Because the pop-up screen does not enter the game screen.


On a black screen, a large sentence was displayed:

[The demo plot has ended, please wait for the official version of the follow-up plot! ] 】

Teacher Ma: ???

Netizens: ???

I’m all waiting to get ready to decrypt slowly!

All waiting to start discovering information about alien civilizations!

I’m ready to do the key to open the mysterious treasure chest of alien civilizations, and you ended it up for me?!

“Groove! What about game makers? You’re ending up here for me, how many meanings? ”

“I took my pants off, and you show me this?”

“The development of the whole incident has just been pushed to the beginning of the High Dynasty, and I was just about to start the plot of the High Dynasty, and as a result, you gave me this set?”

“So many big guys in the live broadcast room commanded, the three information lines that can be obtained all point to enter the game, and now they are preparing to start the game and discover new information, and you ended it for me?”

“If it doesn’t end sooner or later, it’s over at this time!”

“Really, even if it ended early, I didn’t want the knife maker so much! The clues that can be obtained are all pointed to, alas, the key that the big guys said to open the discovery of information about alien civilizations Alas, will begin to contact alien civilizations, alas, and then here you are over? ”

Even those big guys are sending barrages saying ‘what a pity’!

Those big guys are also looking forward to the next plot!

For a while, netizens fell out.

I don’t know who said it:

“Brothers, I know who the maker of this game is!”

“Who? Give an address! I’ll go find him now!” ”

“The game maker is called Qin Feng, Sister Zhou’s cousin, and Sister Zhou lives together, which community does Sister Zhou live in, everyone should be able to find the address, right?”

“Shhhhh Waiting for me to guard at the gate of the community. ”

“What about Sister Zhou? If we can’t find Qin Feng, we can find Sister Zhou.” ”

Immediately, Zhou Yi’s live broadcast room instantly flooded with millions of viewers.

Zhou Yi was not happy at all at this time, but was still very apprehensive.

Because millions of viewers come with anger!

“Then, what, or else, Qin Feng and I are not cousins first?”

“We don’t know each other first?”

“When the official version of the game is released, we will know each other again?”

Sister Zhou shrunk her neck and said a little weakly.

There is no longer the style of the past.

Many netizens in the live broadcast room were also amused when they saw this scene:

“Haha, Sister Zhou is really thin.”

“In this way, Sister Zhou, you ask Qin Feng when the official version will be released, and I won’t go to the door of your community to squat.”

“Yes, that’s right, I just need to know when a game will be released.”

“Sister Zhou, I advise you to think carefully about how much time you have to wait before you speak (threatening).”

When Sister Zhou saw this, she was also relieved, and then said:

“Aren’t you just asking for a time? I’ll ask now! ”

After speaking, he ran away directly.


At this time, Qin Feng, who was watching Teacher Ma’s live broadcast in his bedroom

He was not worried at all because of the barrage that had just exploded and swept him.

Instead, he showed a satisfied smile.

Because it starts at the moment when the game pops up ‘demo over’

The mood of the game store system starts to increase like crazy.

Obviously, his plans have not been disappointed.

And at this moment, the door of the room knocked, and Zhou Yi’s voice came:

“Qin Feng, netizens asked me to ask you, when will the official version be launched.”

Qin Feng directly rested on the door and replied:

“In a week, if it’s fast, three days.”

When Zhou Yi heard this, his voice became different, and he said with pleasure and ease in his voice:


Then immediately returned to his live broadcast room and told the news to all netizens.

After hearing this news, netizens also calmed down:

“Within a week, this is still waiting.”

“Can’t you just think about that time in three days?”

“Hey, it’s not a child anymore, in this case, three days to a week will directly follow the week.”

“That’s right, it’s like the HR interviewer said that the salary is 2800-12000, which means the salary is 2800”

“It’s slipped away, I’m going to experience it for myself.”

“I’m going too! Although this is only a demo version, although I am looking forward to the follow-up plot, I can’t help but experience this game at this time. ”

“Cosmic flickering! This time I want to see it in the game for myself. ”



The number of active people on the Douhu live broadcast platform has plummeted sharply.

However, Douhu was not in a hurry.

Because the top management of Fighting Tiger knows that these people are going to experience the “Three-Body Problem” game.

Not to mention those netizens, even they must be prepared to experience it for themselves.

The only downside is that this is only a demo version.

I just look forward to the official version coming online soon.

It’s not even just these people!

And those big guys in the live broadcast room.

For example, the Astronomical Museum of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Kyoto Astronomical Museum… After they came out of Teacher Ma’s live broadcast room, they also immediately asked their students to teach how to download games.

This is also the first game that can attract these big guys in this way.



It was also after Teacher Ma’s live broadcast ended, after those netizens withdrew from the live broadcast room

The whole network platform set off a wave of “Three-Body Problem” game fever!

The popularity of the “Three-Body Problem” game has directly parachuted to various social platforms, such as the hot search of funny sound and bibs!

Even some platform hot search lists were directly dominated by the information of “Three-Body Problem”!


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