“I don’t know if the Sultan Master is willing to enter my Yin Moon Gate!”

The sound of magic echoed faintly between heaven and earth.

Many warriors were once again angry and bloody.

“Speak when you speak, participate in magic skills, what is the intention?”

Su Diyue’s face was cold, and the sword body in his hand shook, and the sound of the sword sounded, shattering the magic sound.

“I asked the Sultan, not you.”

The Demon Sect Holy Girl’s face did not change, and she was still smiling.

“I am the sister of the Sultan Master, and if you want to do something to him, ask me first!”

Su Diyue took a step forward and looked at each other coldly.

“What a big breath, looking at your breath, you have just broken through to the Yin and Yang Realm, do you really think that the world is invincible?”

The poisonous demon’s gaze was cold, “It seems that I have to let you recall the taste of that palm back then!” ”

Words fall!

The momentum of the two exploded instantly!

And the atmosphere on the field is also solemn to the extreme!

“Sultan, you still haven’t answered my question.”

The Demon Sect Saint blinked a little playfully.

“It’s okay to join the church, but.”

Su Feng smiled slightly.

“But what?”

The Demon Sect Saint asked.

“Isn’t it possible to send the Holy Daughter?”

Su Feng put his hands behind him, and his clothes flew over, “I have lacked a bed-warming girl recently.” ”

When these words fell, the audience fell silent for a moment.

Even the-for-tat Su Diyue and the poisonous demon two stopped, and they all looked at Su Feng with surprise in their eyes.

The Yin Moon Demon Sect is a holy land-level force, and it can still exist under the siege of the four seasons sword sect and the medicine king hall, which shows its strength.

The Holy Daughter of the Demon Sect is the worldly walk of the Demon Sect, representing the face of the Demon Sect.

If anyone dares to insult her, it is an enemy of the Demon Sect!

And Su Feng’s current words are no different from teasing.

Teasing the Holy Girl is equivalent to molesting the Demon Sect….

For so many years, even the two holy lands did not dare to make a move against the Holy Daughter of the Demon Sect.

Even obscene words do not dare to be said casually.


Someone came back to his senses and silently gave a thumbs up in his heart.

It really gave us men a face!

“Xiao Feng.”

Su Diyue was a little crying and laughing in her heart.

She really didn’t expect Su Feng to dare to say such a thing.

And still under this kind of public.

But in her heart, she is still very satisfied, at least her brother is kind enough and domineering enough.

If you are easily confused by women, it will be too spineless!

“How daring!”

The poisonous demon’s eyes flashed fiercely, “Dare to teach me the Holy Lady Flower Mouth, it’s just looking for death!” ”

Saying that, he raised his hand, covered in poisonous smoke, and wanted to slap it down.

“Protect Gongzi!”

The four women of Spring Grass immediately protected around Su Feng, and the long sword behind her back was unsheathed, listing the Four Seasons Sword Formation!

“Four Venerables through the Netherworld!”

When the aura of the four women of Spring Grass emerged, the audience was shocked!

Unexpectedly, the Four Seasons Sword Attendants back then are now all warriors who have passed through the Netherworld!

In this way, Lingqing Pavilion’s current strength is too strong.

Pavilion Master Su Diyue is a warrior of the Yin and Yang Realm!

Young Pavilion Master Su Feng is an eighth-grade alchemist!

The four guards are all the pinnacles of the Netherworld Realm!

This kind of strength is upstream even among the top forces!

Of course, Su Feng’s existence has added a lot of points.

After all, an alchemist represents countless strong people to follow!

“Four Seasons Sword Formation?”

Above the firmament, another voice sounded.

I saw the dense sword light flickering in the clouds, and finally turned into two figures.

One was dressed in gray, with an old face and four sword weapons on his back.

The other was dressed in a purple robe, with a thin face and deeply sunken eyes, looking like an overindulgent.

“It’s the Four Seasons Sword School.”

Seeing this, the poisonous demon immediately put down his raised hand.

“I didn’t expect that when the small space opened, I could still meet my sect abandonment.”

The gray-clothed old man’s eyes were cloudy, without the slightest emotion, “Through the Netherworld, it’s not bad.” ”

“This is the quadruplets that my grandfather wanted to cultivate carefully.”

The purple-clothed young man next to him fell on the four women of Spring Grass, and a trace of fire flashed in his eyes.

As for quadruplets, he had never tasted them.

After all, there are too few examples of quadruplets.

“Gray old.”

The purple-clothed young man glanced at the gray-clothed old man.

As the protector of the purple-clothed youth, the gray-clothed old man could not know the meaning, and then looked at the four women of Spring Grass: “The young sect master is kind and kind, and I want to give you a chance to return to the sect, and you can still enjoy the treatment of true disciples in the future.” ”

“True Transmission Disciple!”

When the warriors present heard this, their eyes burst with ejaculation.

This is a true disciple of the Holy Land, not comparable to those Yipin Sects!

The treatment that can be had, it is unimaginable!

For a while, everyone looked at the four women of Chuncao with envy and jealousy.

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