Shinto Sect, Tenjou Mountain.

Ancient trees and mountains.

Many sect disciples are practicing martial arts on the martial arts training field.

The entire sect was thriving and hot.

The peak of Heavenly Wolf Mountain is extremely flat, and occasionally there are huge stones standing, corresponding to the seven stars of the firmament, which is quite a wonderful formation.

Among them, a slightly old figure was sitting cross-kneeled in the center.

White hair like frost, draped on the ground.

The eyebrows like a sword give people a sense of sharpness.

He was one of the three Tai Void Realm martial artists of the Shinto Sect.

He is also a Taishang elder of the Shinto sect.

After several months of retreat, he had already broken through to the Netherworld Realm!


Suddenly, two figures appeared ten meters away in front of him.

“Congratulations to Lao Zu for his successful breakthrough!”

Among the two, one was the Sect Master, the other was the Great Elder, and they were also the two Tai Void Martial Artists of the Shinto Sect.

“This is also a coincidence.”

Elder Taishang’s name was Han Jitian, and he said slowly.

However, there was still a hint of joy in his eyes.

After all, breaking through to the Tong Nether Realm, not only did his strength skyrocket, but even his lifespan, which was originally only two hundred years, increased to three hundred years!

“Recently, what major events have happened in the sect?”

Han Jitian asked.


Hearing this, Sect Master Han Dan and Great Elder Han Qing suddenly fell silent for a moment.

Seeing this, Han Jitian’s brows furrowed, and he said in a deep voice: “If you have anything to say, just say it.” ”

“Old Ancestor, do you remember Lingqing Pavilion?”

Han Dan said.

“Naturally, you know, isn’t it the sect where Su Diyue is,”

Han Jitian raised his eyebrows, “The old man remembers that Su Diyue was hit by the poisonous demon of the Yin Moon Demon Sect in the Zheng Demon War two years ago, and his strength plummeted, and it seems that there is only the Empty Xuan Realm. ”

“Why, her strength has recovered?”

“Not really.”

Han Dan shook his head.

“So what happened?”

Han Jitian asked.

“At the beginning, the Zhang clan was deliberately abandoned by us and introduced into the Lingqing Pavilion, in order to gradually encroach on the Lingqing Pavilion and become a subordinate sect controlled by the Shinto Sect.”

Han Dan said, “Under our secret cultivation, Zhang Lin already has the cultivation of the peak of Void Xuan, and he would have been able to kill Su Diyue, but not long ago, there was an accident. ”

“What accident?”

Han Jitian’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Su Diyue’s younger brother, that is, that waste material Su Feng, he is actually the legendary white-clothed Dan master!”

Han Dan hesitated and said with difficulty.


Hearing this, Han Jitian was stunned.

Did he feel like he had misheard?

Who Su Feng was, he naturally knew.

For the important people of Lingqing Pavilion, he knows it well!

But Su Feng has grown up in Lingqing Pavilion since he was a child, and he has never shown his talent for demons in cultivation, and to this day, he seems to be just a weak martial artist in the Sensual Qi Realm.

How could a person like him be a white-clothed Dan Master?

You must know that the white-clothed Dan Master is a figure in the alchemy world!

At the alchemy conference that year, he was also there, and he also witnessed the peerless demeanor of the white-clothed Dan Master!

Could it be Su Feng?

There is no way to fight between the two!

“Are you teasing the old man?”

Han Jitian’s face became gloomy.

“Old ancestor is angry, I really don’t hide it halfway.”

Hearing the displeasure in Han Jitian’s voice, Han Dan suddenly knelt on one knee and quickly said.

“Then how do you confirm that Su Feng is that white-clothed Dan Master?”

Han Jitian said in a deep voice.

“Four Seasons Sword Attendant!”

Han Dan swallowed his spit, “Although Lingqing Pavilion cleansed the Zhang family after the fact, there are still people who survive. ”

“According to their oral accounts, there are four women from the Tai Void Realm beside Su Feng, who use the sword techniques of the Four Seasons Sword Sect!”

Hearing this, Han Jitian didn’t say anything more unbelievable.

After all, the Four Seasons Sword Attendant is one of the symbols of the white-clothed Dan Master!

“But it’s not right.”

After a long while, Han Jitian spoke with some doubt, “If Su Feng is a white-clothed Dan master, with his ability, he can definitely heal Su Diyue’s injuries.” ”

“Moreover, with the identity and appeal of the white-clothed Dan Master, it won’t take a few years for Lingqing Pavilion to be promoted to the top power.”

“Then why hide the identity of the white-clothed Dan Master?”

Hearing this, Han Dan’s eyes rolled and said: “Maybe it’s because of the lack of foundation, afraid of Mu Xiu Yulin, after all, the white-clothed Dan Master himself has no cultivation, just relying on those four too void realm sword attendants, may not be able to protect him.” ”

“Then he can join the Medicine King Hall and have a holy place as a backer, what else is there to be afraid of in Tongtianzhou?”

Han Jitian’s brows furrowed deeper.

“This… I don’t know. ”

Han Dan thought for a moment and shook his head.

“Forget it, it’s useless to think about this matter, now you only need to answer the old man’s question!”

Han Jitian’s eyes suddenly became fiery, as if there was a burning mass.

Just looking at Han Jitian’s eyes, Han Dan felt the smell of conspiracy and ambition.

“Lao Zu, please ask!”

Han Dan said.

“The matter that Su Feng is a white-clothed Dan master, can it be passed on?”

Han Jitian asked.

“This, no, Su Diyue seems to strictly order those in the know not to say it.”

Han Dan said.

“That’s fine.”

Han Jitian breathed a sigh of relief and laughed loudly, “This is simply a great creation given by God to our Shinto Sect!” ”

Hearing this, Han Dan and Great Elder Han Qing looked at each other, and their eyes were full of doubt.

How is this creation?

“Please make it clear to the ancestor.”

Han Dan arched his hands.

“The white-clothed Dan Master is a seventh-grade alchemist, if we detain him, won’t we have obtained an alchemy furnace that works specifically for us?”

Han Jitian said excitedly, “How precious is the seven-pin pill? Even our family background of the Shinto Sect may not be able to buy three, but with Su Feng, the seven-pin pills will simply flow in the future! ”

Hearing this, Han Dan and Han Qing immediately reacted.

Oh, yes!

Who the white-clothed Dan Master is, not many people in the world know.

If he can catch him early, he will be able to have a huge supply of elixir resources.

It is difficult for the Shinto sect to prosper or not!

And maybe he can break through to the realm of Tongyu like the ancestor!

Even higher!

“Now, the two of you will follow the ancestor and me to the Lingqing Pavilion!”

Han Jitian slowly got up, “Remember, none of the Su Clan lineage of Lingqing Pavilion can die, especially Su Diyue, this is an important handle to threaten the White Clothed Dan Master in the future!” ”

“Be sure to catch it alive!”

“Don’t worry, Lao Zu, we all understand!”

Han Dan and the two had excited and cruel smiles on their faces.

At this moment, they seemed to have seen the endless brilliant future of the Shinto Sect!

Then at this moment, suddenly a cold voice suddenly sounded between the mountains.

“Where is the Shinto Sect?”

“Don’t come out and kneel yet!”

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