In the live broadcast room, netizens also couldn’t control the mood of sending barrage:

“Groove! These Guo Jia on Earth have actually sent signals to alien civilizations, and they have persisted for so many years?! ”

“I don’t know if there is such a existence in our real world.”

“Red Bank Project, hiss, really strong! No wonder when subtitles were made before, Wang Miao sighed that the legend really existed. ”

“Really, this thing is really shocking, the earth has insisted on sending signals to the universe for so many years. This project is just too awesome, right? ”

“Hey, after watching Teacher Ye’s experience, I really feel that she is too pitiful, right?”

“Alas, yes, I really experienced too many tribulations when I was young.”

And Astronomical Bobo, after being excited, immediately said in the barrage:

“I’m 99.99% sure now!”

“There is an alien civilization!”

“And alien civilizations have set their sights on Earth, and the unspeakable fears you experience are created by alien civilizations.”

“And the source of all this is inseparable from the Red Bank Project.”

“Nope! It should be said that the Red Bank Project has a crucial impact on it! ”

During the period when Bobo spoke, the netizens in the live broadcast room were very conscious of stopping sending barrages.

After Bobo sent these barrages, he immediately expressed the doubts in their hearts:

“99.99%? Why would you give such a number? ”

“Hey, if you say so, then Teacher Ye Wenjie, who participated in the Red Bank Project, is still a very useful figure?”

“Interview Teacher Ma, what is your mood now? After learning that the enemy is an alien civilization, are you excited, or continue to be afraid? ”

Bobo also responded directly to questions about him:

“That 0.01 was added after the arrival of 3K glasses and the flickering universe.”

“Because the probability of not seeing the flickering of the universe is 0.01%, I give such a probability!”

“As for Ye Wenjie, I suggest that after going out from here, Teacher Ma will immediately find Ye Wenjie!”

“She must have important clues there!”

And Mr. Ma’s side,

After seeing these reasonings of Bobo, he was also relieved.

There was no more panic than before.

Seeing the barrage’s question about him, Teacher Ma glanced at Sha Ruishan, who was still on the phone

Then whispered in a low voice:

“Scared? Afraid of a fart? ”

“I’m excited right now, okay?”

Although his voice was lowered, he could still hear some excitement in his tone.

It’s completely different from the previous dullness!

“Groove, brothers, you all know the quality of this game, right? This modeling, this image quality, this optimization, this is simply the same as the real world! ”

“And the NPCs inside, I don’t need to say more about the degree of intelligence, right?”

“So such a game, which opens a war with alien civilizations…”

“Gee, don’t need me to say more, right?”

At the end, Teacher Ma raised his eyebrows and said nothing together.

Hearing Teacher Ma’s words, the live broadcast room instantly boiled:

“Groove, yes! There’s no man who isn’t interested in space wars, right? ”

“I already want to get into the game right away! But before that, I have to watch Teacher Ma clear the previous task, otherwise I am afraid that I will not be able to pass! ”

“Really! Teacher Ma has a big hand in the live broadcast room, if you encounter a problem, you can directly find the answer in the live broadcast room, if you play by yourself, my brain is estimated to have stayed on the question of ‘explaining what physical irregularity means’! ”

“I decided that I would study hard after the broadcast! For nothing else, just to be able to not be like a cerebral palsy in this game. ”


Qin Feng looked at the live broadcast room in front of him, watching Bobo deduce the existence of an alien civilization, not only did not regret the disclosure of more information in the opening CG, but showed a smile.

That’s right, the opening CG was designed with a purpose.

This is a demo version and the story is limited!

The end node of this demo version is that Wang Miao has just entered the three-body game.

If you don’t reveal something explosive before this, how can they make them can’t wait to continue the following game?

Let them think, quickly proceed to the following plot.

Like some out of context dog authors, always out of context when you most want to read it.

In this way, the player’s expectations can be lifted.

This will not only save more emotional points, but also make the official version of the game a big seller!

So he is satisfied with the astronomical wave being able to guess these things.

If he really didn’t guess these in the end, he would even have to burst this point himself!


Teacher Ma’s side.

After Teacher Ma secretly chatted with netizens for a while, Sha Ruishan also talked about the glasses.

No wonder Sha Ruishan borrowed glasses for a long time, it is at this point in time, the Astronomical Museum has long been closed, and the administrator has long been in a dream.

Sha Ruishan said a lot of nice things before the administrator agreed to come and open the door for him.

“Teacher Ma, let’s go over now.”

“Hey, Teacher Ma, why, your expression is a little different?”

“How do you look at it, even a little excited?”

Sha Ruishan put the mobile phone in his pocket and saw that Teacher Ma’s expression was now low and trance-like just now, which was completely different.

Now it seems a little excited and… In good spirits?

Sha Ruishan was a little puzzled.

Teacher Ma smiled and said

“Let’s go, let’s leave this alone, let’s go to the museum first and get 3K glasses!”

Well, even in the game world, even if Teacher Ma’s current identity is Wang Miao

But when he laughed, he still couldn’t hide his humility.


With the nod of Sha Ruishan,

The picture in front of Teacher Ma’s eyes changed.

After a direct touch of darkness, when the scene appeared again, they were already standing at the door of the planetarium!

At this moment,

Not only Teacher Ma was a little excited

Even those viewers in the live broadcast room adjusted their sitting posture and looked forward to the next scenery!


They want to see the twinkling light of the universe!

If this had been put before, they would probably have been a little scared

There will be fear of what will happen next, fear that the universe is really flickering.

But now it’s different!

After learning who the enemy is,

Everyone is free from that suffocating pressure, and even has stronger expectations for the game.

So now the state of them,

For the upcoming to see the universe twinkle, there is only anticipation and excitement!


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