Looking at this information in front of him, Teacher Ma did not ask the meaning of the big guys as before, but frowned and thought.

Teacher Ma, who has experienced the fire incident, has begun to learn to think independently and has learned to analyze attentively.

So in this matter, he did not immediately go to the big guys in the live broadcast room to ask for help.

Although the big guys are good, they can’t all rely on the big guys at that time, or wait for some hardcore knowledge problems to ask the big guys, it’s better!

When netizens saw Teacher Ma’s pensive appearance, they could probably guess it, so they didn’t send a barrage to disturb them.

Most of them also began to try to think and analyze the information just now.

After all, when you enter the game, you are playing the game, and you don’t have the guidance of the big guy, you must also exercise your way of thinking.

A moment later, Teacher Ma raised his head again, his eyes shining, and said to the live broadcast room:

“This information, at first glance, does not seem to have any substance,” he said

“But combining this information with some of the previous things reveals a lot.”

“First, this game simulates the environment of an alien civilization.”

“Second, Pan Han is a person who is ‘close to the alien civilization organization’, and his membership in the organization is indeed not single.”

“Third, there are indeed contradictions within their organization, and they are very fierce, and they can already describe each other as ‘enemies’!”

“And at the very least, their organization has been divided into two factions, namely the Salvation Faction and the Advent Faction!”

“Literally, Shen Yufei is a salvationist. Because after the previous phone call, she said that she was saving ‘our Lord’, saving humanity. ”

“As for the true purpose of the Salvation Faction and what it did, I currently know too little to make a decision.”

“And Pan Han must belong to the Advent faction! As for the Adventist information, it is even more unknown to know anything. ”

“If you want to really understand their information, if you want to understand alien civilizations, you still can’t get out of the current main line – contact with the inside of the ‘close alien civilization organization’!”


Those bigwigs in the live broadcast room said that these analyses of the horse anchor were indeed correct.

When netizens saw this scene, they all sent barrages and said:

“Shhh, I don’t know why, there is a feeling of relief.”

Indeed, seeing that Mr. Ma didn’t want to play the game of fear when the ghost counted down at the beginning, to the three-body volley that could be analyzed in an orderly manner in front of the fire, from the beginning all relying on the command of the big guys, to the current independent thinking, analyzing the key to the problem, what should be done next. This period of growth is really not small! ”

“Teacher Ma, I teased you before that you were the anchor of the meal, now I take back that sentence! No more meals! ”

Teacher Ma looked at these barrages in front of him, and there was some beauty in his heart.

But he didn’t start fluttering.

At the same time, I couldn’t help but thank the “Three-Body Problem” game and the producer Qin Feng.

Because the experience in this is really more wonderful than the experience of his first half of life, and it is precisely because of this that he can have such progress!

Don’t underestimate these progress, you must know this progress, this kind of progress from panic to being able to calm down when encountering things, this progress in the improvement of thinking ability and analytical ability

But it really affected him in the real world!


After feeling good in his heart, Teacher Ma turned to look at the live broadcast room with a straight face and said:

“From the information just now, it is not possible to determine whether the person who shot Shen Yufei was Pan Han.”

“However, there is a great chance that the murderer is Pan Han!”

“Then, I was targeted like that in the last game, and it should also be the behavior of Pan Han, that is, the ‘Advent faction’.”

“After all, I was invited by Shen Yufei, and they may be afraid that after I go in, they will be with Shen Yufei, so it is better to ‘destroy’ me directly!”

Hearing Teacher Ma say this, netizens were instantly a little nervous:

“I’ll go, if that’s the case, the difficulties Teacher Ma is facing are really not small!”

“Being able to shoot Shen Yufei directly shows that their behavior is crazy, and the torture that Teacher Nama suffered in the game may be even more exaggerated!” Even more serious than fire! ”

“Teacher Ma, do you dare to play the next game? Or, quit the game first, I mean our game, not the game within the game, first relax and adjust your mentality? ”

“Alas, I really feel that this game in the game has increased in difficulty a lot! Originally, it was necessary to go all the way to the back to get to the truth, and now there are even cases of being targeted in the process of the game. ”

Teacher Ma looked at these barrages in the live broadcast room, and his heart couldn’t help but warm.

It seems that in the live broadcast room, it is not all netizens who are not too big to watch the excitement, but also netizens who care about him.

So he said with a smile

“Don’t worry, brothers. They organize, aren’t there still salvationists? If all I meet in the next level are the Salvation people, wouldn’t it matter? ”

Then said very seriously to the big guys in the live broadcast room:

“Guys, please tell me the key theoretical information leading to the next level.”

When netizens in the live broadcast room heard this, they also paid attention to the barrage in the live broadcast room.

Waiting for the answers from the big guys.


The answers of the big guys made them all stunned.


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