Chapter 359 Harvest

  Morning light shines through the silk curtains in the bedroom.

  Samwell opened his eyes, and saw Daenerys' beautiful face, with long silver-gold hair scattered on the pillow, like a blooming flower.

  The beauty in his arms has not yet woken up, Samwell felt the tender and smooth touch of her body, and couldn't help but press a kiss on her red lips.

  After her triumphant return from Yunkai last night, Daenerys "hosted" Samwell with extra enthusiasm, and seemed eager to fulfill her promise to bear him a baby.

  However, although the Dragon Queen is passionate, she is actually strong on the outside and capable on the outside, and her body is extremely sensitive.

  Although he tossed until midnight, the sense of accomplishment of conquering the Dragon Queen made Samwell full of energy and radiant.

  He gently pulled his arm out of Daenerys' embrace, got up and put on a robe, and went to the study next door.

  On the desk are the two most important trophies of the Battle of Meereen—

  The Horn of the Dragon and the other eye of the Harpy.

  Samwell picked up the eyeball first. Since he was stabbed by the giant sword [Dawn] in the previous battle, the surface of the eyeball was densely covered with cracks.

  But it is still bright red like agate, like molten gold, like a raging flame, and you can feel the strange power contained in it even if you hold it in your hand, as if it is flashing thunder.

   Without hesitation, Samwell put the eyeballs in his mouth.

  The sour and numb feeling, like an electric current slipping into the abdomen.

  The next moment, the properties panel changed again:

   Samwell Caesar

   Title: Storm King

  Territory: Storm's End, Eagle Mouth Island

   Vassals: Lucas Dayne, Gavin Mander, Katu Huya...

   Strength: 20.17

   Agility: 11.76

  Spirit: 39.99

  After the attribute point change this time, Samwell immediately felt that his body was overwhelmed again, his heart was beating violently, the blood was surging in his body, and the dreamy murmurs that seemed far away and near were ringing in his ears again.

   This happened the last time the strength attribute broke through ten points, so Samwell didn't panic.

  This time, it is estimated that because the agility broke through ten points, and maybe the strength broke through twenty points, it brought some physical reactions.

  However, Samwell frowned at the whispers in his ears.

  Spiritual attributes are stuck at 39.99, so it stands to reason that there is no breakthrough, why is there such a big reaction?

  He looked down at the palm, and saw that only the last petal of the silver petal left for him by the red-robed witch Melisandre was intact, and the remaining six petals were blurred.

  Samwell remembered that Melisandre said that this is actually a seal, which can temporarily reduce the influence of the elemental sea on him.

   Otherwise, with such a high spiritual attribute, he would be in danger of being assimilated by the berserk sea of ​​elements without mastering advanced witchcraft knowledge.

   But now, this seal seems to be about to fail...

  Samwell felt that it was best for him to return to the storm as soon as possible and let Melisandre repair the seal.

   Taking a few deep breaths, adapting to the changes in his body, Samwell forcibly blocked the ravings in his ears, and turned his attention to the dragon's horn in front of him.

  This horn is as tall as a person, with black light shining on the surface, and it is also covered with red and gold stripes, as well as Valyrian inscriptions.

  Samwell picked up the horn, brushed his fingers over the Valyrian inscriptions on it, and felt a burning heat that penetrated his heart.

   You know, he has the talent of [Unburner], and he can still be burned by the inscription on the horn.

  Samwell knew that the horn should be a poisoned gift from Euron Greyjoy to his brother Victarion.

  So the golden dragon Viserion should also be taken away by Euron.

  However, Samwell was not too worried.

   Judging from the performance of Drogon and Rhaego, the horn of the dragon can only temporarily summon the dragon, but it cannot make the dragon recognize its master or completely control the dragon.

  So, even if Euron got Viserion, he still couldn't tame the dragon.

  He is not of the blood of a real dragon.

   And, for the sake of the dragon, Euron lost the Dragonhorn.

   No matter how you look at it, the gains outweigh the losses.

  Perhaps this guy thought that the four dragons could be summoned away by blowing the horn.

   While thinking, Daenerys came in with bare feet.

  She was only wearing a thin gauze dress, and her exquisite figure with bumps and convexities was looming in the morning light.

   "Is this the Horn of the Dragon?" Daenerys stepped forward curiously, and squeezed into Samwell's arms.

   "Yes." Samwell nodded.

   "Then if we blow it, can we control the dragon?"

  Samwell did not answer, but pointed to the inscription on the horn and asked:

   "Do you know the Valyrian language above?"

   "I am the Dragonbinder," Daenerys read. "No mortal will make me sound and live. Blood for fire, and fire for blood."

  After reading, she was silent for a while, and said:

   "Does this mean that mortals must pay the price of their lives for blowing it?"

   "I'm afraid so."

   "The trumpet sound before that... who blew it?"

"It is rumored that in the Valyrian Empire, the dragon's horn is usually blown by slaves. Of course, the dragon who hears the horn obeys the call of the horn owner." Sam Wil paused and said again, "There is also a saying that people with the talent of [Unburnt] can blow the horn and survive."

   "True dragons are not afraid of fire." Daenerys said, "We all have [Unburnt] talent."

  Samwell asked playfully: "Yes, but do you dare to blow it?"

  Daenerys pondered for a while: "It's better not to take risks... Anyway, we can control the dragon without the horn."

  Samwell said with a smile: "Actually, it is useless even if you blow the horn. You are not the owner of the horn, and the dragon will still not be summoned by you."

   "Who is the owner of the horn?"

   "It should be Euron Greyjoy."

   "People from the sea monster family?"

   "Yes." Samwell's eyes flickered, "The craziest sea monster of this generation."

  He thought of the brief fight he had with Euron on the Sea of ​​Dorne, when this mysterious and crazy man left a deep impression on him.

   "Then Viserion is with him now?"

   "It should be." Samwell patted Daenerys' arm, "Don't worry, we will get Viserion back."

   "Hmm." Daenerys twisted a few times in the man's arms, found a more comfortable position, and then asked, "Sam, when will you marry me?"

  Samwell lowered his head and kissed the man in his arms, and said with a smile:


   "Then let's get married in Meereen." Daenerys suggested, "I was supposed to have a wedding at the Temple of the Holy Grace, but unfortunately you ruined it."

   Looking at Daenerys who deliberately put on an angry look, Samwell laughed loudly:

   "I was going to take you back to Westeros to get married. Are you sure you want to get married here?"

   Daenerys suddenly panicked.

  Westeros, the hometown she dreamed of returning to since she was a child, seems no longer far away now, but at this moment, she suddenly felt an inexplicable worry and fear.

  Will people still welcome Targaryen? Will you still cheer for the Mad King's Daughter? Will you still worship and love the dragon?

   And Margaery Tyrell, will she accept me?

   "No. I want to get married in Meereen." Daenerys buried her head in the man's chest.

  Samwell seemed to be aware of her sensitive and complicated thoughts, so he nodded and said:

   "Okay, then I will let someone arrange it. We will be married in Meereen in three days."

   As he spoke, he stood up with the woman in his arms, and came to the outer room of the bedroom.

  Three maids stood there, changing and washing for the two of them.

   "Your Majesty, were you sick last night?" Missandei whispered in Daenerys' ear while helping her comb her hair.


  The little maid felt relieved.

  Daenerys also understood why the maid asked this way, her face flushed slightly.

  However, when she heard that Samwell was explaining their marriage, she felt a burst of sweetness in her heart.

  Samwell went out for a while and then returned to the room, saying:

   "Quarth's old friend is here, you can go see him with me later."

   "Which old friend?"

   "Xaro Xhoan Daxos." Samwell smiled narrowly on purpose, "The guy who proposed to you fifty times."

  Daenerys snorted softly: "That hypocritical businessman. What is he doing here?"

   "I have reached an agreement with the thirteen giants of Qarth to jointly maintain the new order in the Slave Bay. In the future, we will share the profits of the slave trade with Qarth equally."

  Daenerys frowned: "Why should we cooperate with Qarth?"

"Westeros is too far away from Slaver's Bay. It is impossible for us to keep an eye on the situation here, and it would be too wasteful to keep the Unsullied. Therefore, we need a partner. Moreover, we also need the fleet of the Thirteen Giants Bring the army back to Westeros."

  Daenerys said: "This is just a temporary arrangement, isn't it, Sam? One day, we will come back and rebuild Slaver's Bay."

   "Yes, this is just a stopgap measure." Samwell stepped forward to kiss her bare shoulder, "I promise. When we have enough strength, we will definitely come back."

   "Okay." Daenerys smiled and kissed her.

  (end of this chapter)

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