“This is a beast in the clouds, a gift from the Tongtian Lin family.”

There was nothing to hide, so Su Feng said it bluntly.

“Beast in the clouds?”

Hearing this, Su Diyue was stunned at first, and then her pupils shrank, and her eyes showed shock, “But that extremely rare exotic beast? ”


Su Feng nodded.

“I remember that more than ten years ago, a cloud beast appeared at the auction, which sold for a high price of 30 million top-grade spirit stones!”

Su Diyue said, “What the hell have you done, the Tongtian Lin family will… Wait, Tsuten-Lin family? ”

Speaking of this, Su Diyue’s gaze suddenly changed.

“Is it the Lin family from Tongtian City?”

“How else?”

Su Feng chuckled.

“That’s our Tongtian Prefecture Overlord-level Great Family, how could they give you such a precious beast?”

Su Diyue said incredulously.

“The eldest daughter of the Lin family was injured by the demon clan, so I just went over to refine a pill.”

Su Feng said casually.

“You’re putting it lightly.”

Su Diyue rolled her eyes.

Although I don’t know what elixir Su Feng has refined, the grade will definitely not be low.

Otherwise, how could the Lin family send such a valuable thing.

“Okay, let’s go inside.”

Su Feng said and walked towards the council hall.

“It’s all dispersed, those who should cultivate to cultivate, and those who should do things to do things.”

Su Diyue looked at the disciples who were still gathered in the martial arts practice arena and chatted very excitedly in a low voice, and raised her hand.


The disciples’ faces turned grim, and they immediately left respectfully.

However, from their eyes, it can still be seen that the next Lingqing Pavilion has a topic to talk about!

After all, this is a beast in the clouds!

And that Tongtian Lin family!


“So it is.”

In the main hall, at Su Diyue’s request, Su Feng had no choice but to tell the recent events.

After Su Diyue listened, her eyes were full of color.

“Unexpectedly, you not only solved the Shinto Sect, but even healed Lin Muwan!”

“Everything is a coincidence.”

Su Feng shrugged, “I originally just went to buy the Water of Goodness. ”

“This is a person’s luck,”

he said

Su Diyue shook her head, “Qi luck is a very mysterious thing, it can’t be seen or touched, but it is the most important thing for a martial artist.” ”


For this, Su Feng still agreed with it.

In his previous life, without luck, it was difficult for him to succeed.

And if people want to succeed, in addition to that one percent of effort, they need 99 percent luck.

“In other words, aren’t you a seventh-grade alchemist, how did you become an eighth-grade alchemist again?”

Su Diyue suddenly looked at Su Feng, “Okay, you’re hiding from me again.” ”

“Well, this,”

Su Feng rubbed his forehead, “It’s not important for me to think about it, so I didn’t say anything.” ”

“Not important?”

Su Diyue was speechless.

If any force can produce a seventh-grade alchemist, it is estimated that it will be publicized all over the world.

Not to mention the eight products!

It is estimated that only this guy does not take this seriously.

“Sister, the most important thing now is you.”

Su Feng diverted the topic and said.


Su Diyue pointed to herself.

“How else?”

Su Feng shook his head slightly, “You must have forgotten, who I mainly took this trip for.” ”

Hearing this, Su Diyue reacted.

Yes, Su Feng would go to Tongtian City for the sake of the water of goodness.

And the water of goodness is to help her refine elixir!

“It’s not in vain that my sister used to hurt you.”

Su Diyue’s face suddenly showed joy.

Xiu Wei is the thing that bothers her the most at the moment.

If the realm is not restored for a day, her heart will be unstable.

“I’ll take a retreat today, probably tomorrow.”

Su Feng said.

“So fast?”

Su Diyue was stunned.

In her impression, doesn’t alchemy have to be prepared for a long time.

“If a pill still has to be refined for ten days and a half a month, can I still be an eighth-grade alchemist?”

Su Feng chuckled, got up and walked towards his residence.

Just when he walked to the gate of the temple, he stopped and reminded: “It’s that the movement will be a little big, you ask the doorman not to panic.” ”

“Is that an exaggeration.”

Su Diyue had never come into contact with an alchemist of this level, not even the seventh grade, so he didn’t know what kind of scene the alchemy would have.

“You know what?”

Su Diyue looked at the four women of Chuncao.

“It’s just thunder.”

Chuncao thought for a moment and said.

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