“Yanlong Fruit!”

“Shangpin Spirit Fruit, thousand-year!”

“It is rumored that this fruit was once just a mortal fruit, but it was bathed in a drop of the blood of the Flame Dragon, thus possessing the power of the fiery Flame Dragon!”

“A martial artist who cultivates the fire system exercises, if he takes this fruit, not only can his internal qi be quenched, but if he is lucky, he may also be able to obtain the power of the Yan Dragon!”

“In addition, the Yanlong Fruit is an extremely yang thing, and if you use it, you can also improve your abilities in that aspect.”

The auctioneer showed a look that a man could understand.

When those warriors on the first floor heard this, they laughed inexplicably.

“Well, the starting price of this fruit is 300,000 Spirit Stones!”

The auctioneer tore off the black cloth on the jade plate next to him, revealing the items inside.

I saw that in the jade plate, there was a red fruit about the size of a fist.

The fruit emits a hazy halo, like a nebula, very dreamy.

In addition, even if you are separated by some distance, you can smell the oncoming fruit.

“It’s so fragrant!”

Mu Qingqing took a deep breath, and his eyes became bright.

“It’s rare.”

Su Feng nodded slightly.

What the auctioneer said was true, the Yanlong Fruit was indeed these effects.

The white-clothed Dan Master once developed a kind of pill called Love Pill.

One of them is a dragon fruit.

It’s just that the name of this kind of love pill sounds very elegant, but it is actually a kind of psychedelic drug.

As for what kind of effect it is, I can understand it without saying.

Of course, the white-clothed pill master has a weak heart, refining this elixir is purely academic research, and he really has no other thoughts.

After all, for the white-clothed Dan Master, the elixir is much more charming than a woman.

“Does that boy want to bid?”

Mu Qingqing turned around and said, “I can help you shout!” ”


Su Feng smiled slightly.

“Three hundred thousand spirit stones!”

Mu Qingqing raised his hand.

“VIP No. 30 on the second floor bids for 300,000, what’s higher!”

The auctioneer said suddenly, looking around.

“Four hundred thousand!”

“Well, someone has 400,000 out, is there a higher one?!”

“Five hundred thousand!”


“Gongzi, how much shall we shout?”

Mu Qingqing didn’t know how to shout for a while.

“Just a million.”

Su Feng was too lazy to add a hundred thousand and a hundred thousand.


Mu Qingqing turned his head, “One million!” ”

The voice fell.

The audience was silent.

This price is already far higher than the value of a Yanlong fruit.

So no one continues to raise prices.

“This is a patron who is not bad money.”

Someone earnestly whispered, “It seems that today’s alien beast egg has a good show.” ”


“One million once, one million twice, one million three times, deal!”

The auctioneer hit the nail on the head.

The Yanlong Fruit was immediately taken down by Su Feng.

“Next is the fourth item, the Wind Pole Sword, a section of the Grade Blood Weapon!”

“Bidding price, two million spirit stones!”

The heavy weapon does not come out, and the blood weapon is already the most top-level weapon.

Even just a section of the blood weapon will attract countless bids.

Su Feng already had the Buddha Gate Forbidden Sword of the Ninth Stage of the Heavy Weapon, so naturally he would not look at this sword.

So they let them bid.

Time passes slowly.

In the blink of an eye, more than twenty things have been auctioned out.

“It’s worthy of the Vientiane Chamber of Commerce, this bottom is really thick.”

Su Feng’s eyes moved slightly.

Although he did not bid for these things, it does not mean that these things are ordinary things, but he can’t use them, and they are also treasures for others.

Mu Qingqing said that the auction hall of the Vientiane Chamber of Commerce would be held every day.

Then the number of auction items must be enough!

And the value of the auction items has to be high!

“In the future, it would be nice to have an identity account of the Vientiane Chamber of Commerce.”

A glint flashed in Su Feng’s eyes.

If you can control this Chamber of Commerce, it will really be rich in the world!

“Next, the thirty-seventh item!”

When the auctioneer said this, his voice rose slightly.

At this point in time, it is basically the finale.

So the eyes of everyone present also became hot.


The auctioneer stood on the platform, but a hole appeared on the ground next to him.

Inside, a beautiful woman with her eyes closed slowly floated up.

The woman lowered her head slightly, dressed in silver light tulle, and her body was slender.

The whole person seems to be in the light and fog, and the whole body is filled with glow, like the starlight at night, which is very beautiful.

“It’s the Earth Spirit Puppet of the Spirit King Sect!”

When I saw this woman, the audience suddenly boiled.

The Spirit King Sect is the top sect in the Middle God Prefecture!

The best thing is the puppet way!

As we all know, the puppets of the Spirit King Sect are divided into six levels.

From low to high, human level, earth level, heaven level, king level, imperial level, holy level!

Each level is divided into nine grades!

The human level corresponds to the first step of martial arts.

The prefecture level is from the Xuanqing realm to the infant realm.

The heaven-level is the Spirit Wheel Realm!

King level, king realm!

Imperial level, Imperial Dao Realm!

Saint level, this is something that the Spirit King Sect has not been able to refine until now, but there is such a concept!

“It seems that everyone’s eyesight is good,”

The auctioneer nodded slightly, and said with a smile, “Not bad, this is the Earth Spirit Puppet of the Spirit King Sect, the grade has reached the fifth grade, which is comparable to the Yuan God Realm martial artist!” ”


Hearing this, everyone gasped!

Yuan Shen Realm!

Most of the martial artists present were ordinary martial artists, and there were not many second steps of martial arts.

Even if there is, it will basically not exceed the Yuan God Realm!

If there is such a puppet, it is equivalent to having an additional guard of the Yuan God Realm!

Thinking of this, everyone’s eyes became hot.

“A puppet.”

Su Feng’s eyes were also slightly bright.

The puppet is actually very profound.

The refiner must not only be familiar with the structure of the human body, but also understand the transformation of energy and so on.

All in all, it is not easier than alchemy, formations.

And the puppet itself is difficult to find, not all materials can be used on the puppet.

“It’s just that if it’s the Yuan God Realm, the realm is a little low.”

Su Feng frowned slightly, and suddenly had no interest.

After all, he himself was a martial artist of the Half-Step Spirit Wheel Realm.

With such a puppet here, it is not certain who will protect whom.

However, just as Su Feng’s thoughts fell, the auctioneer spoke again.

“In addition, this puppet is a growth type, as long as you have enough resources, it can grow all the way to the King Dao Realm!”


When these words fell, the audience boiled!

Growth puppet!

It’s actually a growth type!

You must know that growth puppets are very rare!

What’s more, it is still a puppet who can grow to the realm of the king’s realm!

“My God, fortunately I didn’t miss it today, otherwise I would have regretted it to death in this life!”

Someone said excitedly.

“Yes, I didn’t expect that the Vientiane Chamber of Commerce could actually take out this kind of puppet for auction!”

Others reacted the same way.

However, one person said coldly: “What about the growth type? Have you upgraded yourself? ”

“This puppet is now a prefecture-level fifth grade, even if it rises one grade, it is enough to spend all your savings, not to mention the heaven-level and even the king-level behind!”

“I can’t even imagine what a terrifying resource that would take!”

“We don’t have enough cultivation ourselves, how can we afford to feed it!”

Hearing this, everyone suddenly came back to their senses, and the original excitement was gone.

Yes, if you don’t cultivate enough, then you can still put it on a puppet.

Thinking about it this way, the growth puppet is simply a gold-swallowing behemoth!

As a result, the originally noisy auction hall suddenly became much quieter.

The gazes that looked at the Earth Spirit Puppet one by one were not so eager.

However, Su Feng on the second floor stood up, his eyes bright.

Unlike the others, if he was just an Earth Spirit Puppet of the Yuan God Realm, he was not interested.

But if it’s a growth type, it’s a different story!

You must know that he does not need to cultivate, just inherit the account number.

So who is the cultivation resources in the storage ring for?

Give Su Diyue them?

Even if they give it all, they won’t be able to use up a hundred years!

But now it can be used on puppets.

The puppet is unconscious, as long as he drops blood to recognize the Lord, establishes a bloodline connection, and a spiritual connection, he will become Su Feng’s puppet slave!

Follow Su Feng’s instructions in all directions.

And definitely not betrayal.

If the master dies, the puppet slave will also blow himself up, and will not be left to the enemy.

Sometimes, puppets are much easier to use than people.

Because it has no mind, it will only instinctively carry out orders, which is reassuring.

“I want this!”

Su Feng came to the railing on the second floor.

“It seems that there is finally something that Feng Gongzi is interested in.”

Seeing Su Feng’s gaze, Mu Qingqing blinked his eyes and thought in his heart.

“The starting price of this thing, one million medium-grade spirit stones!”

The auctioneer looked at everyone’s reaction and sighed in his heart, it seemed that there was no high price to be auctioned.

“One million mid-grade spirit stones!”

Before Su Feng could speak, a voice sounded not far from the second floor.

It was a purple-clothed boy with a thin face and deep sunken eyes, and he looked like an overindulgent.

Behind him, there were two guards, both of whom were actually Taiqing Realm.

The purple-clothed boy looked at the earth spirit puppet and touched the saliva at the corner of his mouth.

He didn’t seem interested in the strength of the Earth Spirit Golem, but more interested in her appearance.


Mu Qingqing glanced at it, then withdrew it, and his eyes showed disgust.

“VIP No. 40 on the second floor bid one million spirit stones, is there any higher!”

The auctioneer looked pleased.

What a sign!

There was an offer immediately!

“One and a half million mid-grade spirit stones!”

Su Feng spoke.

“Hey, directly raise the price of 500,000 medium-grade spirit stones!”

“It’s so rich, this is a mid-grade spirit stone, not a lower grade!”

“Gee, I really envy these rich people!”

There was a lot of discussion below.

“What kind of person, dare to rob something with Young Master Ben!”

The purple-clothed boy immediately looked over viciously!

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