First Player

Chapter 924: Nine hundred and twenty two

  Chapter 924 Chapter 922·【He called you here. 】

   "Student Su, where are we going?"

   Above the sky, Xia Jiawen's voice was very soft.

   Puppet silk and white tentacles lead them to move quickly between buildings. Su Mingan sensed the pain on the clone's side, and unconsciously hugged himself tightly. This movement can relieve the pain a little.

   "A dark place." Su Mingan said.

   "Sure... sure enough." Xia Jiawen smiled wryly, "There is no place for aliens who are despised by the world, so they can only go to places shrouded in black mist. Student Su, you can... have a bright future."

   "I don't need it." Su Mingan said.

  He is the leader of the Human Self-Salvation Alliance.

  He is the Deputy Minister of the City Protection Department.

  He has the dual identities of a qualified person and a heterogeneous person.

  He is the number one dream watcher.

  He is the first player.

  Even if he goes to the Human Self-Salvation Alliance's resident or the City Guardian Department, he can still have a place to stay, and he can even launch a counterattack immediately and declare war on the church. He can also go to the Lighthouse Church founded by Burris and start from faith.

  He is never afraid of any adversity, rather it is adversity that makes him feel at ease. A road that is too smooth is more like honey arranged in front of his eyes.

  Since the main quest requires him to contact the old Holy See, he might as well go along with the flow and sneak into the Dark Land as a different species. This incident gave him a chance.

"Then, aren't you going back to Daoya City?" Xia Jiawen said in a low voice, "Li Bishop's church, Ms. Lin's counseling center, and your and Su Luoluo's home... You, aren't you going back yet? "

  Su Mingan was startled.

  —However, this means that there is no going back.

   Warm, everyday, and reassuring life, I can't go back.

The kind-hearted female students in the church, Li Mingyue's plain but caring words, Dr. Lin Yunting's trust and longing, the man who is still waiting for him in the dungeon, and... no matter how much emotional pain he endures, Su always insists on smiling cheerfully. Lolo.

  Grandpa and grandma who gave him antiques, the bald boss in the tavern, the tailor mother with the little boy, the homeless girl in the park, the blond businessman with a schoolbag, the kind soldier on the edge of the city.

Can not go back.

  Su Mingan's fingers touched the pocket, he was slightly taken aback, and took out what was in the pocket—it was a pink rag doll.

  When he left home in the morning, he took this doll with him. He thought that after the college entrance examination, he could drop by the psychological counseling center and bring the doll to Qi. Although there are no Barbie dolls in the city, a humble rag doll is enough comfort.

   But now there is no chance.

  The short and warm daily life is completely over, and the life of a high school student will never be there again.

  【Little Yunduo...】

  Su Luoluo's smile is in his mind.

  Su Mingan squeezed the doll in his hand, and the glass eyes of the doll reflected his expression.

  —It was clearly a sad face.

  The corners of the eyes are drooping, the lips are pursed, and there is a slight pain escaping from the pupils.

  —At this moment, he finally understood what Li Mingyue had said to him.


  【"Do you like this kind of work?"】

  【"I was also thinking, if you like this kind of work, you can take over my job in the future. In this way-"】

【"Even if you don't go to the college entrance examination, don't go to Beiqing University, don't get in touch with the Ministry of Urban don't have to do these things. It's all fine. You can stay in this city for the rest of your life, and become the anchor with Su Luoluo .This city also recruits civil servants, you can try it, you can get married, and your life can be happy.”]


  —Don't step out of this small town.

  —Once you step out, there is no turning back.

  The moment Su Mingan stepped out of this small town, he inevitably came to the examination room, inevitably exposed his white tentacles, and inevitably started to flee. As if destined.

  The name of "Su Wensheng" was added to the military's arrest warrant, and the church recorded his face. The burning flame seemed to reflect in front of his eyes, burning away his past.

   "Is life going to be dark in the future?" Xia Jiawen murmured, "I will never see the light again."


  Su Mingan looked at the black mist that was getting closer, pulled Xia Jiawen, and jumped into the thick darkness together. Holding the doll in his hand, he was thinking about it.

  —There is always dawn.

  Actually, as long as there is a little warmth, he already feels that it is enough.

   Enough is enough these days.

   It should not be extravagant.

  Stepping on the ground with both feet, Su Mingan stepped into the dark land for the first time.

  The land shrouded in black mist has a quiet and cold smell, and there is no one there.

  Before it was shrouded in black mist, this place used to be 80% of the land where human beings lived. Now it is extremely silent, and there is an absurd feeling that all human beings have disappeared collectively. Small stalls including ice powder stalls, barbecue stalls, and stinky tofu stalls on the street were all kept in the same state as before the escape, and even the tableware was confiscated.

  Tables and chairs are rickety, and hundreds of vehicles are running across the road. It can be seen that people have abandoned their cars and fled. The light rail also stays in the state of not arriving at the station, stopping between the two platforms.

"Da da da."

  Su Mingan stared at such a scene, feeling a sense of loneliness in his heart.

"This used to be the hometown of people." Xia Jiawen murmured: "Before the appearance of the black mist, Ubang Country was not called Ubang Country, but a country with a vast area, with many provinces and many Cities... and now, that's all we have left of our land."

His fingers brushed a window on the side of the street. This is a coffee shop, and the words [Today's Recommendation: Cappuccino] are still hung on the bar. After wiping the dust on the window, Xia Jiawen whispered: "Maybe , you can still find your grandpa or grandma’s home here, the hometowns of the older generation are all in the black mist.”

  The wind chimes on the street were jingling, and the February wind was still blowing on this land, but no one would push the door and enter to arouse the sound of the wind chimes.

   "Only by clearing the dream patrol game and dispelling the black mist can the homeland be taken back." Su Mingan looked at these lonely scenes: "One day, these lands will be taken back."

"Yeah, maybe there will be a day when human beings have talents like the No. 1 Dream Watcher." Xia Jiawen smiled: "But I watched the world live broadcast, and the No. 1 Dream Watcher was also suspected of being a foreign species. Human beings are such a race that is good at pointing their fingers at each other, it is both respectable and pathetic, and it will not change from generation to generation."

   Speaking of this, Xia Jiawen thought of the students and shook his head: "But I just like this race so much."

   They walked on the quiet street, like two ghosts hovering in the dark, walking on the dark side of the world. No one can watch them anymore, and no one can judge them anymore.

"[The kindness that surges in my heart all the time really puzzles me. I sincerely hope that the group of 'humans' can be happy, but I feel disgusted when I see the face of every greedy person alone. This really makes me Puzzled.】"

  Su Mingan said slowly:

"[If the world imposes the fate of the 'savior' on me, I will do it as a matter of course. Because I love this species, even if they always show their ugly and selfish side, I still hope that they will survive, because people occasionally shine It will move me.]”

   "Is this what the First Prince said?" Xia Jiawen asked.


"Eldest Prince... It turns out that we are also 'Eldest Princes'. Even in this situation, I still think that if one day, the black mist can be dispelled, the alien species will not harm people, and everyone can get happiness... That's good." Xia Jiawen said.

   "Mr. Xia, you are also an idealist."

   "This term is often ridiculed. If you think I am, that's great." Xia Jiawen shook his head.

   They were walking down the street until they heard another sound.

   Several standing figures stood at the corner of the street, staring at the two of them.

  ... Will there be people in the dark place where human beings cannot live?

  Those figures came towards them, getting closer and closer. Someone brought up a lamp, and the only halo appeared in this dark land, like the first ray of sparks in the dark forest.

  As the lights came on, Su Mingan could clearly see the faces of these people.

  They wore dark robes embroidered with patterns of flames. The leader held a lamp and walked towards Su Ming'an.

   "Dream Patrol No. 1, first meeting, hello." The man had black hair, combed into a high ponytail and tied behind his head. Wearing a demon mask with goat horns on his face, only a pair of deep black pupils were exposed.

   "Who are you?" Su Mingan said. This person even recognized him as the number one dream patroller.

  The man smiled and raised the lamp, and the warm light shone on the demon mask on his face, pale as bones. He stretched out his hand towards Su Mingan:

   "I am the old Holy See, the deputy leader, Xiao Ying."

   "The residence of the old Holy See is located in the dark place, so when you came to the dark place, I noticed it immediately and came to welcome you. We finally met in this world."

  Su Mingan did not reach out, although the main mission required him to join the old Holy See. But for this Xiao Jingsan, he was very vigilant.

   It was Xiao Jingsan who bled him in "Lou Yue Guo". It was Xiao Jingsan who revealed the eldest prince's alien identity. Now, it was Xiao Jingsan who quickly found him again and came to greet him in the dark place.

   "Xiao Jingsan..." Su Mingan said.

"No, don't call me Xiao Jingsan." Hearing this, Xiao Jingsan was suddenly furious, as if a nerve had been touched: "Call me Xiao Ying! If you don't call me Xiao Ying, then you are not, I will kill you !"

…What the hell?

   Su Mingan was shocked. He might have encountered the mental illness that is necessary for every dungeon again, and he talked in a nonsensical manner.

  When encountering a neuropathy, first smooth the hair. Wait for the main task to be completed before going crazy. After all, the people in the old Holy See were all anti-social lunatics, and their spirits were not normal.

   "Alright, Xiao Ying." Su Mingan said.

  Hearing this address, Xiao Jingsan's breath immediately calmed down, like a cat being stroked. The light shone on his pale shofar mask, and he seemed to smile, which made the scalp tingle:

   "Yes, that's the tone, too familiar."

  He lowered his head slightly.

   "My Lord God... I finally saw you."


   "Cough, cough cough!"

  Ying woke up from the bed, coughing up some blood.

  ...he's not dead? Have you been rescued?

  Ying sat up and saw a young girl sitting at the door of the room. The girl has long black hair, green eyes, and is wearing a plain floral sarong. It looks scary because it is silent like a ghost.

   "Are you a girl from a nearby village? Thank you for saving my life." Ying said.

"It doesn't matter, as a medical girl in the village, I can't do nothing to save the wounded." The girl said, "By the way, a group of people who called themselves 'Urban Protection Department' just came to the village, and they said they were looking for something." A Dream Patrol', is that you?"

  Ying thought for a while: "Well, it's me."

  Follow the main task of the ontology. Now that the main body has joined the old Holy See, then he should join the City Guardian Department.

   It's really interesting to say. As the shadow side, he actually joined the City Guardian Department, which symbolizes the light.

  Shadow pushed the door out, just in time to see a group of people from the City Guardian Department. Wearing red and gold uniforms and wearing silver pistols, they stood in the golden fields, like ears of warm rice.

   "The No. 1 Dream Watcher is here!" A young man saw the shadow.

  People were very happy when they saw the shadow: "Great, I found it first. I didn't let the military and the coalition government get ahead of me."

   "Number One Dream Patroller, is your injury okay? We have a healing talisman who can help you heal." They enthusiastically surrounded Ying, concerned about Ying's physical condition.

   "Dream Watcher No. 1, the coalition government publicly apologized to you on the Internet. They said that Mizushima Kawasora is just a radical, and most people are willing to believe you. Don't be sad, we will be with you."

   "Number One Dream Patroller, you are really amazing, can you tell us the secret to clearing the game?"

  People in the City Guardian Department have justice in their hearts, and they will not doubt heroes. Since the first dream watcher didn't openly reveal his heterogeneous side, they are willing to believe that he is a human being.

  Although there are decisive racists among human beings, there are also good people who are willing to believe in heroes. Because of this, the race called 'Humanity' has survived to this day.

   "Well, I'm fine." Ying was not used to people being so enthusiastic.

  He looked up, only to find an acquaintance. That person was wearing a long sword with a signature notch, it was Mo Yan.

   "You are the clone of the eldest brother." Mo Yan moved closer to him: "The City Guard Department is the safest, and everyone is very kind. Come back with us and have a good night's rest."

  It was already very late, and the lights on the street were turned on one by one. Shadow nodded, and embarked on the return journey under the care and support of the people. He felt a little warm in his heart, and everyone cared about others.

the other side.

  Under the cover of black mist, Su Mingan saw the former headquarters of the Holy See, which looked like a castle of a devil king. Crazy, evil, and lonely breaths surged in the air.

  Under the shroud of darkness, this gloomy atmosphere is suffocating.

   "This is..." Su Mingan said.

   "The most hated organization in the world, the former headquarters of the Holy See." Xiao Jingsan held a lamp and smiled sullenly in the black mist.

  Urban Guardian Department. Old Holy See.

  —At this moment, it seems that the same figure walked into the light and shadow of the world at the same time.

  (end of this chapter)

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