“What’s wrong?”

The Holy Girl of the Demon Sect next to her saw Tai Shuhua’s face, and immediately asked curiously.

“See for yourself.”

Tai Shuhua took a deep breath and gave the jade Jian to the Demon Sect Holy Daughter.

The Demon Sect Saint took it.

It’s just that after seeing the above content, I couldn’t help but gasp!

“Elder Taishang of the Four Seasons Sword Sect, Qi Wu Life, actually broke through to the second step of the Martial Dao!”


Tai Shuhua showed a wry smile, “I didn’t expect that after more than thirty years of retreat, he still let him take the lead, this time, our Yin Moon Demon Sect may have to withdraw from Tongtianzhou.” ”

Hearing this, the Demon Sect Saint did not refute.

Because the second step and the first step of martial arts are two complete levels!

Once he realized the artistic conception, then even the ten Saint Lord Realm peak martial artists could not be opponents of the second step of the martial path!

The power of artistic conception has the power to turn decay into magic!

“What about us?”

The Demon Sect Saint’s face turned slightly ugly.

“Let’s go, there is no suspense in this battle.”

Tai Shuhua shook his head, “Unless Su Feng can have the cultivation of the Xuanqing Realm, no matter how strong he is, in front of Qi Wu’s lifeless sword intent, it will all be floating clouds.” ”

“Lingqing Pavilion has already lost.”

“There is no point in us staying here.”

“Perhaps, there is hope.”

I don’t know if it was a ghost who made a difference, but when she remembered Su Feng’s calm eyes, she blurted out subconsciously.

“Why do you say that?”

Tai Shuhua glanced at her.


The Demon Sect Saint pursed her lips and said.


Tai Shuhua was sluggish for a while, and then shook his head helplessly, “Forget it, then watch it first, but I will definitely not make a move.” ”

In front of the Xuanqing Realm martial artist, if he appeared, it would be looking for death!


Elegant courtyard.

Su Feng sat on the rocking chair, his eyes closed, and swayed slightly.

It looks extremely leisurely and comfortable, and there is no appearance of imminent war.


At one point, there seemed to be a fresh breeze.

A dark shadow suddenly appeared in the courtyard.

“See the lord of the temple.”

Black Shadow knelt down on one knee and said respectfully.

It was the gold medal killer Feng Xian’er.

“What’s the matter?”

Su Feng did not open his eyes.

“The informant in the Four Seasons Sword Sect just sent news.”

Feng Xian’er said respectfully.



Feng Xian’er opened the jade Jian and said in a somewhat trembling voice, “Elder Qi Wusheng of the Four Seasons Sword Sect has been confirmed to be promoted to the second step of the martial path, Xuanqing Realm, and has comprehended the sword intent!” ”


Su Feng responded lightly, looking light and breezy, not affected by the five words of the second step of martial arts in the slightest.

This made Feng Xian’er’s eyes can’t help but have doubts.

As far as she knew, the hall master seemed to be just a Yin Yang Realm martial artist.

There are two big realms between it and Xuanqing Realm!

In addition, in addition to Qi Wu’s life, there will be two holy lords coming!

Why wasn’t the lord afraid?

“Anything else?”

Su Feng’s voice was faint.


Coming back to her senses, Feng Xian’er hurriedly said, “The killers above the gold medal level of Luowang, including the four great protectors, have all gathered in the Lingqing Pavilion and are currently in the council hall, waiting for your instructions. ”

The gold medal killer of Luo Net must at least be the cultivation of the Nether Realm, while the protector is the Yin and Yang Realm.

In Su Feng’s impression, there are more than twenty gold medal killers in Luowang.

These forces can easily overthrow a top power!

But for the Holy Land, it is still not enough to see.

But talk is better than nothing.

The battle begins, and they can go to deal with the mid-level forces of the Holy Land.


Su Feng nodded slightly.

“Then Lord of the Hall, do you have anything I need to pass on to the protectors?”

Feng Xian’er said.

“Just follow the arrangement of the Pavilion Master.”

Su Feng said.


After receiving the order, Feng Xian’er disappeared in place, leaving no trace.

It’s like she’s never been there.

After Feng Xian’er left, Su Feng opened her eyes.

The deep light reflects the starry sky.

For Qi Wu’s life to break through to the Xuanqing Realm, he was naturally mentally prepared.

But not too much of it.

After all, he still had the account number of the Tianshan Sword Lord in his hand!

Once you log in, you can get the cultivation of the peak of the Taiqing Realm!

At that time, don’t say that Qi has no life, even ten Qi have no life, and they will also be killed on the spot.

Thinking of this, Su Feng stretched out a lazy waist, and his body suddenly made a crackling bone crisp sound.

“Tomorrow, all the dust will settle!”


The night is dawning.

When the first rays of sunlight appeared in the world, the night also began to retreat.

Heavens, it’s dawn.

It’s different.

Early this morning, there is no refreshing fresh air.

Some are just calm and depressed before the storm.

On the martial arts arena of Lingqing Pavilion, thousands of disciples of the disciples were standing, one by one, with solemn expressions.

They know very well what day it is!

“Swear to death and coexist with the sect!”

Under the leadership of Elder Feng Tie, all the disciples’ faces turned red and shouted in unison.

On the roofs of the surrounding palaces, the killers shrouded in black robes each found a place to stand.

Their eyes were cold, and they couldn’t see the slightest emotion.

For Lingqing Pavilion, they naturally did not have any sense of belonging.

They come here because the lord of the net is here!

Thinking about it, they all looked at the roof of the largest and tallest palace in Lingqing Pavilion.

There was a long figure standing quietly.

The cool mountain breeze came, the black hair of the figure danced softly, and the clothes flew upside down.

Has an indescribable dusty temperament.

Like the immortal who doesn’t eat the world’s fireworks.

Ethereal nowhere to be seen.

“Hall Master!”

The figure was none other than Su Feng, and he was standing here at dawn.

The four protectors of the net appeared behind him.

I have to say that the Lord of the net has done a very thorough job of brainwashing his subordinates.

Looking at him one by one is like looking at a god, and there is endless fanaticism in his heart!

Otherwise, when the two holy places attack, basically no one dares to come.

But these killers of Luo Net did not have any hesitation.

“Long time no see, guys.”

Su Feng slowly opened his eyes, and his voice was calm.

But these words made the bodies of the four great protectors tremble and become excited!

The lord of the net rarely appears, and in the organization, it is almost the existence of the divine dragon that cannot see the end.

But this could not weaken the reverence of his subordinates for the lord of the net, but this mysterious sense deepened the awe!

“May I be the lord of the temple, go to the soup and die, and die without regret!”

The four Yin and Yang Realm protectors said loudly.

This scene shocked Lin Jue not far away.

Although he knew that Su Feng had a very close relationship with Luo Net, he might be one of the protectors.

But who would have thought that Su Feng was actually the mysterious lord of the net!

“This Sultan Division is also too terrifying, even Luo Net is his power!”

Lin Jue felt a little dry in his mouth.

Wait a minute.

As if thinking of something, Lin Jue was stunned.

The Lord of Luo Net became famous ten years ago, but Su Feng is only sixteen years old now.

If Su Feng was the Lord of Luo Net, wouldn’t it mean that Su Feng was already a peak martial artist in the Yin and Yang Realm when he was six years old?

But how is this possible!

Six years old?


What were you doing when you were six years old?

It seems to be still playing with mud!

“Impossible, impossible,”

Lin Jue shook his head frantically, “This is simply ridiculous. ”

“Maybe Su Feng isn’t the first Lord of the Net?”

Lin Muwan next to him suddenly said.

Hearing this, Lin Jue was suddenly stunned.

Yes, Su Feng can also be the successor of the Lord of Luo Net!

That way, it makes sense!

Thinking of this, Lin Jue suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

If he was really six years old in the Yin Yang Realm, then he really had to find a piece of tofu to crash!

What a shame!

He seems to be wetting the bed at the age of six.


Just when Lin Jue was still immersed in shame, a deafening voice came from afar!

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