Chapter 413 1v3 (seeking a monthly pass)

   "Yun Jiezi?"

  The Demon King of Seven Kills clapped his hands and smiled, looking at the old monster: "It seems that you know this person?"

   "This person is a casual cultivator from the Yuan Kingdom. He was unknown at first, but later joined the Xuanbing Palace and became the Supreme Elder... Somehow, he condensed the Nascent Soul."

  The ancient monster quickly transmitted the voice: "This person killed Zhong Wuwang, an elder who had successfully formed an alchemy in the Green Leaf Chamber of Commerce in Xuankong Mountain. He has already shown hostility... Now that he has the opportunity, I naturally can't keep him!"

  Although Fang Xi acted secretly back then, there were too many secret arts in the world of cultivating immortals, and there were always clues to be traced.

  Actually, there was more than one Nascent Soul information about Huang Yungong in Xuankong Mountain back then, and it had already been known by Hunyuanzong, Qingye Chamber of Commerce, Red Blood Sect and other Nascent Soul forces.

   It's just that the ancient monster didn't want to provoke another Nascent Soul monster, and was entangled by Huang Yungong at that time, so he endured it.

   And Zhenjun Lingfeng also had scruples about the existence of 'Yunjiezi', so he acquiesced in the northward relocation of Xuanbing Palace. Otherwise, how could he be a deserter during the Zongmen war with Fengbingxian, a mere alchemy?

  However, none of them connected 'Yun Jiezi' with the current Dragon Fish Island owner.

  After all, Fang Xi's baby-forming celestial phenomenon cannot be faked!

   And Yun Jiezi became famous, before the Lord of Dragon Fish Island gave birth to a baby!

  This is ironclad evidence!

  No one could have imagined that Fang Xi, a wonderful woman, could cultivate the supernatural power of the second Nascent Soul during the alchemy stage!

   "Haha, since that's the case, let's go together."

The Seven Killers threw the 'Blood Evil Palace' in his hands, and the palace immediately expanded, turning into a blood-colored palace, with blood clouds faintly surrounding it: "This spirit treasure in this seat has disappeared in flight... even faster than the wind spirit root in the middle stage of Nascent Soul With the help of the monks and another 'footless bird' watching, the 'Yunjiezi' can't escape."

  The three Nascent Souls immediately flew into the 'Blood Evil Palace'.

  The palace roared like thunder, and suddenly turned into a **** light, and disappeared into the sky with a flicker.

  In the palace, the Demon King of Seven Kills suddenly snorted coldly: "Damn it!"

   "What happened?"

  The red-blooded monster opened his mouth.

   "My 'legless bird' has been discovered and destroyed..."

  The Demon King of Seven Kills snorted coldly: "However, this person was also left with marks by the footless bird secret technique...he can't run away."


at this time.

   I don't know how many miles away, Fang Xi was spitting out a mouthful of pitch-black baby fire with an ugly face, turning a ghost bone bird into ashes.

   This bird's flying speed is comparable to that of a Nascent Soul, and it is invisible, and I was almost concealed by it.


  Fang Xi changed direction, and the magic light all over her body was awe-inspiring. After flying hundreds of miles, her spiritual sense faintly felt a danger approaching, and she was even closing the distance rapidly.

   In terms of speed, he is still far above him!

   This time, Fang Xi's expression was really ugly.

  'It's so bad... I just pretended to be an alchemy and went to fair trade, so I could be targeted? '

  After flying another three hundred miles, Fang Xi's spiritual sense was able to catch a piece of blood light, and in the blood light, there seemed to be a palace.

   "Yun Jiezi, you can't escape."

  A pure, powerful, sharp and icy consciousness has locked him firmly.

  Fang Xi took a deep breath, came to a wilderness, and began to wait silently.

   Not long after, blood flashed across the sky.

  A blood-red palace emerges, and three Nascent Soul bosses fly out of it!

   "Two early stages, one middle stage!"

  Fang Xi thought in his heart, and said coldly to the Seven Killing Demon Lord: "How can I offend my fellow Taoist, and force me so hard?!"

   "Hey... You have such a strong resentment? It's a big offense to me."

  Seven Killing Devil Lord sneered: "What's more... You also offended this ancient fellow Taoist in Xuankong Mountain back then. Today, you are considered unlucky. You have finally cultivated Nascent Soul, but you will not be able to enjoy the thousand-year lifespan."

   "An ancient monster from the Green Leaf Chamber of Commerce..."

  Fang Xi looked at another Nascent Soul who was holding an alms bowl, and then at another person, but this person had an image circulating in the Yuan Kingdom: "The red blood old monster of the Red Blood Sect!"

He looked at the Demon Lord Seven Killers, and sighed: "Your Excellency is the Great Elder of the Palace of Seven Evils—the second person in Jiang Guo, Lord Seven Killers, right? If my Nascent Soul leaves my body, you may not be able to catch up to me, Why don't the two sides stop here, and peace is the most important thing?"

   "The Nascent Soul is out of the body, you can try it!"

  The cold light in the eyes of the Seven Killing Demon Monarch: "As for giving up? Wait until you get your Nascent Soul... I will think about it carefully."

  His cultivation has reached the peak of the middle stage of the Nascent Soul, and he is facing a catastrophe of descending to the realm. He has an extremely important plan in his mind, and he will not consider the issue of reconciliation at this time.

   "What do you two think, Fellow Daoist Ancient, Fellow Daoist Red Blood?"

  Fang Xi made the last effort. He really just wanted to farm and develop honestly, and he didn't want to kill.

  The ancient monster looked stern: "Yun Jiezi, the Seven Killers are here today, you can't escape with your wings!"

  The red-blooded old monster even laughed strangely: "Unexpectedly, today's old man's 'Blood Transforming Demon Knife' can drink the blood of two Nascent Soul cultivators..."

   "It's useless to talk too much!"

  Seven-killing Demon King sneered, and made a tactic with both hands, and a terrifying magic light erupted from him.

  Far beyond the mana fluctuations of ordinary Nascent Souls in the middle stage, the Nascent Souls of the two Nascent Soul monsters next to them seemed to be trembling...

  A strong evil spirit emerged, forming a thick and simple black-red armor on the body of the Seven Killing Demon Lord, which is the supreme secret of the Seven Shade Palace——Seven Shade Devil Art!

   "Since that's the case... Dare to ask the Seven Killing Demon Lord, Gui Geng this year?!"

  A black light flashed in Fang Xi's hand, and the 'Mark of Life and Death' emerged.


  In the void, the phantom of a monster tree emerged, its branches stretched out, and a mysterious and inexplicable brilliance appeared.

   "Gui Geng?!"

  The Seven Killing Demon Monarch felt baffled.

   But Fang Xi didn't need him to answer anymore. After casting the withered glory, the longevity of this person was already clearly visible in his eyes.

  ‘The age is more than seven hundred...the limit is more than one thousand one hundred...’

  'About 400 years of you dare to come after me? '

  'Die to me! '

   His eyes were full of green and yellow light, and the mysterious light of withered glory brushed past the Seven Killing Demon Lord.

  The Demon King of Seven Killers was about to activate his magic power, but the expression of Dantian Yuanying suddenly changed, looking at his little hand.

  I saw the originally fair and delicate little hands, but I don't know when they have become chicken-skinned crane claws, covered with wrinkles.

   A kind of great terror descends instantly!

   Nascent Soul's small face showed fear, the golden crown on his head was withered, his clothes were covered with dirt, his armpits were sweating, and his small body exuded a stench!

   "Five declines of heaven and man...this the end of life?"

  No matter how unbelievable the Seven Kills True Monarch is, Yuan Ying can only sit cross-legged, and suddenly spread out, turning into specks of light, and just sits and dissolves...


  The demon armor on the Demon Lord of Seven Kills disappeared, his breath was gone, and his body fell upside down and fell to the boundless earth.

  The Hall of Blood Fiends also let out a mournful cry, the spiritual light flashed, and it turned into the size of a palm, and fell down together...

  Despite its high magic power, there are also a bunch of amazing secret techniques and powerful spirit treasures as its trump cards.

   But when the life energy is exhausted, there is no way to recover, and nothing is of any use...


  The red-blooded old monster's eyes were protruding. He thought that the seven evil demons were going to perform some earth-shattering secret techniques. Why did he lose his breath all of a sudden and fell to the ground?

   "The Demon Monarch's secret technique is really powerful, this trick hides the breath, and we can't detect it..."

He said something dryly, and saw Fang Xi slapping the Tianling Gai, and in a flash of black light, a Nascent Soul with two horns on its head and six black holes behind it emerged, and the Nascent Soul performed the Yan magic domain with two hands, and then Sweep the red-blooded monsters in!

  Among the three Nascent Soul monsters, this person is actually the latest and the weakest one to achieve Nascent Soul.

  Wai Dao Yuanying's magic skills are not easy to deal with, but it can be done with difficulty.

  Fang Xi left the Xingluo Chessboard in his own hands, and decided to go all out first, and take down the old monster first!

  His lifespan is also quite precious, so it won't be used to deal with weak chickens...

   "The Demon King of Seven sitting down?!"

The old monster's eyes were also bulging, and seeing Fang Xi cast the Nascent Soul out of his body, trapping the red-blooded old monster, his body was still able to move, finally thought of something, and exclaimed: "You actually made the second Nascent Soul big!" Supernatural powers?!"

  He didn't even think about it, the khaki bowl in his hand turned into a khaki ray of light, covering his whole body firmly, and then activated the escape light, and wanted to flee far away!

   No escape!

   This 'Yun Jiezi' is really scary.

   Not only did he use some kind of supernatural power that he couldn't understand, he killed the seven-killed demon king in the middle stage of Nascent Soul, but also practiced the second Nascent Soul secret technique to trap the red blood monster.

  Thinking of the next one-on-one fight with this person, the old monster felt his scalp go numb.

   "The old monster... die!"

  Fang Xi turned into a cyan long rainbow, which moved across the sky extremely swiftly, catching up with the ancient monster's escape light.

  The old man had no choice but to spit out two yellow soil balls.


  The yellow soil ball flickered with light, and it turned into two huge rock puppets in mid-air, blocking Fang Xi.

   But the brilliance of the 'Sparkling Orb' in Fang Xi's hand bloomed, and with a flicker, he bypassed the rock puppet's block, came to the sky above the ancient monster, and waved his hand.


   Strips of extremely verdant brilliance cut down, it is the 'Taiyi Qingmu Shenguang'!


  The thick earth-yellow shield on the ancient monster's body was cut open like tofu, making the man almost vomit blood.

  ‘Didn’t Yun Jiezi practice magic skills? How can a body of wood-attribute skills be so pure that it can greatly restrain me? '

  The old man was helpless, he raised his bowl to block it.

  The khaki bowl instantly became the size of a house, protecting his whole body.


   Taiyi Qingmu Shenguang fell on the bowl, and there were deep scars.

   "What kind of spell is this, and why is it so sharp?"

  In the bowl, the ancient monster's natal spirit treasure was damaged, and he directly spewed out a small mouthful of blood, which was even more like a dead soul!

  Is this still an early Yuanying monk?

   He would believe anyone who could easily damage his spiritual treasure with a single blow was a great monk in the late Nascent Soul!

After all, Taiyi Qingmu Shenguang has just started, and my cultivation base is only in the early stage of Yuanying. It is still a bit difficult to directly cut open the Lingbao... After all, the Yuanying of the outsider has not regained its vitality. After a long time, there may be variables, so it is better to fight quickly Quick decision. '

  Feeling the battle situation on the other side of Yuanying, a thought flashed in Fang Xi's mind, and a blue thunderball crashed down.


  The purple-gold lightning turned into a beam of light and hit the khaki bowl straightly.

  —Miling Ancient Thunder Bead!

   Thorn it!

  The scarred bowl was torn apart in an instant, revealing an ancient and horrified face.

  Fang Xi raised his hand, and there were several Taiyi Qingmu Shenguang, like three parallel claw marks, passing over the body of the ancient monster.


  The talismans released hastily by the ancient monster and the defense of its vestment were cut open like paper, its body was torn apart, and blood spilled into the sky.

  In the void, there is a flash of brilliance.

   Hundreds of feet away, a Nascent Soul with a severely injured vitality emerged, looked at Fang Xi in fear, and was about to continue teleporting away.


  Among the crisp sound of falling stones, a white stone hit Yuanying's body.

  The little Nascent Soul was startled, its body was bound by streaks of white light, it fell from mid-air, and was grabbed by a big blue hand.

  (end of this chapter)

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