Seeing Su Diyue leaving the poisonous demon dead, both Su Feng and the Demon Sect Saint Girl raised their eyebrows.

But nothing more.

“Thank you.”

The poisonous demon struggled to stand up and said with a complicated look.

To be honest, he thought he would die, but he didn’t expect that this woman didn’t kill him.

“No need to thank me, in your body, I have left an internal qi, and this internal qi will purify your poisonous gas.”

Su Diyue put the sword into its sheath, her eyes indifferent.

Hearing this, the poisonous demon’s face changed.

He was a person who practiced poisonous arts, and if the poisonous gas was purified, then his cultivation realm would also decline!


The poisonous demon’s face turned ashen.

Once he relied on this poisonous gas to make many martial artists’ cultivation realms plummet.

And now I finally want to taste it.

“Let’s go.”

Su Diyue walked back and said.


Su Feng took a deep look at Su Diyue, and then said, “Miss Lin, let’s go together.” ”

“I can’t ask for it.”

Lin Muwan’s face suddenly showed a happy smile.

Immediately, the group walked into the gate of the pillar of light.

“Can you still move?”

The Holy Daughter of the Demon Sect looked at the poisonous demon and said.


The poisonous demon took out some pills from the storage ring and took them, and his face looked a little better.

“Then let’s go.”

The Demon Sect Saint walked towards the gate of the pillar of light, followed by the corpse demon.

As for the poisonous demon, he stumbled to keep up.


When you pass through the water-like mirror, when you open your eyes, it is already another space.

This is a vast plain, overgrown with grass and blue, which looks very peaceful and peaceful.

However, on such a plain, there are densely packed warriors waving their weapons into the air on the spot, as if they are fighting a powerful enemy!

“They are?”

Lin Muwan was a little puzzled.

“Phantom Array.”

Su Feng was concise and did not say much.

“Phantom Array!”

Hearing this, Lin Muwan was shocked in her heart.

She didn’t expect that there was actually a formation here!

“It seems that this is the cave mansion left by the predecessors, or the mausoleum.”

Su Diyue said in a deep voice, “The way of formation is extremely obscure, if we don’t understand the mystery, I’m afraid it’s easy to enter, and it’s difficult to get out.” ”

“And none of us seem to understand formations, right?”

Saying that, Su Diyue looked at the four daughters of Chuncao, Lin Muwan, and Lin Muwan’s two entourage.

Everyone shook their heads.

There is already a lot of time spent on cultivation every day, how can I have extra energy to practice the path of formation.

As for the disciples of Lingqing Pavilion who followed behind, needless to say, they definitely won’t.

“What to do?”

Su Diyue looked at Su Feng and asked.

“Formation, I have a dabble, just follow me.”

Coming here, Su Feng suddenly felt like home.

Where there is a formation and how to solve it, he knows it all.

“Formation, you also understand?”

Su Diyue was stunned.

But he didn’t ask much, after all, the qualifications that Su Feng currently showed were too enchanting.

Alchemy can all be eight grades, and it is normal to understand a little about the formation.

Others think the same way.

It’s just that when Su Feng led the way into the plain, everyone was shocked.

Because they found that Su Feng might not be as simple as understanding a little formation!

With every step, Su Feng was able to find a phantom array so that everyone could avoid touching it!

Even if it was extremely hidden, it did not escape his eyes!

Some disciples accidentally touched it, and Su Feng could easily unravel the formation!

That technique is as skillful as his alchemy!

“Xiao Feng, tell me, what kind of formation mage are you?”

On the way, Su Diyue couldn’t help but ask.

Formation mages, like alchemists, are divided into nine grades, and there is a realm above the nine grades.

“It’s not high, it’s eight grades.”

Su Feng thought for a moment and said.

Hearing this, Su Diyue almost didn’t mention it in one breath.

Eight pins, it’s still not called high?!

There is no formation mage of such a high grade in the entire Tongtian Prefecture!

Even in Zhongshen Prefecture, it is very rare!

My God, is this brother of my own a monster?

How can he be so profound in formation?

Is there no bottleneck to his learning?

Su Diyue was messy for a while.

Not only her, Lin Muwan and the others heard it, and their beautiful eyes were round.

Eight-pin formation mage?!

I heard it wrong!

Su Feng is still an eight-rank formation mage?

How is this possible!

How can a person’s talent be so terrifying!

First of all, the eighth-grade alchemist!

Then came the cultivation of the martial artist at the peak of the Yin and Yang Realm!

Now it’s the eight-rank formation mage again….

“Maybe this is the demon.”

Coming back to her senses, Lin Muwan secretly swallowed her spit.

In her eyes, Su Feng’s back became even more mysterious.

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