(Later supplementary note: All plot changes that are different from the original setting are small changes to the setting of the second creation, please don't be overly calculated, thank you readers for watching!) ฅ^•ع•^ฅ)

On the familiar blue planet, a teenager is sitting at a table, staring at something.

In front of him, there is a mobile phone, and at this time, on the screen of the mobile phone, the lottery interface of the game Honkai III is open.

The up Valkyrie on the lottery interface is a secondary silver wing, nicknamed the armor of the Great Duck Duck.

"Heavenly Spirit Spirit, Earth Spirit Spirit, must bless and bless, I am willing to sacrifice the fifty years of life of Big Viagra in exchange for a big duck into the soul!"

The hand trembling with excitement, under the strong blessing of Good Luck BGM, the teenager looked at the lottery interface on the mobile phone in front of him, gently relieved, and then pressed down towards Shilian!

Then, when the supply box opened, a dazzling golden light flashed, and the boy pressed for a while, until he finally saw the purple light when he had the last shot left.

"Milk! Shipped!

With excitement, the teenager gently clicked on the card, and the icon that appeared next was not a character card at all.

Looking at the new material that got his hand, and then reading the words prompted in the upper right corner, the teenager was numb.

"The remaining supply will come out!"

The young man never thought that he could actually reach this level, and he had to eat a guarantee!

He suddenly thought of a sentence:

"Bronia doesn't want to be pumped by the captain!"

Looking at the crystal with only 279, the boy almost wanted to scold his mother, when did he become an African?

However, unfortunately, without waiting for the teenager to finish complaining, he suddenly felt a pain in his heart, and then his eyes were black, and he directly "plopped" on the table.

Then, there is no then.

Since then, the city has had one less sad man (Doge).


Far East, Nagaku City, Senba Gakuen.

"Numb, uh..." The

bored boy lying on the table was quietly looking at the mountains of information books in front of him, with a look of lovelessness.

Yes, that's right, this teenager is no one else, he is our protagonist, and the three draws of Honkai directly angered the reborn Su Shixiu.

Originally, all life was so beautiful, as a rich child, all life was smooth, as easy as he wanted.

It wasn't until he was in college that he was admitted to a school called Senba Gakuen that Su Shixiu noticed something was very wrong.

Later, until he met Mei, Kevin, and Sue, his blood pressure instantly increased.

He finally knew where he had come, wasn't this the former civilization of Honkai III!

The three around him will all be big guys in the future, and Su Shixiu, the captain of the third ship, knows it.

Dr. Mei, the top researcher of the former civilization, as well as Kevin and the seventh Su, who are the first in the thirteen heroes.

And what is even more outrageous is that both Kevin and Su have lived for more than 50,000 years and successfully survived to the next period of civilization, that is, the period of the three main lines of collapse.

But that's not the main thing, it's not a great world!

Honkai, the enemy of civilization, will grow with the development of civilization, and gradually produce Honkai can infect other things, thus giving birth to the enemies of mankind: dead men, broken beasts and the like.

Of course, these are secondary, and the most terrifying thing is the broken substitute - the messenger of God, the lawyer.

After knowing that he was living in such a dangerous world, Su Shixiu panicked.

No matter who it is, after knowing that they are facing such a terrifying threat, but there is no way to resist, who puts it on everyone will panic!

However. In fact, this situation was directly put down after Su Shixiu was scared for a few days.

After all, he had just entered the Thousand Feather Academy, so Honkai would not have broken out so early, right?

As soon as he thought of this, Su Shixiu's worried mood calmed down a lot, and then he honestly fell into his learning career.

Then again, the Shenzhou Su family where Su Shixiu is located is not small in its own power, and Su Shixiu, who has been promoted to the Thousand Feather Academy, has always intentionally or unintentionally inquired about the news of the collapse during this time, and he really found out something.

For example, the First Law disaster that occurred two years ago, when the human hierarchy only initially realized the existence of Collapse, and the Second Law disaster a year ago were easily disposed of by prepared human organizations.

About a year ago, the organization of the Fire Moth had been established, but it was not so famous, not to mention that now the collapse is hidden information, naturally no one is clear.

And the Su family is one of the investors of the fire moth, otherwise, if Su Shixiu can't wait for the third collapse, he may really not be able to touch these things at this stage.

After all, the group of old men at home have a strict mouth, and he also knocked out from the side, and then coupled with his own understanding and speculation about the original plot, he had such a general situation.

"I'm tired!"

Now, Su Shixiu, who has long ceased to be salted fish, looked at the pile of scientific research materials in front of him, rubbed his eyes and was ready to fight and try to overcome this paper.

We don't know if we have collapse resistance, in case the third collapse really breaks out one day, then he has to cool in place?

If you follow the protagonist group, the life may be a little bigger, at least two years ago, Su Shixiu was familiar with Kevin, Mei and Su with such a mentality.

"Axiu, it seems, you seem to be troubled?"

Looking at the purple-eyed young man with long silver-gray hair who came to his side, Su Shixiu pouted.

"Be confident, big fairy, remove the 'seems'!"

Su Shixiu rubbed his head with a headache, seeing this situation, Su sighed lightly, sat down opposite the young man, and picked up a piece of information from him.

"This is ... Genetic research topics?

"Sort of. I knew that I wasn't so diligent in the first place, who would have thought that I would be targeted as an intern by that madman, this year I was miserable! The

corners of Su's mouth twitched slightly, indeed, when he first came to the Thousand Feather Academy, this guy in front of him seemed to be crazy, he was studying all day long, and even Mei was not as capable as Su Shixiu.

Therefore, in the first year of the exam, Su Shixiu achieved a very unassuming score, and even showed extremely high research talent when writing his thesis.

As expected, his paper quickly reached the top, and then he was targeted by someone.

That is a famous existence in the world, the famous Dr. Mebius, in the eyes of others, Su Shixiu can go to the internship a year in advance, that is absolutely worry-free for the rest of his life.

Dr. Mebius, a famous genius in the whole world, can be her assistant, even if it is an intern.

However, you can never imagine how Su Shixiu, who has been eating instant noodles for almost a year, with so much overtime all day long, survived.

"It seems that our Axiu also has to work hard for the graduation entrance examination."

"Yes, otherwise if the paper is not satisfied, Mentor Mebius will not give it to me."

Su Shixiu is full of fatigue, what kind of sin is this?

"That's the benefit of skipping." Su smiled and patted Su Shixiu's shoulder.

"Hey? If you don't comfort me, forget it, and come here to mend the knife to damage me? Can you be an individual?

Looking at Su Shixiu's posture, Su shrugged and immediately changed the topic: "Don't you look at Mei?" I remember that you two talked a lot, maybe she can help you. Hearing

Su's proposal, Su Shixiu's eyes lit up!

"I lean, Sue, I love you to death, you are really my savior!"

"Stay away from me, I'm not interested in you!"

Seeing Su Shixiu, who was about to hug him, Su quickly dodged and dodged.

Seeing Su Shixiu holding the topic of the paper and the notes he had sorted out, and hurriedly leaving the classroom, he couldn't help sighing.

"Remember to bring me a bag of tea next time."

Then, Su picked up the materials that Su Shixiu had borrowed and walked slowly towards the library.

In the school park, couples in pairs of three and three are spinning here, and there are even many single Wang who take the initiative to find dog food to nibble.

And in this, His Royal Highness Prince Kevin and nerdy Mei of the whole school sat quietly on a chair.

"Mei, look, I bought you a cup of milk tea this time, do you want to..."

"Thank you, Kevin-san, no need."

After politely rejecting Kevin's kindness, Mei pushed her glasses and continued to look at the contents of the book, which made Kevin next to her feel embarrassed.

However, he was also thick-skinned, and after a while, he began to try to find other topics, but each time he was politely avoided by Mei, who was not interested.

And at this moment, a voice suddenly came from not far away.

"Sister Mei, Kevin!"

Listening to this shout, the two raised their heads.

Looking at the cheerful boy with short gray and blue hair, both of them couldn't help but show a friendly smile.

"Sister Mei, please, do me this favor, okay!"

Su Shixiu held the information and sat directly next to Mei without saying a word, which instantly changed Kevin's face.

However, after looking at the information that Su Shixiu handed over, Kevin also cast a curious gaze.

"Poofhahaha, Axiu you are so unlucky, the topic of your thesis is actually genetic research, even if you are a graduate student, few of them can write it!"

Sure enough, it was a good Jiyou, and he had to hurt him a few words when they met, and Su Shixiu directly gave him a roll of his eyes.

"Yes, and the requirements of your professional level are definitely not the requirements for postgraduate examinations, and they are seriously exceeded." May nodded in agreement.

"Otherwise, why would I find you, Sister Mei!"

Mei pondered for a while, then suddenly raised her hand.

"Give, now that I have sorted out such a little, I don't know if I can use it."

"Let me be well... Well, Axiu, I can't see it, for more than a year, you have learned a lot from Mentor Mebius!

"So can you help?" Su Shixiu was still staring at her with two eyes.

"Ash, look at this. In your conjecture, if you follow this fragment, if you replace part of the base pair to complete the mutation, and continue to guess along your side, then the specific genetic information of this part..."

Soon, the two began to nag on this professional topic, and this time it was Kevin next to him, feeling that he had become the brightest light bulb.

No way, he couldn't put his mouth in this regard, and he didn't know where to start.

Yes, once again suffered a loss of no knowledge.

Just when Kevin was depressed, he suddenly saw a smiling Sue staring at him behind a tree not far away.

That kind of smile... With Kevin's understanding of Sue, absolutely nothing good happened.

Looking at Mei's side again, Su Shixiu, who just returned to the school today and found Mei, Kevin had a rough guess in his heart.

"I'll leave first, Mei, Axiu, you two talk slowly."

"Hmm. Ah Xiu, look, this pair of alleles on the same seat, isn't it easy for you to think of something?

"Yes, if you want to carry out this form of mutation, you can start from this aspect!" Sister Mei, do you see if you can..." Looking

at the two who were still addicted to exchanging knowledge, Kevin silently lifted the baseball bat on the side, and rushed towards Su with a full (ang) face (potential) and a slight (violent) smile.

"Su, you bastard, what is your mind to deliberately get Axiu to Mei's side?"

"Ahem, Kevin, can't you talk nonsense, when did you see me instigating? Put your baseball bat down, we have something to say!

"When I'm stupid, huh? You don't do this once or twice. Don't run, Sue, eat me a bullish attack!

"Alas, Kevin, a gentleman does not move..."

Bat, unsheathed!! Then

, almost the entire Senba Gakuen saw another unusual scene:

Sue was running fast in front, the speed did not look like he was concentrating on studying at all, and behind him, Kevin was carrying a baseball bat, and the anger in his eyes was almost substantial.

Su said that this is all basic exercise, he knows that Mei and Su Shixiu are not interested in each other, they just regard each other as good friends who have nothing to talk about, and if they have to say that they are closer, they regard each other as brothers and sisters.

It is Kevin, this nerd, who has to treat Su Shixiu as a love rival, if it weren't for Su Shixiu's running for more than a year, it is estimated that Kevin would have exploded just now.

"Can't we just calm down, Kevin? You see so many people watching jokes..."

"What's the matter with me?" Sue, you tactical hearts are dirty, eat me another bat out of the sheath! In

this way, from about three or four o'clock in the afternoon to sunset, Mei and Su Shixiu together basically got a quarter of this paper.

Since she couldn't wait for Kevin's return, Mei didn't want to waste time, so she pulled Su Shixiu and prepared to go back to her home.

Su Shixiu: Kevin, you don't use it! The key is to see where your people have run? Didn't you break Sister Mei's heart?

However, at this time, Kevin did not know that he had caught up with Su, and under Su's foolishness, he successfully forgot Mei here.

On the way home together, looking at the sunset on the street, Su Shixiu also felt a sigh in his heart.

After more than a year, stepping on this familiar road again, I have a little sense of time passing.

"Axiu, you said that Dad would be happy if he knew you were back?"

"No, haven't I just been gone for more than a year? Then again, Sister Mei, how are you preparing for your paper on quantum mechanics?

"Pretty much it. At the end of the two-month period, it will definitely be handed in. For

Mei's ability in scientific research, Su Shixiu never doubted that her true level was far from what she could achieve.

"Sister Mei, if you also graduate early and enter graduate school, then what should you do if you let Kevin alone?"

"Why do you follow the nonsense too?"

Not surprisingly, he was hit with a brain meltdown.

However, looking at the hint of blush on Mei's face, Su Shixiu instantly realized.

It seems that nearly three years of training are not useless.

"I have to pot my pot. Sister Mei, I may have to trouble you tomorrow.

"It's okay, as long as Kevin is not there, I can also be peaceful for a while."

The corners of Su Shixiu's mouth twitched slightly, heck, sure enough, having the same topic is a very important thing for men and women to chat!

But after a while, the two came to Mei's house, a not very conspicuous but also a good villa.

"It's back Mei! Alas, who is this boy? It looks familiar. Seeing

Mei's father standing at the door, Mei showed a playful smile.

"Father, you guess?"

Su Shixiu squeezed out a kind smile.

Mei's father frowned, but he thought about it quite seriously for a while.

"Mei, when was the boyfriend you talked about, and now you want to meet your parents?"


Su Shixiu: ... (almost fell to the ground)

"Uncle Mei, it's me, Axiu!"

"Oooooh! Sorry sorry, look at your Uncle Mei's memory. Come on, come and go, all sit in the house!

In this way, the two young girls looked at each other helplessly, and could only step into this villa first.

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