After a few brief conversations, he continued to set off.

Passing through the killing formation when coming, it is an extremely shocking scene.

I saw that on the phantom array plain, there were densely packed warriors.

Rough estimates, at least almost 200,000.

After all, as long as you come in, you can’t get out, unless you have a broken formation cone like the Demon Sect Holy Girl.

Therefore, the situation in the small space is not known to the outside world.

So there will be one person after another coming in.

“What about these people?”

Su Diyue looked at the warriors who yelled at the air and slashed madly, and couldn’t help but say.

“Small spaces will close soon, and these people will be automatically excluded.”

Su Feng said.

He’s the owner of the tomb, and it’s easy to do that.

Immediately, the group quickly left the small space.

Passing through the gate of the pillar of light, the familiar grassland atmosphere greets you.

Unlike small spaces, it feels more real.

“Sultan, I have to go back first,”

Lin Muwan looked at Su Feng and said, “But don’t worry, our Lin family will soon send someone to resist the Four Seasons Sword Sect with Lingqing Pavilion!” ”

With the current strength of the Lin family, to be honest, he didn’t help Shangsu Feng.

After all, Su Feng was already a martial artist at the peak of the Saint Lord Realm!

But in any case, the attitude still has to be taken out, and it cannot be viewed from the sidelines.

“Thank you.”

Su Feng nodded.

People have said so, they can’t cool each other’s enthusiasm.

“Then without further ado, I’ll go first.”

Lin Muwan’s eyes were a little reluctant.

But no way, now is not the time to think about children’s love.

“Be careful on the road, have a good journey.”

Su Feng smiled slightly.


Lin Muwan nodded heavily, and then took two entourage to the sky and rushed towards Tongtian City.

“Let’s go back too.”

Su Feng withdrew his gaze and said.


After Su Feng and the others left, the small space also slowly closed.

And those warriors inside were also thrown out like dumplings.

Looking at the blue sky and emerald green grass, these warriors first shrank their pupils, and then they actually cried.

The voice is full of rejoicing after the disaster!

At the same time, he said in his heart that he would never enter a small space casually in the future!

That damn phantom array is really not something you can deal with!

It’s terrible!

If it weren’t for Su Feng taking the initiative to close the small space, those phantom arrays would be enough to trap these people alive!

Hundreds of years of being stuck is not a problem.

Provided they live that long, of course.


Riding on the cloud beast, Su Feng and the others soon returned to Lingqing Pavilion.

Along the way, the disciples were very excited.

Talk about the good things I got in the ancient tomb.

Those things were of little value to Su Feng, but they were extremely precious treasures in their eyes.

“Young Pavilion Master, I have been to those places you told me,”

Feng Tie suddenly came over and said, “It’s all in this storage ring, how do you see these things to dispose of?” ”

“You take it, at present, half of the affairs within the sect are in charge of you, so you will use these as the resource allocation of the sect.”

On the back of the beast in the clouds, Su Feng slowly got up, and below was the mountain gate of Lingqing Pavilion.


Feng Tie nodded.

“It’s the Young Pavilion Lord, the Pavilion Master!”

“And Elder Wind Iron!”

Seeing Su Feng falling from the air, ordinary disciples on the martial arts practice field suddenly shouted excitedly.


Su Feng was just about to respond to these disciples, but in the next second, his brows suddenly furrowed, and his eyes also looked at the deliberation hall behind him.

There, he actually felt a familiar breath.

Not only him, Su Diyue, and the four daughters of Chuncao also frowned.

“Young Pavilion Lord, Pavilion Master, there is something I want to report to you.”

At this moment, an elder ran over, his face slightly ugly.


Su Diyue’s eyebrows were filled with majesty.

“Two days ago, two strong people suddenly descended on our sect, the strength is strong, I am not an opponent,”

The elder said, “But they didn’t have any malice, they just stayed in the council hall and didn’t leave, saying that they wanted to wait for the two pavilion masters to return. ”

“It seems to be her.”

Su Feng’s eyes deepened.

At first, he didn’t think of it, but soon, the appearance of a woman came to mind.

So he walked towards the council hall.

“It’s really you.”

Approaching the hall, Su Feng raised his eyebrows.

I saw two figures sitting on the wooden chair on the right.

Dressed in a black dress, with black hair like a waterfall, holding a guqin, and wearing a veil on his face.

The other was shrouded in black robes, and his exposed hands were not bloody, like dead corpses.

It was the Demon Sect Saint and the accompanying corpse demon!

“Sultan, we meet again.”

When the Demon Sect Saint saw Su Feng’s arrival, a hint of joy appeared on her face.

“If I’m not mistaken, this is the Mountain Gate of the Right Way, and if the Demon Dao breaks in so grandly, can I understand that the person who came is not good?”

Su Feng’s face was calm, making people unable to see their emotions.

“The Sultan Master said and smiled,”

The Holy Girl of the Demon Sect stood up and looked ‘sincerely afraid’, “With your strength, how dare the two of us make a mistake here.” ”

Seeing this, Su Feng chuckled and sat down on the chair on the left.

Chuncao quickly ordered someone to brew a pot of tea and poured it into Su Feng’s cup.

“I’m a guy who likes to get straight to the point, say, what’s the point of coming to me?”

Su Feng shook the teacup slightly, letting the faint aroma of tea linger between his nose.

“I’m here for two things.”

Su Feng said this, and the Demon Sect Saint Girl naturally would not bend and go around again.

“The first thing is still the original invitation, our Demon Sect…”

However, before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Su Feng.

“Let’s talk about the second thing.”

Hearing this, a trace of helplessness flashed in the eyes of the Demon Sect Holy Girl.

It seems that it is really difficult to get this person to join the Demon Sect.

But think about it, it’s normal.

People are extremely talented, normal cultivation can step on the peak of martial arts, why do they need to practice cruel demonic arts.

Even if it hurts the heavens and peace, it has to be scolded by the world, and it is not worth it.

Most of the people who cultivate demons are of average qualifications, and there is no way to take the sword off.

“Second thing,”

The Demon Sect Saint Girl coughed lightly, “During this time, according to the results obtained by my Demon Sect’s spies in the Four Seasons Sword Sect, Qi You has already decided to make a move against Lingqing Pavilion. ”

“Isn’t this normal?”

Su Feng took a sip of tea, “After all, if a dead son, if a holy lord can even swallow this breath, it is too dense.” ”

Looking at Su Feng at this moment, doubts appeared in the heart of the Demon Sect Holy Girl.

It shouldn’t be.

Hearing the word Holy Lord, wasn’t Su Feng afraid?

The peak of the Yin and Yang Realm is very strong.

But he is not an opponent of the Holy Lord!

And although the Lin family has a big background, it is also the main family that is far away in Zhongshen Prefecture, and the branch of Tongtian Prefecture is actually very weak.

With such an analysis, what did Su Feng use to confront the Four Seasons Sword Sect?

She felt that Su Feng was pretending to be calm.

But after carefully looking at Su Feng’s eyes, she suddenly became even more confused.

Because in Su Feng’s eyes, she really didn’t see a trace of panic!

Some are just as calm as an ancient pool!

No waves!

“If you come over just to say these two things, then hurry back.”

Su Feng put down the teacup and spoke flatly.

“Sultan, don’t be impatient, in addition, I have another news,”

The Holy Girl of the Demon Sect moved her mouth and said, “The Medicine King of the Medicine King Hall has also appeared in the Four Seasons Sword Sect. ”

“Medicine King?”

Hearing these two words, Su Feng’s eyebrows raised slightly.

He was not afraid, with his current cultivation, why should he be afraid of this medicine king.

Even if Qi You is there, he can solve it all at once.

He mainly remembered the medicine king’s insistence on killing him again.


Seeing Su Feng’s expression, the Demon Sect Saint was overjoyed in her heart.


There are also things you care about!

“Go on.”

Su Feng’s voice was faint.


The Demon Sect Saint nodded.

It’s just that after answering, the face of the Demon Sect Saint became strange.

What’s wrong with yourself?

How to grovel like a subordinate!

He is not Su Feng’s subordinate!

It’s to win over Su Feng and be an ally!

Thinking about it, the Demon Sect Saint Girl secretly glanced at Su Feng.

The answer suddenly came to my mind.


Although Su Feng looked young, when he sat there, he had a temperament that was not angry and self-threatening!

Obviously, it does not show any emotions, but it will make people feel uneasy in their hearts!

This is a natural superior!


Su Feng frowned slightly.

Why didn’t this holy girl stop talking?

“Sorry, lost my mind.”

The Demon Sect Holy Girl came back to her senses, her face slightly red, “That medicine king has decided to join forces with Qi You, preparing to destroy the Spirit Qing Pavilion first, and then fight against the Lin family. ”

“Kind of interesting,”

A wistful smile appeared on Su Feng’s face, “The two holy places actually joined forces to deal with my small Yipin Sect. ”

“The Overthrow of the Spirit Qing Pavilion is only incidental,”

The Holy Daughter of the Demon Sect said, “Qi Yu wants to kill you and avenge Qi Tong, while the Medicine King is to get your flesh. ”


Hearing this, Su Feng immediately understood.

No wonder the white-clothed Dan Master obviously hadn’t used the Saint-level Spirit Method four years ago, but he was still targeted by the Medicine King!

It turned out that what the Medicine King wanted was the flesh of the white-clothed Dan Master!

In this world, there is a talk of giving away.

People will have out-of-body souls after death, but everyone’s soul strength is different.

And the strength of the soul is linked to the realm of cultivation.

People with low cultivation have weak souls, so at the moment of death, they will automatically enter the underworld.

And those who cultivate high, with high soul strength, can stay in the world for a day or two.

As long as the life is not exhausted, these powerful souls can occupy a new body in these two days and continue to live.

Generally speaking, it basically takes the soul strength of the Saint Lord Realm level to do it.

Therefore, in order to be able to survive, those holy lords who are approaching the end of their life will choose a body with excellent talent for themselves.

As long as the realm breaks through after capturing the sacrifice, Shouyuan can be increased!

Counting the time, the medicine king is more than three hundred years old.

Indeed, the limit is approaching.

“As far as I know, the biggest backer of the Sultan Division at present is the Lin family, but the Lin family in Tongtian Prefecture is just a paper tiger,”

The Holy Daughter of the Demon Sect said, “If the two holy lands insist on killing you, the Lin family can’t stop you. ”

“So what do you think I should do?”

The corners of Su Feng’s mouth raised, and his tone was inexplicable.

“Join my Demon Sect!”

When it came to this, the atmosphere was also set to this, she didn’t want to believe that Su Feng was still not moved!

“For so many years, my Demon Sect has been able to survive under the encirclement of the two holy places, which shows its strength,”

A hint of color flashed in the eyes of the Demon Sect Holy Girl, “Even if the two Holy Lords are close, there is no need to be afraid, they can definitely protect you!” ”

“According to your words, now I can only turn to your Demon Sect, right?”

Su Feng picked up the tea cup that was refilled with spring grass next to him and took a small sip.


The Demon Sect Saint nodded.

“So sure?”

“Otherwise, who in Tongtian Prefecture can protect you now?”

“Then let’s make a bet.”

Su Feng’s eyes were deep.

“What bet?”

The Demon Sect Saint Girl felt that Su Feng’s person was really too interesting.

What time is it, and are you still in the mood to bet?

Didn’t you see that there is already a knife hanging over your head?

“Bet that my Lingqing Pavilion will be able to get through the so-called difficulties you say without the help of outsiders this time.”

Su Feng said faintly.


The Demon Sect Saint was stunned for a while, as if she didn’t expect Su Feng to say such a thing.

Is this man crazy?

Does he really not know what is going on now?

Two holy lords have come!

You are a peak of the Yin and Yang Realm, what can you resist?

Just as she was about to refute, the corpse demon next to her tapped the desktop with her finger.

When the Demon Sect Saint heard this, her face froze, and then she regained her calm and said, “Then what do you want to bet?” ”

“If I lose, I will join your Demon Sect unconditionally, and I will be driven by it in the future.”

“But if I win, your Demon Sect will unconditionally submit to my Lingqing Pavilion, and you will also make a heart demon vow!”

Su Feng said slowly.

“Okay, I agreed.”

The Demon Sect Saint did not hesitate for too long and said directly.

“So cheerful?”

Su Feng’s eyes were slightly surprised, “Don’t you need to go back and discuss such a big matter with your sect leader.” ”

“No need.”

The Demon Sect Saint Girl stood up, her eyes shining with a smile, “Does this kind of stable gamble still need to be discussed?” ”

“It’s a lot of faith.”

Su Feng chuckled.

“Let’s go, Corpse Demon.”

Saying that, the Demon Sect Saint walked towards the outside of the hall.

It was only when she reached the gate of the temple that she stopped.

Without turning around, he just turned his head slightly, revealing a beautiful side face.

“Sultan, I want to see how you turn the clouds and rain and turn things around!”

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