Feng gave her hope again!

“Although the Qingshen Pill is infinitely close to the eighth grade, it is not difficult for me.”

Su Feng smiled slightly.

Having inherited everything from the White Clothed Dan Master, he knew very well that the alchemy level of the White Clothed Dan Master was not the seventh grade at all, but the eighth grade!

You must know that even the Medicine King Hall, one of the three holy places in Tongtian Prefecture, its hall master is only eight grades.

“Then thank you Xiao Feng.”

Su Diyue’s eyes were even more joyful.

“Don’t worry, sister, you have protected me for many years, let me protect you in the future.”

Su Feng grabbed Su Diyue’s hand and said seriously.

“Little… Kaede…”

Su Diyue was suddenly stunned.

She was actually only twenty years old, and even from her appearance, she was not much older than Su Feng.

But since birth, she has not had a day that a little girl should have.

Every day is either cultivation or cultivation.

Especially after the death of her parents, she abandoned all distractions and devoted herself to becoming stronger.

For the grace of nurturing, for Lingqing Pavilion, for Su Feng.

But she is a woman after all, and after so many years, she is actually very tired in her heart.

It is not only necessary to defend against external enemies, but also to deal with the internal affairs of the sect.

She also wanted to rest.

It’s just that the huge Su clan, besides her, who else can resist.

Now Su Feng’s words made her heartstrings suddenly plucked, and even her nose felt a little sour.

“Sister, why are you crying?”

Su Feng looked at Su Diyue’s slightly red eyes and asked suddenly.


Su Diyue came back to his senses, his face turned red, and he quickly turned around, “It’s just sand in my eyes.” ”

“You won’t be moved, will you?”

Su Feng smiled teasingly.

“you, your sister and I are the masters of the court, how can I be moved so easily?”

With his back to Su Feng, Su Diyue’s face turned even redder, “Although you are a white-clothed Dan master, you don’t have a cultivation, how can you protect me.” ”

“Sooner or later, there will be repairs.”

Su Feng said casually.

If he wanted to cultivate, he could log in to the Flame Sword Demon’s account now and obtain the cultivation of the Void Xuan Realm.

But he is not in a hurry.

Besides, this is a demon account.

In this world, there is a distinction between right and devil.

And Lingqing Pavilion is a righteous path sect, if he inherits the demon head account, he will definitely cause a lot of trouble.

Besides, even if you want to inherit the demon head account, you have to be stronger.

For example, the demon lord or something.

“Talk big,”

Su Diyue suddenly chuckled, “Okay, you go to rest first, I believe that you are not interested in the next trivial matters, so leave it to me.” ”

“Okay, you always get busy first.”

The rest of the matter was nothing more than cleaning up Zhang’s minions in the pavilion.

He really wasn’t interested in that.

After Su Feng left, Su Diyue slowly turned around, and her eyes became gratified.

This chick, which used to need her protection at all times, was finally able to spread its wings and soar.

In this way, even if he is not there in the future, Su Feng can live well on his own.


Go back to your accommodation.

This is a rather elegant courtyard, pavilions, rockeries and pools.

Su Feng stood under an ancient tree, and the leaves were falling.

He had just finished putting together an overview of the world.

This place is called Canglan Continent, and it is said that it was created by a great emperor.

Of course, this is just a legend, and no one can confirm how it is.

On this continent, there are sects, families, and dynasties.

With each other, checks and balances, there is no absolute crushing force appearing.

The mainland is divided into nine states, of which Nakashinju in the center is the strongest and has the largest geographical range.

There is a rich spiritual energy, people and spirits, and treasures of heaven, gathering the strong people from all sides on the continent.

Even the powerhouses of the second step of martial arts and the third step of martial arts have them!

Lingqing Pavilion is located in the east of the mainland, that is, within Tongtianzhou.

Tongtianzhou is not strong, and among Kyushu, it is basically at the bottom.

For so many years, there is not even a martial arts second step powerhouse.

So it has always been despised by other states.

There is no imperial dynasty in Tongtianzhou, all are sect families.

The ranks of the sect are divided into three grades, two grades, one grade, top level, and holy land.

If Su Diyue’s strength does not decrease, Lingqing Pavilion is also a well-deserved first-class sect, and it is in the middle of the Tongtian Prefecture.

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